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11 Inappropriate Moments in MMA and Boxing.

There are some rare moments in the history of MMA and Boxing that if they were never caught on camera, you wouldn’t have believed that they happened. Some of these moments were funny while others were embarrassing and some were totally uncalled for. In this video, we’re about to bring you 11 inappropriate moments in MMA and Boxing. But before we get into the video, don’t forget to subscribe to this channel and turn on the post notification so that you never miss any of our future videos.


#11 A Kiss, A Punch and a Knockout

On December 31, 2015, Heath Herring and Yoshihiron Nakao were involved in an unforgettable MMA moment during the K-1 Premium Dynamite show. Although the match started as if nothing was going to happen, as both fighters kept everything moderate until the pre-fight stared down, Nakao took things a step too far by kissing Herring on the lips. However, Herring wasn’t pleased with this act as he responded by delivering a right hook to the jaw of Nakao which sent him down on the floor. Nakao stared in surprise as he made a futile attempt to get back on his feet. He was later carried out of the ring. Herring was obviously infuriated as he was still trying to comprehend why his opponent would do such a thing. The match was declared a no-contest as the actions of both parties were considered foul.


#10 Keith Hackney delivers brutal groin punches

Next on the list is the UFC 4 match between Keith Hackney and Joe Son. Sun was able to bring Keith down and even perform a guillotine choke by wrapping his arms around his neck. One would have expected Son to win the match but Keith was not ready to give up. Instead, he focused on delivering several brutal punches on his groin until Son finally broke the lock.


#9 Like Father, Like Son

Things got a little rough when Billy Joe Saunders’ son showed the world that he has what it takes to be a fighter like his father. This 7-year-old boy was also on stage during a weigh-in before the match between Billy Joe Saunders and Willie Monroe Jr. Monroe thought it was okay to play with the kid so he ruffled his hair but he responded by throwing a groin-punch at Monroe followed by a kick before the security took him aside. Monroe probably couldn’t believe what just happened as he was left in shock at the act.


#8 Izzy got nasty after a win

We all have our different ways of celebrating victories but sometimes we do things that are just not necessary. The fight between Israel Adasanya and Paolo Costa didn’t start in the ring. During a pre-fight weigh-in, Costa mocked Israel by throwing a white belt at him while boastfully displaying a black belt. The fight didn’t end as expected for Costa but for Israel, it was a well-deserved victory. He couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate his victory than to hump on Costa twice before the referee intervened. He didn’t stop there, he further went to Costa’s coach and made a gesture that suggests ejaculation.


#7 Marshall Shermer vs. Jude Hammad

An MMA Bout at 145 lbs. where we see Marshall Shermer win by submission by rear naked choke in Round #1 at 1:03.


#6 Mayorga slapped the butt of his opponent’s girlfriend

If she’s not your girlfriend, hitting a girl from behind is considered disrespectful. Ricardo Mayorga couldn’t think of anything else to make Shane Mosley mad than hitting the butt of his girlfriend right in front of him. At a pre-fight event, Mosley’s girlfriend was present and as she bent over, Mayorga couldn’t resist as he smacked her rear end. Mosley reacted by choking Mayorga but at this point he seems not to care about anything else than the mischief he has committed.


#5 Alex Temelkov

Spectators go to a boxing title fight expecting to see punches being thrown. But a trainer fly-kicking his rival? That was just part of the madness on one of the craziest nights in Australian sport.

Chaos erupted when Salisbury’s trainer Bernie Hall grabbed Temelkov’s head, prompting Temelkov’s brother to fly across the ring before he delivered an unsuccessful flying kick to Hall’s head.

From there, all hell broke loose. Even Ballard was forced to resort to his boxing days as he delivered uppercuts and right crosses.


#4. Buck Naked Match

If you think you’ve seen it all, wait until you hear this one. There was a strange wrestling match tagged Buck Naked Match. The rule of this match is that the first person to strip their opponent naked becomes the winner. It even gets a little exciting as the opponents must remain in the ring, and if anyone tries to get out they are spanked on their butt. The first match was between Lizzy Borden and Veronica Caine. And Lizzy won by stripping Veronica.


#1 FC Ring Girl

The number 1 on our list is a hardcore FC athlete who could not control himself. A ring girl held a placard indicating the beginning of the third round. As the ring girl walked past Arthur Kolinsky, he couldn’t resist it, so he smacked the girl on her butt.

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