The transcript below is from the video “10 Moments You Wouldn’t Believe If Not Filmed” by Brutal TV.

Brutal TV:

Ever heard an amazing story from someone leaving a fight? While you’re wowing the story, you’re thinking that would have been even better if I would have seen it for myself.

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Brutal TV:

#1. A Two-Fer!

Two knockouts on the same day. Better yet, seconds from each other. Who could imagine? Well, this guy is so good. He did it with ease. As one of the fighters gave the other the final blow, the ref sees that the guy couldn’t take anymore and decides to call the fight. While breaking up the fighters, he inadvertently catches a jarring kick that was meant to turn the lights off for the opponent. Well, the ref’s bill came due early because after receiving the sweet chin music, he’s down for the count as well. Talk about lightning striking twice.

Brutal TV:

#2. This Must Be Your First Day

Here’s a clip of the beginning of a fight set for the octagon. The crowd is here and you can see the momentum all around the room. The ring girls are here and it’s time to get started. Unfortunately, this ring girl still needs a bit of training because she holds her ring card sideways. The ref saves the day by helping her turn it the right way before any more embarrassment ensues. Pretty girls need a little help too, you know.

Brutal TV:

#3. The Luckiest Man Alive

Imagine referring to a match with a great Evander Holyfield. You’re officiating this heavyweight bout, eyes open, attentive and alert, and all of a sudden, you see a massive left hook coming from the warrior. What do you do? Do what this ref did. Move with quickness of a gazelle and dodge the punch like a matador dodging a bull, This has to go down in the referee hall of fame. He must have watched a Muhammad Ali training video for this fight.

Brutal TV:

#4. Fan Service

This clip was recorded way before my time but it shows two guys facing off in the ring and the crowd is going wild. Underoos and spanx are going head to head when all of a sudden, the match ends and the pit crew for both fighters comes in to replenish them, or give them both a tune-up, or deliver their babies. Whatever the case was, they made sure that their fighters were in tip-top condition for the next round.

Brutal TV:

#5. Maybe Next Win

The fighter wins the match then decides that he wants the trophy to be the ring girl. What the girl thought was just another day in the life of a ring girl, turned out to be an instant love connection, but not on her part. As the fighter goes in to pick up the girl for reasons unknown, she hesitates repeatedly with a disgusted look on her face. But all in all, she allows him to whisk her away to the edge of the ring. Then she runs off like a scared child crying for her mom. They won’t be exchanging numbers after this.

Brutal TV:

#6. I Didn’t Do It

This is a MMA match gone south when the fighter on the ground takes a kick to the face that puts his brain in a blender. He’s stunned and confused but doesn’t want the fight to end, so he jumps up to defend his name and reputation. It all goes down the drain however when he realizes he’s fighting the referee. He’s throwing furious punches at the wrong guy in the ring, The ref stops him before it gets too out of hand and the fighter still hasn’t come to his senses yet. He’s gonna need a new PR to help him after this.

Brutal TV:

#7. Low Blow No, No

This fight featuring Floyd Mayweather and Zab Judah went to the 10th round before Judah decided to end it on his own terms. Him and Mayweather are sparring and all of a sudden, boom, the low blow sends Mayweather limping to the other side of the ring. Well, pop Mayweather wasn’t too happy about that, He jumps in the ring and starts to fight pop Judah and turns it into a brand new match that the people didn’t pay for. Like father, like son, eh! Hey, oh you get it.

Brutal TV:

#8. The Show Must Go On!

This battle was an intense one. After a clear knockout, the ref checks on the fighter to see if he’s okay before going on. The fighter gives him a nod and he allows the fighters to continue. Look closer and you’ll see the stunned fighter’s corner throw the towel in signaling that the fight is over. But the ref takes a look at the fighter and decides to let them keep brawling. I didn’t know that the ref determines how beat up you can get. It’s really his ring when he’s officiating, I guess.

Brutal TV:

#9. Sore Loser

The match has withstood all rounds, the brawlers have endured, and now it’s time to declare a winner. Both fighters have put in a good fight and both sides are waiting for the victor to be called. But when one fighter’s name isn’t called, he turns around and cold clocks a ring girl standing in the wrong place at the wrong time. Doesn’t look like she wanted to participate in the fighting part of the match. I know she wished she had that ring card to soften the blow at that point.

Some things can be left up to the imagination while others, you’ve just got to see to believe. Thanks again for watching. If you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe to see more videos just like this one. See you soon.

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