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Brutal TV:

Brutal TV You Wouldn’t Believe It Funniest Karate Fails

Practicing martial arts takes determination. It takes skill. It takes a very very tough person who is relentless at succeeding towards becoming a master. But what people don’t mention about some of the progression along the way, are some of the most amazingly funny fails that come along with it. And that’s what we have for you today.

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Brutal TV:

Number 01

This guy is confident. He is focused, determined and is going to make every one of his challenges count. He breezes past the first challenge, conquers the next board, and on his third challenge, he completely high kicks one of the instructors. His follow-through was still impeccable.

Brutal TV:

Number 02

What happens here is no surprise. You can tell from his demeanor that he has clearly not seen any of our videos. Yep, right in the No-No place. That, that has to hurt! All that time preparing just to leave this man in a pain that he did not request. It’s like when your door dasher steals your fries and you’re like, dude, really?

Brutal TV:

Number 03

Ah, we are back to the board chopping. Here, we have a young lad making his way successfully through his exercises. But when he gets to the board to kick, it goes absolutely wrong. Check this lady out in the background just casually scrolling through the massive amounts of people throwing high kicks and punches around. What did she honestly think would happen?

Brutal TV:

Number 04

Here, we have some exercises in foot and board breaking. Are you starting to see a trend here? Because we surely are. These guys successfully break their boards and have a seat once it’s accomplished. All seems to be going absolutely well but did you catch that? Let’s give you a closer look. Yep, this guy flops harder than LeBron James. Pretty sure no one saw that fail coming but we surely saw it going.

Brutal TV:

Number 05

This is the pinnacle of giving it your all or nothing. Now, we always love the children but this little fella right here seemed to have forgotten the assignment midway into the air. Going up for the kick, he just says, oh, never mind and falls hard flat on his back. It’s okay little fella. Watch what happens to this adult at number 08 and you’ll feel much better.

Brutal TV:

Number 06

The dedication that this takes can leave a man troubled for years. It takes practice. It takes an iron-clad amount of strength and amazing timing to completely throw your opponent off his tracks and kicking him right in the no-no place. Gundam Style gang, where you at?

Brutal TV:

Number 07

Really? Really, what were you expecting? It’s a Karate match. There is kicking and there are pumpkins. You know for an absolute fact that nothing, absolutely nothing bad ever happens in these situations, right? The best good things are moments like these where your assumptions and questions are answered happily in the form of a gut-busting laugh.

Brutal TV:

Number 08

Street performers are some of the most amazingly skilled individuals that you would ever see. They take their skills away from the mass media and go straight to the streets in the face of real people in real-time. But both fortunately and unfortunately, they also make real mistakes. This guy yells. He prepares himself. He readies his kick right into this guy’s head, almost completely knocking him out. Ouch!

Brutal TV:

Number 09

Be one with your surroundings. Be one with yourself. Be one with your environment. You are your most difficult opponent. Seriously, you are literally your most difficult opponent. And this guy shows you firsthand how true this is. Greetings, board meet face, face meet board.

Brutal TV:

Number 10

When a match starts, you can almost get a good feeling of how it might turn out but not here. Let us pause this one. Let’s do a little game. What do you think will happen next? A. the fighter does a kick and falls completely on his face. B. both fighters break out into a dance party and confuses the ref. C. the ref gets a blow to the face and goes down like a log. Or, D. all of the above. If you chose D, you are one sick Brutal TV soul. The correct answer is C, as in see what happens next. Yikes! That’s gotta hurt!

Brutal TV:

Number 11

Man vs brick. When you come against a brick, what some people say just to knock it down and overcome whatever challenge that is placed in front of you. Well, this guy goes on to instruct the crowd of exactly how he is going to break each one of these bricks, that he will overcome mind over matter. Not particularly the case here. This guy does a semi-successful attempt on the first group of bricks and it looks painful. Not his arm, his ego. He goes over to the next batch and ouch, that attempt looked like something surely broke on his body. It’s okay, guy. It’s okay. Bricks are hard and breaking them can be a difficult challenge but the bruise to this guy’s ego took a way harder hit than those bricks.

Board slapping, facepalm, Karate fails, all caught on camera right here for you folks. We don’t know how they do it but we surely love seeing it. That’s all the time we have for today go ahead and hit that subscribe button and like button, if you enjoyed what you saw here and be sure to stay tuned for all the other videos that we have in store for you. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you next time.

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