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Hello, everyone!

Sumo is perhaps one of the most underrated martial arts, while judo or karate look majestic and inspired to the common people. It’s difficult to say the same about the jewels of two giants, but believe us this is just a stereotype.

In fact, Sumo wrestlers don’t have to be very heavy, and the spiritual components of Sumo is much deeper than you think. Today, we will tell you some success stories of Rikishi, professional, Sumo wrestlers, and you will have no other choice, but to feel deep respect for them.

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Tosayutaka and Toyohibiki

If for some reason you thought there were no spectacular throws in Sumo, then this video will prove you wrong. What you see are two of the most famous Sumo wrestlers of our time. On the right is Yuya Morishita, nicknamed Tosayutaka, and on the left is Ryuta Kadomoto, who goes by the name Toyohibiki.

The wrestlers mattered a major tournament that took place within the walls of the legendary Ryōgoku Kokugikan arena in Tokyo. assume a wrestler in blue sent his opponent flying although you can’t tell us from the Fossa. But first let’s learn more about the two of them.

Tosayutaka, who is often affectionately called gorilla by fans, but yet his career in Summa at the age of six, it may seem like it’s too late for professional athletes. But in fact, in this martial art plus is rarely stopped before athletes graduate from school.

The guy worked hard for 11 years, and by the age of 17, he’d already won his first title; becoming the champion of Japan among high school students. It would seem that the Japanese man had everything he needed to build a career as a Sumo star.

But for some reason, he gave up this idea and entered the Tokyo university of agriculture, continuing to participate in student competitions. During one of such contests, the guy who was noticed, honest future mentor, who invited him to a professional Sumo school.

And then the incredible thing happened in just a year. The athlete managed to move from the amateur group to the second elite division. For many months, Tosayutaka didn’t lose even once soon moving to the major league of professional Sumo. Only a few athletes have managed to achieve this in the history of this sport.

And the last time it happened was during the second world war. At last, his success lasted less than 10 years. In 2016, the Japanese wrestler announced his retirement from the sports due to a series of injuries and defeats.

Tosayutaka’s rival from that very photo. The Sumo wrestler Toyohibiki was proudly nicknamed the raging bull. Well, this guy does weigh 397 pounds. It’s funny that after leaving school, the young Sumo wrestler also decided to refuse the tempting offers from sports universities.

Instead, Toyo, her Becky worked at a shipyard in Hiroshima where he spent a year. The guy who carried sacks of rice on his shoulders and this way he rapidly gained muscle mass. Having become even stronger than before.

The guy decided to return to the world of Sumo, and he made the right choice. He emerged victorious again and again, and reached the highest division of professional Sumo in just a couple of years.

In 2012, he made history, defeating the great champion Hakuhō. The record holder for the number of victories in the elite division. Only a select few know how he pulled that off, but we know some facts about the lifestyle of a Sumo wrestler.

Toyohibiki claims that he considers an afternoon nap, his hobby and his standard lunch consists of one and a half kilograms of rice and 10 liters of liquid. We bet that you have a stomachache thinking about this.

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It’s very rare to see non-Asians among the Sumo stars. After all this martial art is practice professionally only in Japan, but sometimes foreigners become champions too, like Tochinoshin Tsuyoshi from Georgia. In childhood, the athlete, whose real name is Levan Gorgadze, practice judo and Sambo. Naturally, there’s greatly influenced his style of wrestling.

The Georgian Sumo wrestler rarely goes into passive defense, preferring offensive power wrestling with dexterous grips, Tochinoshin reached the major division in just the team tournaments. A brilliant result even for a Japanese man, let alone for an athlete. If a different nationality, after that, a streak of stunning victories began in the athletes’ career.

First, he managed to defeat the record holder; Hakuhō, the nightmare of all Rikishi in Japan. He also became the first Sumo wrestler from Georgia to win the prestigious emperors cup title. This is the highest award in the elite Sumo division for which the athletes. In addition to the title also received title also received 10 million yen and numerous gifts from sponsors.

