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Things About Them:

Michael Jai White is an American actor, director and martial artist. He was the first African- American to portray a major role in the comic book superhero. He rose to fame in the late 1990s after starring in the film “Spawn”. Since then, he has appeared in movies such as “Why Did I Get Married?” both I and II, “Mortal Kombat”, “Universal Soldier”, “Black Dynamite” and many more.

Michael has had a successful career earning him a huge net worth and a lot of fans. Being a celebrity, his personal life is always a subject of discussion with special emphasis on his love life. Michael Jai White has been involved with some of the most beautiful women in America. He has been involved with personalities such as Gillian White, Courtenay Chatman, A.J. Johnson and even the actress Tasha Smith. In this video, we feature some of the beautiful women that Michael Jai White has dated. On our channel, we feature such videos. Remember to like, comment and subscribe to our channel for such.

Things About Them:

Gillian Iliana Waters White

Gillian Iliana Waters White is the current wife of the famous actor Michael Jai White. The duo first met in the club back in 1997 and they were introduced to one another through a mutual friend. At the time, the duo began talking and did not make anything out of the short conversation they had. According to Waters, the timing was then imperfect. According to Michael, the time they spent together was magical. And that was something that they never lost. In 2011, their paths crossed and this time both were just ending their relationship. The duo had a perfect connection and the chemistry between them, according to White, was a blessing. The duo also found out they were interested in gym. The more they trained together, the more they developed feelings for one another. The couple moved in together. After years of being together, the couple announced their engagement in 2014 and Gillian showed off her expensive ring on her Instagram page. The duo is not shy to showcase their love to the world. In early 2015, White wrote a letter to her entitled “Apologies to my Exes”. In the letter, he praised his current wife for making him the best version of himself. Later that year, the couple got married in a private wedding in Thailand. As a married couple the duo has pushed one another to great heights. They opened their own gym where they train martial artistry. The duo has been married for 5 years and counting and they still move on strongly together. Wishing them best of luck.

Things About Them:

Courtenay Chatman

Courtenay Chatman was the first wife of the actor Michael Jai White. The duo began dating when Jai was 31 years of age and his career in acting had just started picking up. The duo met at one of the events and White was enchanted with Chatman’s beauty and he decided to ask her out. The duo went on several dates and Chatman was often at White’s boxing events to support him. The duo maintained a close relationship up until 2005, when the couple decided to make their relationship official. They got married in a small wedding ceremony graced by their close friends and family. As a couple, the couple graced several public events and were not shot to showcase their affection to the world. White also treated the love of his life like the queen that she is by taking her to luxurious vacations. During their stay together, the couple were blessed with one daughter, Morgan. Their marriage could not withstand the test of time and in 2011 the couple shocked the entertainment with news of their divorce. The reason for their divorce is still unknown to the general public. Though the duo has separated, they maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship.

Things About Them:

Tasha Smith

The famous actor Michael Jai White also had a relationship with the beautiful actress Tasha Smith. The two met at the set of a movie and they began dating. On screen, the couple acted as husband and wife and this strengthened their relationship off the screens. Their relationship was, however, brief but the couple enjoyed their time together and each other’s company. After several years, the duo still remains good friends. They opened about their relationship on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show and the couple confirmed that they were better off as friends.

Things About Them:

A.J. Johnson

Michael Jai White also had a brief relationship with actress A.J. Johnson back in 2004. The two met at the set of the movie they were working on then. The duo began talking and this led to their first date. The duo went on several dates and they were spotted a couple of times getting cozy with one another off the set. The spark of their relationship was, however, short-lived and the duo parted ways. Thank you for watching. Remember to subscribe and hit the notification button. See you on the next video.

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