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You’ve probably heard some brave tales of soldiers who did something heroic during battle. Some soldiers are very brave and then there are some who simply did things without having any fear at all. But what happens when a soldier becomes the last one left standing and ends up heroically facing an entire army alone. From Vikings who single-handedly took out entire armies to World War II heroes that did the unbelievable. Check out these badass warriors that faced the entire armies alone.

10 Badass Warriors Of All Time - Nikolai Sirotinin

Interesting Facts:

#1. Nikolai Serotonin

War is an ugly affair, full of shattered lives and unsung heroes. Soldiers are promised glory on the battlefield, but the reality is there are tales of heroism that never really gets old. Such is the case with Nikolai Sirotinin. This Russian soldier began his service at only 19 years old, but he didn’t let his inexperience stop him. After being injured in an air raid, he was sent back onto the front lines. Instead of giving up Nikolai decided that if he was going to go, he was going to take a bunch of Germans out with him. He hid in a rye field with a cannon poised as the Germans rolled through. He took the first shot completely destroying one of their tanks. As he fired the second, the opposing forces panicked. For two hours he made shot after shot, decimating 11 enemy tanks, 7 armored cars and 57 soldiers. In fact it was nearly impossible for the Germans to find their opponent but when they did discover him having only three rounds left in his gun, they offered him the chance to surrender. But he bravely refused. So incredible was the feat he accomplished that he was buried not by his fellow soldiers but by the very Germans he’d fought against.

10 Badass Warriors Of All Time - Ovcharenko Dmitriy

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#2. Ovcharenko Dmitriy

World War 2 was a time when quiet country boys were called on to serve in the fight against Nazi Germany. They were strong, capable and committed. When you get up at dawn and don’t stop until long after the Sun has sunk below the skyline, it’s easy to find the dedication to do what you think is right. Ovcharenko Dmitriy was one such countrymen. True to his rural upbringing when Dmitri was injured in the very first days of battle, he didn’t let some old cut him down. Instead of resting, he volunteered at the hospital he’d been sent to. He delivered supplies and ammunition keeping his temporary home well-stocked and protected. One day his car was blocked on both sides by German soldiers demanding who he was and what he was carrying. Using skills he’d acquired as a child… a few grenades and a simple axe, Dmitri finished off more than half of the German soldiers who came to confront him, sending the rest running for their lives.

10 Badass Warriors Of All Time - Vasiliy Chadaykin

Interesting Facts:

#3. Vasiliy Chadaykin

In mid February, 1945 a junior sergeant and deputy commander of the 1st reserve outpost of the Russian 134th frontier regimen named Vasiliy Chadaykin did something extraordinary. While in the city of Buda, part of the Hungarian capital Budapest,  Vasiliy was in a battle to destroy an enemy group that had broken out of an encirclement area. Basically the Russians were closing in on the Germans. A group of 80 to 100 German soldiers had taken refuge in a large building and were holding back the Russian advance. Vasiliy bravely attacked the group and apparently entered the house alone taking out enemies with his machine gun. When he ran out of ammunition, he continued to fight close combat and hand to him. At one point he was injured and hit in the head, but continued fighting when the other German soldiers saw his bravery, they surrendered. In the end he had taken out 53 enemy soldiers and another 42 men surrendered to him. By the end of his career, he was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union, the Order of Lenin, order of the red star and order of the Patriotic War.

10 Badass Warriors Of All Time - Stepan Gorobets

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#4. Stepan Gorobets

Staff sergeant Stepan Christoporovic Gorobets’ was born in the small village of Lenski, Ukraine, on February 8, 1913 and became a tank commander of the 21st separate tank brigade, and was part of an assault on the Germans during World War two. Tank groups were ordered to attack the Germans on October 17, 1941 in the city of Kalina which was full of German hardware and tanks including stug 3s and Panzers. The idea was to take the city back from the invaders, break through the city and unite with units that occupied defense on the Moscow highway. Eight Russian tanks including Gorobets number three t-34 tank enter the German fortified city. Some of the tanks headed towards the station, but the Germans noticed the column of tanks and deployed anti-aircraft guns to attack the tanks. Several tanks were hit and the commander halted the advance of the tanks. At the same time there was some malfunction with the radio in Gorobets’ T34 and communications are lost with it.