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Sumo Belt

Let’s be honest, you look at huge Sumo wrestlers during a fight, you might be wondering how do they manage not to lose their underpants in the ring? Well, for starters, let’s say that the correct name for this piece of clothing is Mawashi. And these are not underpants, but a special belt, 29 and a half feet wide, which is tightly wrapped around the naked body and fixed behind the back with a beautiful knot.

To untie such a knot, you need to really try hard. But if this does happen, then according to the rules of Sumo, the participants must admit defeat. Imagine you’ve already embarrassed yourself. And then it sends out that you also lost the fight as well.

However, true masters should be able to accept such moments with dignity as happened with the yorikiri in 2000.

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Yokozuna Rank

Let’s take a look at how the ranking system works in Sumo. Before that’s, mentioned the elite division several times, where only the best Sumo wrestlers can perform. It’s called the makuuchi. The number of athletes in this division is limited to only 42 wrestlers. They are all called secretory, but the thing is getting into the strongest division doesn’t guarantee an athlete can relax now.

On the contrary, members of the makuuchi are constantly challenged by each other. Someone can drop out and someone can rise to a higher rank. One of the highest titles is Ōzeki, but only one out of 500 professional Sumo wrestlers has it. However, this is not yet the top of the Sumo pedestal.

The dream of any secretory is the rank of Yokozuna. Over the past 300 years, only 72 wrestlers managed to get it. such Sumo wrestlers can’t be demoted no matter how badly they perform. Nevertheless, with a clear decline in results, most masters of this level prefer to retire, to respect their national traditions.

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Akebono Taro

Can foreigners become Yokozuna? You bet they can! In recent decades, this has become a pretty common thing. For the first time a foreigner received this rank only in 1993. This champion was Akebono Taro or Chad Rowan born in tropical Hawaii.

As a child, the guy had no pawn shop for martial arts that’s hall. He was fond of basketball and even played on the university team. But since childhood, he loved watching Sumo fights on TV.

Once, a family friend introduced Chad to the famous trainer Takamiyama Daigorō, who was also born in Hawaii. And he convinced him to try his luck in martial arts. What are you think? The American left for Japan to start training. That’s the guy you could be inspired by.

This happened back in 1988 and four years later, the athletes had already earned the title of Ōzeki. Well, a year later he was declared Yokozuna. The athlete decided to end his career 12 years later due to leg injuries. And now he performs in famous wrestling promotions.

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Kisonosato Yutaka

Sumo is undoubtedly the most popular sports among the Japanese, but the paradox is that young people in this country are less likely to pursue a career in Sumo. Because of this, the rows of the Japanese secretory are gradually thinning and foreigners keep on receiving the highest ranks.

For many fans of martial arts, this is a real violation of national traditions. But in 2017, many fans were relieved to witness that for the first time in almost 20 years, the Japanese guy, named Kisonosato Yutaka, won the rank of Yokozuna.

Nevertheless, many were not happy with this decision. This is because the title was awarded to the athlete after winning only one tournament although usually the title is awarded after winning two.

So, some critics decided that the Japan Sumo association took such a step simply to popularize the martial arts again. Kisonosato Yutaka couldn’t perform at the level he hopes and that’s to end his wrestling career in just two years.

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The Weight of Wrestlers

Obviously, all famous sumo wrestlers weigh at least 220 pounds however there are officially no weight classes in Sumo. The point is that; with high body weights, the chance of winning multiplies. Although other features like agility may well become an advantage, over large Sumo wrestlers.

A great example is Chiyonofuji Mitsugu, nicknamed the Wolf. Of course, nobody would call him thin, but he certainly weighed less than almost all of his rivals. Only about 275 and a half pounds. However, this didn’t stop the Sumo wrestler from winning the Empress’s Cup 31 times, gaining the rank of Yokozuna and performing well, even after he hit 30 years old.

Takanoyama Shuntarō from the Czech Republic has a really slender Sumo star with a waste of about 220 and a half pounds under lean body. He managed to make it to the makuuchi division. The Sumo wrestler prefers throws in grabs. He simply wouldn’t have been able to defeat the rest of the second story using brute force.

