The transcript below is from the video “6 Clues Bruce Lee May Have Been SUPERHUMAN!” by Beyond Science.

“Hey guys, what’s up?  It’s Mikey Chen.  Even though he’s been gone for 43 years, Bruce Lee is still a household name.  Most of us remember him because of his iconic movies where he was basically unbeatable but unlike some other martial art movie stars, Van Damme, Bruce was actually a better fighter in real-life than what he portrayed in the movies.  If you’re a Bruce Lee fan, you’ve probably heard bits and pieces about his crazy training routine which is like P90X times a thousand is P9000X!  

I mean this guy was basically the real-life version one-punch man.  There’s a couple of reasons I wanted to do this video.  One, Bruce Lee is awesome and two, he was able to accomplish physical feats that many would consider impossible.  So here are some of the results of Bruce Lee’s intense training, which may have made him superhuman.”

Did Bruce Lee Have Superpowers?

Number one, his punches were essentially unblockable.  This was basically Bruce Lee’s version of one punch.  He could throw a punch so hard and so fast, basically no one would be able to stop it even though they know it’s coming.  It wasn’t like he was throwing these punches at regular people or even a somewhat trained martial artist.  In a now mythic 1967 demonstration, Bruce Lee threw eight punches at tenth degree black belt Vic Moore, who failed to block yeah, all eight of them even though he knew they were coming.

That’s just insane.  I mean can you imagine going up to a well-trained fighter and just telling them, “Hey, I’m going to take my right hand here and punch you in the face,” and there’s nothing he could do to stop it.  That’s literally like, “Hey, little baby, let me just go ahead and take that candy from you.”  Number two, he was too fast for cameras.  Some of you may have heard about the fact that Bruce Lee’s punches and kicks were too fast for the cameras of the time to film.

Though what you may not have known is that Bruce Lee had to be slowed down twice.  Basically Bruce Lee had to slow himself down before the camera even started rolling because when he punched as fast as he could, cameras wasn’t able to detect his movements at all, but then the footage had to be slowed down a second time so Bruce Lee didn’t look like he had magical powers.

In fact, early footage of Lee in the Green Hornet had to be re-filmed because when it was later played back, his movements were so fast that it looked like a fight from a Superman movie where his opponents just fell over and Lee never appeared to move at all.  For example, take a look at this.  This is Bruce Lee demonstrating a punch and here’s the guy reacting to that punch that was thrown by Bruce a week ago.  What this guy didn’t know was that by the time he actually reacted to the punch, Bruce had already gone home, took a nap, did his laundry, and came back.

Number three, he was way too strong for regular heavy bags.  A typical heavy bag weighs 100 to maybe 150lbs but Bruce Lee had to use a heavy bag that was 300lbs, and oh yeah, it was filled with metal.  Even then his kicks would send the 300-pound bag flying so high, it would hit the ceiling with force.  Now, Bruce Lee did not do this because he was trying to show off.  He literally could not use a regular heavy bag because he would destroy it.

I mean if you brought a regular heavy bag before Bruce Lee, all you would see is a puddle of heavy bag pee on the ground.  Now, if you don’t believe me, check out this story told by actor James Coburn.

James Coburn  (American actor)

“He said, “Bruce and I were training out on my patio one day.  We were using this giant bag for sidekicks.  I guess it weighed about 150lbs.  Bruce looked at it and just went Bang!  It shot up out into the lawn about 15ft in the air.  It then busted in the middle.  It was filled with little bits and pieces of rag.  We were picking up bits of rag for months!”

Mike Chen (Chinese-American, Beyond Science -YouTube Channel)

“Lee’s friend and martial artist, Wally Jay also told this story.

Wally Jay (Bruce Lee’s friend & martial artist)

“I last saw Bruce after he moved from Culver City to Bel Air.  He had a big heavy bag hanging out on his patio.  It weighed 300lbs.  I could hardly move it at all.  Bruce said to me, “Hey, Wally, watch this,” and he jumped back and kicked it and this monster of a heavy bag went up to the ceiling, thump!!!  And came back down.  I still can’t believe the power that guy had.”