10 Badass Warriors Of All Time - Stepan Gorobets - T34

Interesting Facts:

Not knowing that he was alone and the only tank left attacking the city, he drove with haste westwards past the station and then proceeding north crossing railway lines far west of the fighting on the highways to the city Gorobets’ catches a convoy of German motorcyclists and destroys them. Leaving the village of Liebe Devo, he also notices a German airfield housing planes and fuel tankers. He then destroys two Ju 87 aircrafts and blows up a fuel tanker. The Germans began to target his tank with their anti-aircraft guns and open direct fire on the T-34. However, Gorobets now understands he is the only one left when the other tanks don’t join up with him. The radio station on the tank is still silent and he knows nothing of the fate of the other battalion.

10 Badass Warriors Of All Time - Stepan Gorobets - tanks

Interesting Facts:

The tank of Gorobets is taking a beating from the anti-aircraft guns, but he heads back into Kalina and meets a convoy of German troops head-on, crushing the three cars and scattering the enemy. Without reducing speed the tank breaks into the city. Gorobets notices that there is an anti-aircraft gun pointed directly at him but before he can react the gun fires, causing a fire in the tank. Despite this the tank crushes the anti-aircraft gun under its tracks. His crew was then able to put out the fire while taking out the enemy gun but another hit took out the turret and now the gun will not operate. Gorobets in his tank and crew continue through the occupied city. But the tank is now black from the fire and the Germans don’t notice it and consider the tank as their own. The crew then see a convoy of captured trucks, goz vehicles and [?] with infantry.

10 Badass Warriors Of All Time - Stepan Gorobets - aircrafts

Interesting Facts:

Gorobets orders his driver to push drive into the convoy, smashing the trucks. While the gunner opened fire with a machine gun, the Germans started to make frantic reports that Russian t-34s had entered the city, not knowing there was only one tank. By surprise Gorobets meets a German tank head-on and rams it. The t-34 then stalls and the Germans yell, “Rus give up!”. But the crew is trying to start the engine. They ended up starting the tank and the loader was able to fix the tank’s main gun. Leaving the rammed tank behind, the t-34 rushes out into Lenin square and fires on buildings occupied by the Germans. Gorobets then stumbles on a disguised artillery battery whose guns were deployed in the direction of Moscow. The crew fires on this and destroys all the guns.

10 Badass Warriors Of All Time - Stepan Gorobets - monument

Interesting Facts:

As Gorobets’ was leaving the city the Russians could not tell if the tank was theirs or German. But once everyone realized that it was theirs, they started to cheer. After the war, the memory of Gorobets and his tankers was immortalized. One of the streets of Tver is now named after the commander of the legendary 33 with a tank number 0-3.

10 Badass Warriors Of All Time - Mariya Bayda

Interesting Facts:

#5. Mariya Bayda

Mariya Bayda was a Russian Scout in Crimea during World War II. She dropped out of school at just 14 years old to work at a hospital before she joined the Red Army in 1941 as a nurse. The interesting thing is that she was also a member of the 172nd shooting division and was deployed to the frontlines of the North Caucasian front. She then became a scout with the rank senior sergeant and a hero during a mission in 1942, where she was involved in a gun battle against the number of WehrMacht submachine gunners. She ended up taking out 15 of the machine gunners before she was able to escape wounded. Battle found her once again in July 1942 back on the frontlines and she was captured and taken to Slovuta concentration camp in Ukraine and then later moved to Ravensberg. There she stayed and survived until American forces took the camp on May 8, 1945. She was awarded the title of hero of the Soviet Union.

