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Brutal TV:

12 Funny Taekwondo Fails

Taekwondo! The martial arts that allows for some of the best self-defense that you can learn in short amount of time. But the problem with learning something too fast, is that you can also fail just as fast!

What’s up everyone and welcome back to Brutal TV, where you catch all things fighting, all things MMA, and all things brutal. If you’re new here, get ready to high-kick that subscribe button to stay tuned to all we have in store for you. And trust me, it never stops. Let’s jump right into 12 of the funniest Taekwondo fails.

Brutal TV:

Number 01

We love it when things come together and work. And they say that since practice makes perfect, you can have that much more respect for the accomplishments of yourself and your peers, unless you find yourself on the wrong end of this guy’s foot. The first one was a good one. Maybe it was a fluke or maybe the second one right to this guy’s face was a fluke. Nevertheless, this guy grabbed the first L of the day, or should we say first fail of the day.

Brutal TV:

Number 02

This guy knew what he was doing but as he jumped around in preparation, the last decided to share some sass as though he had nothing to offer. Well, let us tell you this, this guy went straight into the kitchen, added some seasoning and cooked up this delivery, and sent her flying. Such sweet relief this brought us. Why was this so satisfying?

Brutal TV:

Number 03

When the instructor says go, a good thing to do is always guard your goodies. You never know when you’ll receive a swift kick right to your no-no place. We know this fellow went home a little more disturbed than he had planned. Someone get some ice for little Jimmy here, please.

Brutal TV:

Number 04

You see this young lady right here? Here, listen to this one. We’ll just head to the bathroom for a few seconds. If you’re thinking what we thought, then yes, we are 100% sure she walked right into the dojo and requested a full refund. She hit the floor harder than it is to go viral on YouTube.

Brutal TV:

Number 05

We love it when the super-skilled world of martial artists take to the street and entertain the crowds. There’s something about getting an impromptu performance from skilled people that just excites us. But what also excites us, are the massive fails. This kick sent this guy into limp mode.

Brutal TV:

Number 06

Let us all have a moment of peace for this man’s pieces. He knew them all as light. One for the money, two for the show, the kick he wasn’t ready, to the floor he goes.

Brutal TV:

Number 07

Having support is one of the best feelings out there. It makes you feel like you’re on top of the world and that you can literally do anything. But the keyword there is “feel” like you can do anything because apparently, whenever this guy was shooting to achieve was not accomplished at all.

Brutal TV:

Number 08

What would you do if this happened to you? You spent all that time, all that money, all that effort just to literally have your opponent get knocked out by the exact move that you got knocked out from. Talk about bad luck.

Brutal TV:

Number 09

When you are on stage showcasing your skills, the wise thing to do is really be as attentive as you possibly can. This means that you have to watch your surroundings. You have to truly pay attention to what your next move is. Also, you have to remember to not turn your slow motion setting on max. This guy here gets fully prepared to attack this board and really wow the kids and the crowd. Well, he does attack the board successfully but he also falls straight to the ground, almost as if it were on slow motion. How?

Brutal TV:

Number 10

Ah, the classic pupil-to-pupil match. Red and blue battling it out. The red fighter was so confident in his ability to keep his leg up and ready for an attack that he left his precious gold doubloons wide open. When the blue fighter went in for the takedown, he delivered a swift kick to the treasure, sending the blue fighter holding on for his pot of gold for all it was worth, or at least what was left of it.

Brutal TV:

Number 11

Okay, guys, it’s that time again. Today, on “wow that’s real”, what do you think is going to happen next?

A: The guy running is going to fall on the kid
B: The guy holding the balloon gets a switch one to the face
C: One of the kids raises their head and the practitioner trips over him
D: One of the kids gets up and gets a flying kick to the neck

Well, if you guessed D, you are one Brutal thinker. The correct answer was, well, we’ll just let you watch and see. Play the video. We’re sure that guy put in his two weeks’ notice after that.

Brutal TV:

Number 12

Look, at some point, this madness has to stop. But we have to show you again. Wait, just let us show you just once more, okay? Okay, we promise, this is the last… yikes, that had to hurt. This guy experienced every emotion all at once as he felt the pain course through every inch of his body. My how easily the mighty fall. Just takes one kick to the… we’ll let you finish that one.

Well, that’s all the time we have for today everyone. Be sure to take your swift kick to that subscribe button, Karate chop that like and share buttons, and stay tuned to all that we have in store for you next. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you next time.

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