 Mike Chen (Chinese-American, Beyond Science -YouTube Channel)

“Number four, catching rice with chopsticks.  Yes, I remember this iconic scene in the Karate Kid where Daniel San catches a fly with chopsticks.  Well, let me ask you this, is it harder to catch a fly in the air with chopsticks or rice?  It’s kind of hard to decide.  I mean a fly moves around but then rice is just tiny.  Yeah, let me try this real quick.  So, I have in my palm a few grains of rice like that.  So let’s do this.  Alright, here we go.  Chopsticks, yeah.  Like that, yeah okay that…  Alright, almost!  Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh….

Okay, you know what?  This is impossible!  Just it can’t be done.  You literally need level 99 chopsticks skills which I do not have.  Anyway, it was reported that as part of his training to increase his reflexes, Bruce Lee would actually throw rice into the air and catch it on the way down with chopsticks.  You know when I read about this, the first scenario that popped into my mind was I saw a wedding and then the bride and groom were about to head out from the church.  There stands Bruce Lee with a pair of chopsticks waiting for people to throw the rice.

Number five, practicing on metal dummies.  If you guys ever seen any Kung Fu movie, you’ve seen this wooden dummy that martial artists would use to hone their skills but Bruce Lee needed one that was not only made out of wood but also reinforced with yeah, car parts because well, he would just destroy the wooden one.  According to Herb Jackson, who was a close friend of Bruce Lee’s and helped him build a lot of his training equipment:”

Herb Jackson (One of Bruce Lee’s closest friends & builder of his training equipment)

“The biggest problem in designing equipment for Bruce was that he’d go through it so damn fast.  I had to reinforce his wooden dummy with automobile parts so he could train on it without breaking it.  I had started to build him a mobile dummy that could actually attack and retreat to better simulate “Live” combat.”

Mike Chen (Chinese-American, Beyond Science -YouTube Channel)

“So yeah, Bruce Lee was basically training for the robot apocalypse.  Number six, the one-inch punch.  No feat of martial arts is more impressive than Bruce Lee’s famous strike, the one-inch punch.  From a single inch away, Lee was able to muster an explosive blow that could knock fully grown adult males clean off the ground.  If you’re wondering what it’s like to be hit by the one-inch punch, check out this story.

In 1964, Bruce Lee appeared at the Long Beach International Karate Championship and performed the one-inch punch.  In this video, you can see Bruce Lee applying the one-inch punch to a man who fell backwards onto a chair that was placed behind him to prevent injury, and then falling to the floor.  This man was Bob Baker of Stockton, California, who later said:”

Bob Baker (Bruce Lee student and friend & assistant for the one-inch punch)

“I told Bruce not to do this type of demonstration again.  When he punched me that last time, I had to stay home from work because the pain in my chest was unbearable.”

Mike Chen (Chinese-American, Beyond Science -YouTube Channel)

“Here’s what two-time black belt Hall of Fame and ninth degree black belt in Judo, Hayward Nishioka had to say about Bruce Lee’s one-inch punch:”

Hayward Nishioka (Japanese-American community college physical education instructor and former judo competitor)

“Bruce had this trademark “One-Inch Punch,” he could send individuals (some of whom outweighed him by over 100lbs) flying through the air where they crash to the ground 15 feet away.  I remember getting knocked up against the wall by that punch.  I didn’t think it was possible that he could generate so much power in his punch, especially when he was just laying his hand against my chest.  He just twitched a bit and Wham!!!  I went flying backward and bounced off a wall.  I took him very seriously after that.”

Mike Chen (Chinese-American, Beyond Science -YouTube Channel)

“You know what’s crazy was that all that power came from a guy who was 5’7 and weighed about 130lbs.  Of course, that was 130lbs of pure muscle but Bruce Lee was really able to exceed what people typically think the human body could do.  So, let me ask you guys a couple of questions and let me know in the comments below.  One, Bruce Lee versus Chuck Norris, who would win? My vote 100% Bruce Lee all the way!  Two, in this age of MMA fighting, with the UFC, how well do you think Bruce Lee would have done?  Let’s say, he was alive today, in his prime and fought in the UFC.  How well do you think he would do?  Alright guys, thank you so much for watching!  See you!”

Bruce lee was able to accomplish incredible physical feats like the one inch punch. Did Bruce Lee’s intense training give him superpowers or made him superhuman and ultimately caused his untimely death?

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