10 Badass Warriors Of All Time - James H Howard

Interesting Facts:

#6. James H Howard

It’s been said that one of the most exciting parts of warfare is air battles. All those planes diving together in a frenzied storm of chaos. This description of battle Fitz fighter pilot James H Howard and one of his missions. One cold day in January 1944, James and his squadron were escorting a group of American bombers to their target near Berlin. The pilots suddenly found themselves overwhelmed by enemy fire and James was separated from the group. When he turned his plane back around he saw a swarm of thirty enemy aircraft. Without even thinking he rushed into the middle of the battle and spent the next half hour duking it out in dogfights against enemy aircraft and laying cover for the others. By the time he was done they were free and clear, and he’d only taken one shot to the wing. When he was asked what on earth he was thinking during the kamikaze move, his response was classic: he who rides a tiger cannot dismount.

10 Badass Warriors Of All Time - Hiro Onoda

Interesting Facts:

#7. Hiro Onoda

For most of the men and women on our list the battles that earn them their claims to fame were relatively short. Hiro Onoda on the other hand did the seemingly impossible. On December 26, 1944, Onoda and his men were deployed to the Philippian island Lubang. Within months all the three of his fellow soldiers had fallen. Where others probably would have hunkered down and hidden, Hiro’s rigid upbringing ensured that he and his last three companions would continue to fight guerilla style for as long as they could. Eventually only he was left sneaking around the jungle with nothing but supplies he’d been dropped off with. Being completely dedicated to his cause, he continued his campaign for nearly 30 years, unaware that his country had already lost the war. At the end of 1945 leaflets were dropped on the island that said the war was over but Onoda didn’t trust them and stayed true to his mission. On March 11, 1974, he walked out of the jungle dressed in his uniform and carrying his sword. He’s thought to have been among the last Japanese soldiers from world war II to surrender.

10 Badass Warriors Of All Time - Lone Viking

Interesting Facts:

#8. Lone Viking

Sometimes when a soldier goes above and beyond the tales of their efforts become more of a legend. Such is the case with the lone Viking as the story goes he and his Viking buddies were pillaging in the English countryside, when the Saxons defending their land attacked them. As the two armies clashed it became evident that the Saxon army was far superior. The Vikings were being pushed back. They had started to lose hope. But before the battle could be totally lost a single Viking pushed his way through his retreating brothers. Big and broad shoulder. He advanced on the charging Saxons alone and made his stand on a bridge. Using only a heavy axe he cut down anyone who got too close and ended up taking out over 40 men that’s in over an hour with arrows sticking out of his torso. He was finally felled by a soldier who snuck under the bridge.

10 Badass Warriors Of All Time - Ben L. Salomon

Interesting Facts:

#9. Ben L. Salomon

Ben L. Salomon was your typical all-American boy. He grew up went to school and was on the fast track to a wife with kids and the house with the white picket fence. Unfortunately as he graduated college, he was met with being drafted. However he was lucky as he was assigned as a military dentist in Hawaii. The chances of his ever sink combat were slim, slim but not nothing. Especially not when he volunteered to take the place of a medic, who’d been fatally wounded on the field. Now perched right at the front of the war Ben found himself struggling to treat increasing floods of wounded, while fighting off Japanese soldiers. All at the same time he forced the other men to leave and single-handedly took out ninety eight enemy soldiers. When his comrades retook the camp they found him slumped over a machine gun, riddled with 76 bullet holes. His actions saved dozens of lives that day and made it possible for the others to continue the fight.

10 Badass Warriors Of All Time - Alvin York

Interesting Facts:

#10. Alvin York

The most amazing part about Alvin York’s solitaire stand against the enemy is that he never wanted to fight in the first place. He even applied for a conscientious objector pass but it was denied. He never wanted to fight… he never wanted to fight… he never wanted to harm anyone, but after what we’re sure was a long night and some stiff gin, he decided that it was his duty as a Christian to go to war and defend those who couldn’t defend themselves. Considering his objection to violence it was pretty surprising that this one-man army was able and willing to take out 20 enemy soldiers, before assisting in the capture of another 132 soldiers. His diary describes the terror and mayhem of war. He tried to tell them to stop… to surrender. He wanted to kill as few of his enemies as possible, but he knew that it was him or them. So he kept firing until they didn’t. The world could use more people like Mr. York.

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