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Brutal TV:

10 Funniest Moments in MMA and Boxing

Fighting sports are full of funny moments that you can’t help but chuckle at. Whether it’s a fighter playing the clown or a hilarious accident that no one saw coming. In today’s video, we will take a look at 10 of the funniest moments that happened in and out of the ring.

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Brutal TV:

Number 10

Okay, we’ve seen several scenarios where fighters lose it with the referees. We get it! The ref probably made a decision you don’t like or failed to make a call you think they should have. But most times, altercations between fighters and referees don’t last too long. Maybe a short exchange of words and at most, a shove to the chest, which will obviously get the fighter penalized. But this guy right here went beyond crossing the line. It appears the ref had penalized the dude in black shorts for something he had done. And what does he do in response? He lands a combination of punches on the referee. The way the ref goes down is funny and not funny at the same time. Not cool dude!

Brutal TV:

Number 9

Within the boxing ring, boxers are up to some antics with a motive to get into the head of their opponents or under their skin. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. But sometimes, it’s just hilarious, as is the case in this video where this boxer plants a kiss on the face of his opponent while they were grappling with each other. I wonder what made him do that though.

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Number 8

We simply don’t know what to make of this guy. When a boxer can’t figure out how to get into the boxing ring, you have no choice but to question his boxing credentials. Where did he learn to fight for instance? Didn’t he do it in a ring? Well, the dude finally figured out how to get into the ring. At this point, his opponent must have been wondering what sort of a clown this guy was. But a few punches and three rounds later, clumsy man is declared the winner. Who would have imagined that? Still, he doesn’t leave the arena without entertaining us with yet another clumsy but hilarious exit.

Brutal TV:

Number 7

You see, when you are up against an opponent that has you by the horns, just be respectful and stay in your place. That’s something the guy in the red gloves certainly did not understand. He had been at the receiving end of a brutal battering. And at this point, the referee was smart enough to recognize that this was a no contest as he brought the match to an end. But our friend in red gloves, somehow thought it was a good idea to taunt his opponent. What he got in response, was a vicious right hook that knocked him out and sent him directly to the floor.

Brutal TV:

Number 6

You’d expect the ropes of a boxing ring to be strong enough to hold up anyone who stands against it. Well, that’s if you don’t go over the ropes. In this match between these two heavy fighters, the dude in red shorts was probably too trusting with the ropes. Watch how he goes over the ropes alongside his opponent. What is really hilarious here is how the referee joins in on the act. I’ve got no clue what the referee was trying to do here.

Brutal TV:

Number 5

It’s just another boxing game! The match is about to enter the second round, here comes the ring girl with the board displaying the number of the next round. The gentleman in white is nice enough to help the ring girl into the ring. She does her thing, gets out of the ring. Again, thanks to the gentleman in white who turns to leave and falls flat on his head.

Brutal TV:

Number 4

Sometimes in a fight, you don’t need to do too much to get the win. This enthusiastic fighter throws all he has at his opponent, then he attempts a flying kick and lands squarely on the canvas, head first. He’s knocked himself out.

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Number 3

It’s always soothing to watch acts of sportsmanship, especially in a sport like MMA. So it was such an adorable sight to see this MMA fighter help out his opponent who had apparently suffered a dislocated shoulder. He runs over to him and stretches out his opponent’s hand and of course, the tall dude is grateful for the help. But a few moments later, after the fight resumes, our adorable sportsman knocks his opponent down to the floor. His opponent gives up without thinking. The guy in black gloves doesn’t seem impressed with his victory but it’s his victory nonetheless. The two fighters end the match with an even more adorable hug.

Brutal TV:

Number 2

To be honest, we don’t know exactly what this ring girl was trying to do with the ropes. But whatever it was, it did not work out, as she ended up flat on her back and on the canvas. You could see from her facial expression that she was pretty embarrassed. But it’s okay, you still ended up entertaining the crowd.

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Number 1

So, this was supposed to be a typical weigh-in event for the press but apparently, these two guys were there for more than that. The photo op quickly dissipated into an open brawl when one of the dudes took a swipe at his opponent.

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