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TheRichest (A YouTube Channel on Unbelievable and Amazing Facts):

Get ready to be intimidated. These people have enough power, strength and survival instincts to bulldoze anything or anyone in their path. They’d send even the brave of us running for the hills. From guys with biceps the size of tree trunks to the only living Ninjutsu master left on the planet, and yep, even one particular president with a black belt in taekwondo. Trust us, these people are not the ones you want to be bullying for their lunch money. Who are they and why should we be so scared? You’re about to find out.

TheRichest (A YouTube Channel on Unbelievable and Amazing Facts):

Shifu Shi Yan

Kicking us off is the man with more lethal physical moves than any of us combined. This is Shifu Shi Yan Ming. A 56-year old Shaolin monk from Zhumadian in China. On the outside he is innocent, peaceful and harmless but trust us, he is not to be messed with. As a 34th generation Shaolin warrior monk, Shi Yan Ming has truly mastered the Shaolin martial arts. And has a skill set that could defeat even the strongest of bodybuilders. As you can plainly see, his moves are extremely precise and expert. For that exact reason, back in 1992, he was invited to the US to join the first ever Shaolin Temple Monks Tour and that’s where he stayed. In December of 1994, in New York, Shifu founded the USA Shaolin Temple and currently teaches authentic Shaolin martial arts. He’s trained hundreds of students in arts like kung fu. Including a few celebrities. With such unique dexterity the media has drooled over him. He has starred on MTV, BBC, The History Channel, National Geographic and even a couple of feature films. Compared to Shi Yan Ming’s aesthetic, our next guest is the complete opposite.

TheRichest (A YouTube Channel on Unbelievable and Amazing Facts):

Vito Pirbazari

Welcome Vito Pirbazari, a six-foot five muscle clad German professional bodybuilding and fitness extraordinaire who could crush most of us with just his little finger. When he’s not pumping iron and increasing his intimidation factor, Vito is starring in Hollywood movies and TV shows. Over the years he has made appearances in plenty. Including a new Netflix series called, ‘Dogs of Berlin’, plus ‘Tatort’. Throw in a couple of shots, ‘The Woodcutter’ in 2019 and ‘Lion’s Return’ the year prior, and his show reel started to grow some legs. Did you see him in, ‘Dogs of Berlin’? With a weapon tattooed on his neck, a piercing stare and a stature that makes even armored up army officers look puny. This guy seriously screams, ‘DON’T MESS WITH ME.’ However, despite his menacing appearance he’s actually said to be a rather friendly and polite person.

TheRichest (A YouTube Channel on Unbelievable and Amazing Facts):

Giga Uguru

Our next guy calls himself a real-life ninja. Hailing from London in the United Kingdom, this is Giga Uguru. A man as multiskilled and as physically intimidating as any. At the tender age of 4, he was encouraged by his parents to take up taekwondo. Little did they know the prodigy they had just created. In addition to taekwondo he picked up Thai boxing at 10. And expanded his lethal skill set thereafter with in-depth training in both Krav Maga and karate. Just for a bit of fun he added acrobatics and parkour to his portfolio. This proved to have a large influence on his overall fighting style, allowing him to implement hasty movements in every direction as you can see. With back flip elbow drops and rapid-fire short-range punches against trees, Giga is certainly someone that we would prefer to be in our corner rather than our opponents.

TheRichest (A YouTube Channel on Unbelievable and Amazing Facts):

Hatsumi Masaaki

Already, who here has heard of ninjutsu, no not jiujitsu, ninjutsu. If it reminds you of ninjas well then, you’ve got the right idea. It’s a martial art that originates from the battlefields of Japan dating back to the Kamakura period in the 1100s. Ladies and Gentlemen, allow us to introduce you to Hatsumi Masaaki, the world’s most famous ninja and the only ninjutsu master left. At almost 90 years old, Hatsumi may seem old and harmless, but we guarantee he could take down any mere mortal. Both men and women from all around the planet head to the martial arts mecca known as the, ‘Bujinkan Martial Arts Dōjō’ which is North of Tokyo. Why? Because they seek out one specific thing, training from the elite of the elite, Hatsumi Masaaki himself. Hatsumi utilizes a combination of techniques from ninjutsu as well as many other martial arts from ancient Japan. Besides decades of dedicated training, there’s one piece of advice that Hatsumi suggests could help all of us…”

Hatsumi Masaaki (World’s most famous ninja and only ninjutsu master left):

“You do not try to block your opponent’s attack. You feel his attack. It is not a question of strength or speed. It is all about control.”

TheRichest (A YouTube Channel on Unbelievable and Amazing Facts):

Vladimir Putin

While the next person on this list might not be a master in ninjutsu, he still could very well be the most daunting person on this list. We are talking about Russian president, Vladimir Putin. We all know that Putin has one of the world’s most powerful nations at his fingertips and we know that he’s got a handful of equally powerful international friends. He’s done some wild things over the years and hasn’t been afraid to break all kinds of rules to get what he wants. And for that reason, Forbes voted him the most powerful man alive. But there is another reason why this political enigma should not be messed with. Vladimir Putin has a 9th Dan Black Belt in taekwondo. That puts Putin above the likes of world renown martial artist, Chuck Norris, who only holds an 8th degree Black Belt.

