Movie Cast Update:

Hello guys, in this video we’ll show you the cast of a Chinese movie, Ip Man, and how they change after 14 years.

Movie Cast Update:

Chen Zhihui as Master Liu

2008 – Age: 37 | 2022 – Age: 51

Master Liu, a martial arts master of Foshan, who turns to prize fighting when the Japanese invade to support himself. Played by Chen Zhihui

Movie Cast Update:

Calvin Cheng as Chow Kong-Yiu

2008 – Age: 18 | 2022 – Age: 32

Chow Kong-Yiu, the son of the cotton middle owner who is interested in learning Kung Fu from Ip Man. Played by Calvin Cheng.

Movie Cast Update:

Wong You-Nam as Yuan

2008 – Age: 24 | 2022 – Age: 38

Yuan, the second son of a restaurant owner in Foshan who causes a lot of trouble and often fights with his brother. Played by Wong You-Nam.

Movie Cast Update:

Xing Yu as Lin

2008 – Age: 29 | 2022 – Age: 43

Lin, the first son of a restaurant owner in Foshan, a gifted martial artist and Ip Man’s closest friend. Played by Xing Yu.

Movie Cast Update:

Simon Yam as Chow Ching-Chuen

2008 – Age: 53 | 2022 – Age: 67

Chow Ching-Chuen, a businessman and Ip Man’s acquaintance who borrows money from him to set up a cotton mill. Played by Simon Yam.

Movie Cast Update:

Fan Siu-Wong as Jin Shanzhao

2008 – Age: 34 | 2022 – Age: 48

Jin Shanzhao, an aggressive Northern martial artist who comes to Foshan to challenge other masters, hoping to set up a school and climb out of poverty. He formed a gang of abandoned when Japanese invaded. Played by Fan Siu-Wong.

Movie Cast Update:

Gordon Lam as Li Chiu

2008 – Age: 38 | 2022 – Age: 54

Li Chiu, a police officer. He became a translator for the Japanese officers and been labeled traitor by his neighbors. Played by Gordon Lam.

Movie Cast Update:

Colonel Sato as Tenma Shibuya

2008 – Age: 39 | 2022 – Age: 53

Colonel Sato, a Japanese colonel and Miura’s second in command. He is sadistic and cruel. Played by Tenma Shibuya.

Movie Cast Update:

Hiroyuki Ikeuchi as General Miura

2008 – Age: 31 | 2022 – Age: 45

General Miura, a Japanese general and Karate expert who is eager to assert the dominance of his native tradition overdose to Chinese. Played by Hiroyuki Ikeuchi.

Movie Cast Update:

Lynn Hung as Cheung Win-Sing

2008 – Age: 27 | 2022 – Age: 41

Cheung Win-Sing, Ip Man’s wife. Played by Lynn Hung.

Movie Cast Update:

Donnie Yen as Ip Man

2008 – Age: 45 | 2022 – Age: 58

Master Ip Man, the son of a wealthy family and the Foshan’s only Wing Chun practitioner. Played by Donnie Yen.

So that’s it for the video, guys. We hope you enjoyed and what movie do we have to make next? Please comment down below.

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