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Although fighting sports are serious and intense, every now and then we are treated to moments that have us rolling around in stitches – whether they were intentional or not. In today’s video, we are going to take a look at 10 of the funniest MMA and Boxing moments.

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Brutal TV:

#10. The Old Man versus Inflated Arms

This fight may be one of the most bizarre ones you will see for a while. One man has injected his arms so much that he looks like Popeye, the sailor while the other looks like he’s running late for the old folks’ domino tournament. Regardless of appearances, however, the older fighter makes quick work of his opponent. I think next time the younger man will decide to bulk up his muscles the old-fashioned way.

Brutal TV:

#9. Boxer Drops His Phone

Let’s admit it, nowadays none of us can survive without our phones. Marvin Jones can relate to this when he stepped into the ring with his phone in his shorts. During the bout, the phone accidentally fell from his pocket onto the canvas. Maybe he was planning on taking a selfie with his opponent if he managed to knock him out. After the incident, the crowd began laughing, which apparently put Jones off for the rest of the fight although his mind may have been on all the notifications he was missing out on without his phone.

Brutal TV:

#8. Instant Knockout

This fight was over before it even began, taking just seven seconds for Ryan Jimmo to end things. Even the announcer didn’t get the chance to properly speak about the sponsor for the fight. The winner celebrated with a pretty impressive robot dance. But the way his opponent fell down, I think it was he who had his shutdown button held down. Whoever put extra money on the parking meter that night were definitely not happy.

Brutal TV:

#7. Amir Khan Shows Off

Amir Khan has not only beaten 34 of his 39 opponents but he can also show a protein milkshake who’s boss. I’m sure there are bottles of Nesquik sitting on shelves all around the world shivering at the thought of Amir Khan walking into their store and challenging them. Maybe he is preparing for a career in the circus in case his career in boxing dries up in the near future.

Brutal TV:

#6. I’m Fine I’m Fine

This boxer was so adamant that he could carry on even after a brutal-looking hit. He gets back up and pretends he’s fine. Unfortunately, he is fooling nobody as he then moves around the ring like Bambi on ice. It’s kind of like when you were younger and trying to sneak into your house drunk after a party thinking that you look fine but fooling absolutely nobody.

Brutal TV:

#5. Batman and Robin versus Spiderman

If there was ever a fight you never knew you needed to see it is Batman and Robin against Spiderman. You may think a two-against-one fight is unfair. But it seems the Spiderman can hold his own against the dark knight and the boy in green tights. Eventually, Spiderman knocks Batman out of the ring which causes Robin to run away scared. By the end of the fight, it’s clear that Batman might have stolen the real Bruce Wayne’s laundry and is in fact an imposter.

Brutal TV:

#4. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

It seems this MMA fighter forgot the number one rule of fighting. You have to wait for the bell to ring before you knock the opponent out. I mean, that little smooch certainly sent emotions through the roof and not in a good way. It brings a whole new meaning to the phrase right in the kisser. The question is, does that count as a win or just a really bad date?

Brutal TV:

#3.Bigger They Are, Harder They Fall

There’s a saying, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. In the case of this guy, his opponent was almost turned into a pancake. After a struggle which resembled something almost too x-rated for YouTube, the smaller manages to come out on top and leave the larger fighter face down on the canvas.

Brutal TV:

#2. Oops, Wrong Sport

Getting mixed up with which sport you are performing is easily done when you live an action-packed life. Take these two UFC fighters for instance, who both thought they were taking part in a WWE match. You have to give it to them they certainly know how to put on a show but I am a little disappointed that no one was slammed through a table.

Brutal TV:

#1. Candle Blowout

Ever wondered how a boxer blows out their candles on their birthday? Well, Amir Khan is only too happy to show people. With a lightning fast jab, the air manages to knock out the flames on a line of candles. I don’t really think a boxer would blow his birthday cake candles out this way. One wrong slip and grandma could be covered in icing. Next time, the producers should buy some of those trick candles. Let’s see how confident he is then.

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