TheRichest (A YouTube Channel on Unbelievable and Amazing Facts):

The Iceman

This is JD Anderson. You’ll quickly realize that this guy is nicknamed, ‘The Iceman’. This fearless dude smashes multi-inch thick blocks of ice with his head. No helmet, no protection, nothing. He’s just a fearless human battering ram. And there’s no way that we want to get on his bad side. He’s also a six-time world record holder with a destructive bag of tricks unlike anything else we have seen. He could roll up frying pans in his bare hands and snap a baseball bat in half like a toothpick. Thanks to his wild bag of tricks, Anderson has made appearances on a number of TV shows. Including, ‘America’s Got Talent’, ‘The Jay Leno Show’, ‘Guinness World Records’ and a few international showings as well.

TheRichest (A YouTube Channel on Unbelievable and Amazing Facts):

Martins Licis

From one seriously strong man to another. This is Martins Licis. No, he doesn’t break frozen blocks with his noggin for fun, but he does lift more weight than anybody else on the entire planet. Why? Because he is officially, ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ that’s why. Unlike some of the former world champions, like Hafþór Björnsson and Brian Shaw, Martins Licis comes across as rather unassuming at a slightly larger than average 6 foot 3 and 340 pounds. But clearly, he packs one hell of a punch. It all began when he was introduced to lifting stones in Latvia as a teenager. Then when he turned 20, he dedicated himself to training with strong man icon, Odd E. Haugen over in California. While he’s a bit of jokester even describing himself as…”

Martins Licis (Officially the World’s Strongest Man):

“The Most Serious Goof in Strength Sports.”

TheRichest (A YouTube Channel on Unbelievable and Amazing Facts):

“His power and intimidation can be explosive. This giant ball of muscle that they call a human can bust out easy reps of squats at 605 pounds. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, he has also been filmed lifting former NFL star and fellow large human, Rob Gronkowski over his head for some squats as well.

TheRichest (A YouTube Channel on Unbelievable and Amazing Facts):

Bear Grylls

Alright, we’re pretty sure you’ve heard of this next guy, it’s Bear Grylls. Across his TV shows like, ‘Man versus Wild’, ‘Running Wild with Bear Grylls’ and ‘Get Out Alive’ we’ve witnessed Bear devour anything and everything for sustenance, a camel’s intestinal fluids, elephant droppings, snakes and scorpions. You name it. Clearly this guy has no fear whatsoever and knows how to use the environment around him to his advantage. But, that’s not why we’re featuring him in our video. While most of us know Bear as a survival expert, he’s actually so much more. He’s a certified Black Belt in Shotokan Karate and can protect himself quite nicely thanks to the moves he’s learned. Whether that be against rogue animals or even more rogue humans. And he’s got the endurance to show up anybody. He has crossed the North Atlantic Ocean in an 11-metre-long boat and climbed Mount Everest just 18 months after severely injuring his back. He’s the whole package and we wouldn’t want to come face to face with him in a dark alley.

TheRichest (A YouTube Channel on Unbelievable and Amazing Facts):

Moustafa Ismail

Bear might not look like your typical school-yard bully, but this block definitely does. As a combination of Incredible Hulk and a real-life boulder, this is Moustafa Ismail. And his biceps are bigger than our thighs. No kidding. With an arm thickness of an unbelievable 31 inches, if you ask us, it looks like Moustafa has got a couple of tree trunks hanging from his shoulders. But that’s not 31 inches total either. That’s 31 inches each. Dave Bautista’s biceps are only 20 inches, to put that into perspective. How did they get so big? Diet and exercise of course. Thanks to a protein rich diet, featuring 3 protein shakes per day and 10 years in the gym. With 3-hour session after 3-hour session this Egyptian bodybuilder has transformed from a scrawny kid into a human meatball. While there has been speculation regarding the natural weight gain, we still can’t deny he’s a giant. We’ve actually got another video featuring Moustafa. It’s about genuine humans with the biggest body parts in the world and you should definitely check it out.

TheRichest (A YouTube Channel on Unbelievable and Amazing Facts):

Vidyut Jamwal

Hopping in next is Vidyut Jamwal. One of the most dangerous highly skilled martial artists that you’ve probably never heard of. Jamwal is one of the best fighters in the world. No doubt. And he has made it into plenty of top 10 lists of the Worlds Most Elite. Originally from India, Jamwal started training in a unique style of Kerala called Kalaripayattu. Fast forward a couple of decades and now he has done live action shows in more than 25 countries. Sharing his first-class skills in front of the world. The majority of amateur fighters would focus on striking moves like kicks and punches. But for Jamwal a man who understands far more about hand-to-hand combat, he lives under a different mantra. In his own words…”

Vidyut Jamwal (Highly Skilled Martial Artist):

“Punching and kicks don’t make a great martial artist, learning patience and upsetting the balance of one’s opponent completes him being one.”

TheRichest (A YouTube Channel on Unbelievable and Amazing Facts):

What does this mean? That there’s more to fighting than just muscles? What do you think about that Moustafa?

So out of everybody we’ve seen, which one of these guys petrifies or impresses you the most?”

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