Fight Commentary Breakdowns:

This is one of the most hilarious circus matches that we’ve ever seen, but it’s done in a very safe and sportsman-like way, so we wanted to feature it. This match from True Gym MMA features three lightweights vs one heavyweight. The heavyweight is apparently Maxim Novoselov. Let’s see how a multi-person mixed martial arts match unfolds and what the two sides did right or wrong. For those of you watching this, what lessons did you learn about multi-person situations and scenarios. Also, would you ever partake in something like this? Let us know the lessons you learned from a martial arts standpoint in this commentary and analysis. Also, please go subscribe to True Gym MMA. The explicitly allowed us to do this commentary on their match, so I want to thank you. Also, please go check out the video sponsor below.

Fight Commentary Breakdowns:

We have three amateurs here together using the benefit of numbers numerical advantage and they’re gonna take on one professional MMA fighter.

I just don’t know who comes up with this stuff. This is courtesy of true gym MMA. They explicitly, let me use this little part of this video. So, do not replicate my video or their video without their permission.

So, here comes Maxim! Maxim is the big MMA fighter that these three guys… look at him! He just steps over the ropes. He doesn’t even go under the ropes. So, this is this is the big professional MMA fighter; that these three amateurs are gonna take on. Three verse one.

Can three amateurs beat one? … This is in Russia, of course. I love my Russians so much; I love you guys.

Are they gonna touch gloves? Okay! They’re gonna touch gloves a show of sportsmanship. One of the guys on the three team; the amateur team kind of looks like Maxim a little bit. They’re both redheads with beards, who are bald.

Here they go! Here they go! Okay, ooh! That was a liver shot! He’s keep down.

Fight Commentary Breakdowns:

It’s two on one now. Oooh! that guy’s down. It’s one on one, wow! That ended so quickly.

I mean it’s not last… let’s not watch it!

Okay, beard guy! It’s the battle of the beards.

Oh! He tried to shoot in for a takedown, that was not the best stretch.

Oh! ooh! Be careful! Be careful! Why are you trying to take down the bigger guy?

I mean maybe that’s the only way to negate his strikes race to take him down.

It’s a guillotine choke! Nope, nope!

Dude! This guy’s asking to get need.

Ooh! Maxim has taken him down! Arm triangle maybe. Yes! I think it’s an arm triangle finish. He’s out, he’s out. Oh! Maxim’s like;
I don’t care that; he’s out until the rope stops it.

I’m just gonna keep choking. Wow! Okay, guys let’s watch this in slow motion and break this down. Oh, good show of sportsmanship right here!

Fight Commentary Breakdowns:

Okay, in-depth breakdown time!

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So, we’re watching this at 75 speed. So, it’s interesting that they kind of didn’t charge in at once. One guy, see the guy on the far left! This guy, see that! This guy went in first.

These two guys blocked each other. That was the worst multi-person attack on one-person; I’ve ever seen. He wasn’t even lining them up.

Fight Commentary Breakdowns:

These two just blocked each other, and then no initiative when your buddy’s getting hit you should probably rush in.

You got two people right now grapple, grab his leg or grab his body and one of you control a leg or something.

So, that does scare him and look at that the way; he fell. He blocked this guy from coming in.

I don’t think that was intentional. I mean maybe Maxim did it intentionally like; notice the moment Maxim knocked him to the ground? I think actually… I got to give credit to Maxim. See! He’s like, okay now it’s time to use this guy, to block this guy. Look at how they’re lined up.

Fight Commentary Breakdowns:

He’s perfectly used this guy to block both of them. so, this is really good whether intentional or not. This is very good one versus three strategy.

Now he’s on the pocket right. You don’t want to be in the pocket against two people. So, look at; there’s a kick here. It, unfortunately, gets blocked by the ref here. This guy, the guy who I think is the next to fall tries to throw a kick; very unbalanced kick, and part of it is.

Because he’s charging in. You see, he’s charging in. He didn’t really center of mass people.

Look at that! His weight is too far back! So, Maxim hits him with I think it’s a right hook and a left hook and then a left. It’s kind of like a hook that that one just complete! look at that!

Oh my God! Completely drops this guy until you see it; in like this format. You don’t realize how powerful Maxim’s punches are.

And so now, we got the last guy. Perhaps, there for being two reps. I think there probably should have been three refs.

Also, this ring is big enough for a three on one somehow. This ring is picking up for real…

Fight Commentary Breakdowns:

So, this guy the bearded guy’s left. I guess he doesn’t want anything to do with Maxim strikes because he saw his two buddies get knocked out, right!

So, look at him! He tries, this is a very bad takedown attempt. You don’t shoot in from that far even Khabib, I think, has a little bit less distance when he shoots in.

So, I don’t know. I guess he was going for a single leg or was it just a desperation move. I don’t know; but I would set up my takedowns with something like a jab cross, so he thinks you’re striking and then I would drop my level or set it up with a kick or something.

Fight Commentary Breakdowns:

So, he actually almost, the bearded guy, almost turns but that must have tired him out, a little bit falling trying to shoot in and falling. And then to his credit he’s kind of trying to go in right. But Maxim at this point tries a guillotine. Look at that!

So, Maxim giving them some body shots and then, yeah! This was the guillotine of him but Maxim quickly says no more.

And I was so worried about the smaller dude because I was afraid that he can eat but instead…By the way guys, this is an Ezekiel choke. I said arm triangle, I apologize for that.

Fight Commentary Breakdowns:

Maxim’s doing an Ezekiel choke and he completely puts out this third guy, this bearded guy, for a little bit.

That was the breakdown of the match. I think if you want to study; how not to do a three on one, it is this. I do not know; how they like charged in in a way that they blocked each other?

See this! They charged in a way, that they blocked each other; especially this middle guy. Middle guy blocked this guy and by hesitating; he kind of blocked himself from helping out his buddy. I just don’t know; how this happened?

Fight Commentary Breakdowns:

And then, once the first guy went down, naturally the two guys were blocked. And it gave Maxim just one second to catch his breath. And then, this part too; before you charge in make sure, you’re in balance man; because he got Maxim hit him so hard. He went flying man!

Yeah, lots of good lessons and of course a good takedown lesson. First of all, practice your sample, practice your wrestling. But if you’re gonna try to take someone down make sure to set up your takedowns and do not shoot in so far.

Look at! It’s only been 17 seconds; he just doesn’t want to get kicked and go down like the first guy. So, look at that; just very bad take down attempt. No level change either if you notice. He didn’t really change his level.

Fight Commentary Breakdowns

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