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#Mind Warehouse (YouTube Channel): 

Hi everyone!  You know sometimes it’s clear that it’s better not to mess with certain people.  Well, in today’s video we will tell you about the strongest people on our planet, ripped and ready for action.  Sound exciting?  Well, let’s get it on then.

#Mind Warehouse (YouTube Channel):

Brian Shaw  – Brian Shaw is an American professional strongman and a four-time winner of the World’s Strongest Man competition.  He was born in Colorado and began his career as a strongman when he won the Denver’s Strongest Man contest in 2005, without any formal training.  Just a couple months later, he joined a professional league and his success continued.  For example, during the Fortissimo contest in 2009 in Canada, Brian was the only competitor who was able to lift six Atlas stones weighing from 300-425 pounds.

Sure, himself weighs 440 pounds.  He’s six feet eight inches tall and his parents were quite tall, too.  He has biceps of 25 inches and a chest that measures 62 inches.  Sixty-two inches, just imagine that!  In 2017, Brian won the Arnold Strongman Classic contest and came in second the following year.  Aside from training, he also works as a coach for other athletes both professional and amateurs.

#Mind Warehouse (YouTube Channel):

Eddie Hall – Eddie Hall is a former English professional strongman.  He was born on January 15, 1988 in Newcastle-under-Lyme in Staffordshire.  He’s six feet three inches tall, weighs 410 pounds and is best described by his nickname “The Beast.”  He trained as a bodybuilder who partake in the World’s Strongest Man tournament.  In 2010, he won England’s Strongest Man contest.  A year later, he finished first at the UK Strongest Man.

After that, he couldn’t boast any huge achievements until March 2015, when he achieved the World record for lifting the weight of 1019 pounds in the deadlift during the Arnold Classic contest.  He then broke his own record at the World Deadlift Championships in 2015 with a 1021 pound in the deadlift.  This might not seem like a huge improvement but in this type of contest, a couple of pounds can make all the difference.  His main achievement was yet to come now.  In July 2016, Eddie set a new World record for the deadlift of 1,100 pounds.  That’s half a ton!  As Hall puts it, “The load nearly killed him because the pressure on his body was surreal.

#Mind Warehouse (YouTube Channel):

Zydrunas Savickas – Zydrunas Savickas earned the right to be called one of the strongest men on Earth because few strongmen could win the Arnold Strongman Classic contest two times in a row and Zydrunas won it six consecutive times!  Aside from that, he also won the World’s Strongest Man contest several times, while also winning other less prominent contests.  Throughout his career, he set more than 20 World records in powerlifting and power sports.

His path wasn’t smooth though, he experienced several serious injuries like in 2011 when he tore both patellar tendons.  For many that would mean the end of their career, however, nine months later, Savickas won the Lithuanian Powerlifting Championship.  His latest huge achievement is the 2014 World’s Strongest Man contest, when he came in first, despite being almost 40 years old back then.

#Mind Warehouse (YouTube Channel):

Dmytro Khaladzhi – When it comes to strongmen and world champions, people usually talk about their weight, height, and also the load that they can lift.  But there’s one thing you should definitely know about Dmytro Khaladzhi, he can carry a horse.  No kidding, just take a look.  Such a feat seems to be worthy of Hercules or Hulk, but Dmytro is a real person.  The horses he carries are live and fully conscious, though, perhaps slightly confused which is quite understandable.

Dmytro says this trick poses no danger for him or for the horse.  The worse the animal can do is cause Dmytro to lose his balance sending them both crashing down, but that’s not the only remarkable fact about this man.  He holds a whopping 63 Guinness World Records.

#Mind Warehouse (YouTube Channel):

Mariusz Pudzianowski – Some believe that after you quit powerlifting, your career in sports is over.  Mariusz Pudzianowski proved them wrong because this five-time winner of the World’s Strongest Man contest and six-time winner of Europe’s Strongest Man contest is also a weightlifter, four-time winner of Polish Weightlifting Championship, a practitioner of the Kyokushin-style of karate and a rugby player.

Mariusz weighs 313 pounds.  He’s six feet and one inch tall and as he’s over 40 years old, he hardly does any powerlifting, instead pursuing his MMA fighting career.  He debuted as a mixed martial arts fighter in 2009.  Despite being called a rookie, he quickly went on to partake in the most prominent events of Polish MMA League.  He is still an active fighter though and his latest fight was on June the 9th, 2018.

