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Underestimating your opponent can leave you lying on the ground in sheer agony. It leads to mistakes and those can become quite deadly.

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The world of martial arts is massive. People tend to believe that only the males are the ones dominating the sport and art form. And we are here to bring you 10 female taekwondo masters that you definitely do not want to mess with.


#10. Luo Wei

Luo Wei comes in to begin the list with her massive achievements. She has won world championship medals in the sport and even went on to win and become an Asian Games champion as well. Adding to those accomplishments, back in 2004, she won the Olympic gold in Athens and truly astonished the audience with her abilities.


#9. Milica Mandić

Milica Mandić is a phenomenal athlete that has taken the world by storm. She’s only 27 years old and this Serbian fighter has won medals at European championships, European and Mediterranean Games. She is even currently inducted into the Taekwondo Hall of Fame. This is a lady who knows her craft and is able to hold her own extremely well.


#8. Jade Jones

Winning her first gold in 2012, the 26 year old Jade Jones holds gold medals from the European Games, silver in the World Championships and a silver and 2 bronze in European championships. She was the reigning champ of the 2010 Youth Olympics in the 55 kg category and showcases her skills gracefully across the stage. Her ability to be super fast gives anyone pause before thinking twice about challenging her.


#7. Wu Jingyu

This explosive fighter is one of the few to ever win 2 gold medals in the sport at the Olympics. Her fighting style and training has given her a patience that drives her towards successful positions against her opponents. If you were ever to find yourself wanting to try and challenge Wu Jingyu, you might want to think twice three times and while you’re at it, maybe a fourth time as well. Your health and well-being may depend on it.


#6. Jung Jae-eun

South Korea is a place that brings us Jung Jae-eun. This taekwondo practitioner has made quite the stir with her patience and willingness to best her opponents not with force but pure strategy. Winning the Olympic gold medal in 2000, she is now regarded as one of the greatest taekwondo martial artists out there.


#5. Lim Su-Jeong

South Korea really has been treating the world to some greats. Lim Su-Jeong comes in at number 5 on our list. Her skill set and determination was so amazing that at the age of only 16 years old, she came onto the scene to win the Asian Games after besting her opponent that was an Olympic medalist. And that’s only an accomplishment in her youth.


#4. Chen Shih-hsin

Three-time World Cup Champion, Chen Shih-hsin has truly shown her fierceness in and out of tournaments. Her trophy closet has so many awards, you would sit in utter amazement after realizing the dedication that it took to achieve such greatness. Agility, style and being the best of the best, Chen Shih-hsin is a gold medalist that knows a thing or two about taekwondo.


#3. Vanja Stanković

On June 26 in 2017, the 19 year old Serbian won the gold medal in the female under 49 kg category in Muju. Only 19 years old and she did not have that planned. Expecting just to do her best, Vanja Stanković ended up doing exactly that and then becoming the championship holder. This explosive fighter trains and competes with her mind set on strategy rather than a TKO. While her opponents might be playing checkers, she is surely playing chess.


#2. Hwang Kyung-seon

South Korean Hwang Kyung-seon is famous for her role and showcase of skill in the world of taekwondo. She has gone on to win medals all across the world. She is known as one of the most successful taekwondo athletes in the Olympic Games. And her success ran even further with metal after medal and award after award. These medals do not just determine how skillful and dangerous she could be, those are just a show of award for her ability to showcase the skill. Now, if anyone were to try to have her step out of the ring, it may become a very dangerous and alarming situation for them. Hopefully no one has ever tried to do that.


#1. Grand Master Myong Sok Namkung-Mayes

Surely never a damsel in distress, grand master Myong Sok Namkung-Mayes is the highest ranked taekwondo female practitioner in the world and is a Kukkiwon 9th Dan holder. She was one of the first Korean females who practiced taekwondo. She was a student of great grand master Lee Chong-woo. When grandmaster Mayes was in Korea, an amazing feat was accomplished by her. She was accepted in both the Korean National kyorugi team and the Korean National Demonstration team. These were so challenging to become a member of that when she was announced as being accepted into both, the community was extremely happy and filled with gratitude. The grandmaster reached the highest level of the sport. Anyone with the right mind would know to steer clear of any negative encounter, even though we know that her sheer discipline would take over and she would most likely choose to not do real harm. The fact that she can, says much more.

That was one powerful and skillful list. We know that we wouldn’t want to mess with a single one of these women in a bad way. We’d like to keep our limbs attached to our bodies. That’s all the time we have for now. Be sure to check out many of our other videos while you’re at it and enjoy the day. Thanks for watching.

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