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Musashimaru Kōyō

This formidable guy is the heaviest Yokozuna in history, and also the second foreigner to be awarded this rank. At the time of receiving the title the weight of Musashimaru Kōyō reached 518 pounds.

This of course helped the Hawaiian athletes overcome his rivals. He literally pushed them to the edge of the ring. Throughout his career, the Sumo wrestler has won the Empress’s Cup 12 times. And after performing for years in the rank of Yokozuna, founded his own Sumo school in Japan.

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Hakuhō Shō

So, who is he? The man who holds the record for the most wins in the top division. You’d be surprised, but the legendary 69th Yokozuna, Hakuhō Shō is also not Japanese.

The athlete was born in Mongolia and at the age of 22, he was promoted to the rank of Yokozuna. The guy’s Stella Koreo was inspired by his father who was a famous Sumo wrestler in Japan. First, he prompted his kid to practice running and basketball but the genetic propensity for martial arts was really strong.

And already at the age of 15, Hakuhō went to Japan to master Sumo. However, not everyone admires the record holder. It’s been 17 years since he received the title of Yokozuna. But over these years, the athlete didn’t secure any outstanding victories.

Often, he simply withdraws from the competition, and he was received warnings from the association about inappropriate behavior in the ring multiple times. Obviously the same or wrestler received many hints that it’s time for him to retire, but he’s in no rush to do so.

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Konishiki Yasokichi

Do you think that there’s hardly a wrestler heavier than Kōyō, from Hawaii with his 518 pounds? Turns out, that there is such a man. According to various sources, three-time winner of the Empress’s Cup. Konishiki Yasokichi could weigh up to 661 pounds. This earns the athlete, the nickname meat bomb. After all, he hardly used mobile wrestling techniques.

The Hawaiian repeatedly tried to win the Supreme title of Yokozuna, but he never succeeded. In many ways, it happened because the athlete was constantly injured due to his size, not only in the ring, but also in everyday life.

As a result, after a series of unsuccessful fights and losing the title of Ōzeki, Konishiki started doing business or paid in entertainment shows, and was even featured in a fast and furious movie.

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Yamamotoyama Ryūta

In the spring of 2011, a global scandal erupted in Japanese sports. The professional association said it had uncovered evidence of match fixing in Sumo. As a result, 22 wrestlers were removed from a league and the reputation of Sumo wrestlers suffered a huge blow.

Among those athletes was Yamamotoyama Ryūta, probably the heaviest Japanese Sumo wrestler in history; weighing 584 pounds. However, this story is not that sad. After the shameful dismissal from the ranks of makuuchi, Yamamotoyama started his career in show business and very successfully.

The athletes as participated in reality shows on Indian television started many American commercials and TV shows, appeared in Ed Sheeran’s music video, and even played a role in a movie alongside Keanu Reeves.

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John Tenta

The Canadian singer, Neil young, once sang it’s better to burn out really bright than to sort of decay off into infinity. Apparently, this philosophy is also shared by another Canadian John Tenta, who entered the world Sumo at the age of 22, when many athletes were already achieving high ranks. However, this didn’t stop it from becoming a real sensation.

Over eight months of his professional career, the guy who previously took part at wrestling contests, won 21 fights in a row. So, associated with Yakuza gangsters. Well, the Canadian of course did not agree to this. He didn’t part with sports though. The guys still performed in professional wrestling leaks for a long time.

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Hiyori Kon

Did you notice that there was not a single female in today’s video? It’s not about our selection criteria though, or the absence of talented Sumo girl wrestlers. Unfortunately, according to Japanese tradition, they simply can’t compete in professional Sumo fights.

Moreover, women are not even allowed to enter these secret places where Sumo is practiced. It is possible that the spread of feminist ideas around the world will someday change this situation. Today, a brave Japanese woman, Hiyori Kon, is trying to promote changes now.

Two years ago, she even became the main subject in a Netflix documentary. The girl has been practicing the ancient martial art for most of her life. She became the champion of amateur tournament several times. Also, dreams that Sumo will finally be a part of the Olympic games.

Well! Do you think will a dream ever come true?

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