#Mind Warehouse (YouTube Channel):

Vytautas Lalas – Sometimes you need a source of inspiration to choose your way in life.  Vytautas Lalas was inspired by his fellow Lithuanian Zydrunas Savickas.  Lalas won the Junior Lithuanian Championships in 2005 and Lithuania’s Strongest Man in 2010.  He then took part in many contests around the world in order to meet his idol at the World’s Strongest 2012 tournaments.

He eventually ended up second behind Savickas but a second-place in the contest of this caliber is also very impressive, but Lalas had no intention to stop there.  On March the 2nd, 2013, Lalas finished first at the Arnold Strongman Classic in Columbus, Ohio.  He also won the Strongman Champions League FIBO events in Germany on April 13, 2013.

#Mind Warehouse (YouTube Channel):

Vasyl Virastyuk – Vasyl Virastyuk’s list of achievements is nothing short of a miracle.  Well, what are they?  Well, for example, he pulled five tram cars for the total mass of a hundred and one and a half tons, all 10 Mitsubishi Carisma vehicles with the total weight of 16 and a half tons by 18 and a half meters in a minute.  He also pulled seven Mitsubishis by 25 meters within the same time.

In addition, it took him only one minute to hold four ice cubes, 330 pounds each on a 51-inch tall platform.  Why, you may ask?  Well, to set a one-of-a-kind record of course.  Aside from the, Virastyuk won the 2004 World’s Strongest Man title and the first place in the IFSA World Championship in2007.

#Mind Warehouse (YouTube Channel):

Ervin Katona – Ervin Katona was born in Subotica, Yugoslavia.  In 1977, Sylvester Stallone and Jean-Claude Van Damme were his childhood heroes, who had a profound influence on his future life.  Since youth, Ervin was a fan of strength sports.  He took up powerlifting when he was 25. He also tried kickboxing but later moved on because he couldn’t stand the violence.  Yes, it’s hard to believe but this 342 pound man still considers himself a pacifist.

I don’t get how you can enjoy beating people.  I’m already the strongest, everyone knows that.  I don’t have to beat somebody to prove it,” he said in one of his interviews.  As of now, he has already won more than 30 championship titles around the world and set a Guinness World record for the longest time to restrain a vehicle weighing 2,160 pounds.  His time was one minute and two seconds.  Katona owns a gym in his hometown, which he cites as his greatest personal achievement.  He works out there two hours per day, five days a week.

Terry Hollands – A British strongman…  Terry Hollands was quite a heavy child.  His birth weight was 12 pounds and 14 ounces.  He was a keen sportsman too in his childhood and teens playing Judo and Rugby Union.  Despite sport being a huge part of his life, he started serious workouts only.  When he was 22, he actually just wanted to improve his body for his rugby games.

However, three years later he got a leg infection and on his return to the gym, he focused on strongman training.  One year of exhausting workouts later, Terry came first in the UK Strongest Man contest and that gave his career a boost.  He’s 39 now but still in perfect shape and ready to set new records.  Don’t believe us?  Well, in May 2018, he pulled a 12-ton double-decker bus over a distance of 20 meters in 17.41 seconds – which is five seconds faster than the previous athlete.

#Mind Warehouse (YouTube Channel):

Hafpor Bjornsson – Even if you’re not among the fans of powerlifting, bodybuilding or any sport whatsoever, you can still probably recognize this man.  Hafpor Bjornsson is an Icelandic professional strongman and winner of many titles of World’s Strongest Man.  He also plays the Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane in the HBO series Game of Thrones.  Now, do you remember where you’ve seen him?  He is 30 years old, weighs 441 pounds, and is six feet nine inches tall, which is quite normal for his family of giants.

His father stands at six feet eight inches and his grandfather at six feet nine inches, too.  Bjornsson started his career as a basketball player but after an ankle injury, he decided to try his luck at power sports.  He won the title of Iceland’s Strongest Man three times and in January 2015 at the World’s Strongest Viking competition in Norway.  Hafpor carried a 33-foot long, 1430-pound log for five steps.  Thus breaking a 1,000-year old record set by Orm Storolfsson.  This Icelander also known as “Orm the Strong” managed to carry the load for three steps before his back broke.

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