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Have you ever seen or heard about a so-called Martial arts specialist being destroyed and exposed during a fight? If you haven’t, that’s what we’ve got for you in this video.

There are numerous examples of fighters, from multiple martial arts such as Kung Fu, Karate, Wing Chun, who got badly exposed in fights. They thought of themselves as being great masters of the game but in reality, they have never been in a real fight. But to earn a living, these fake masters lie to their students and create false stories about how extraordinary their fighting expertise are.

You may argue that these types of videos are insulting but hey, it is very important to expose these fraud martial arts masters. So make sure you make this video go viral and open many people’s eyes to stop visiting a bad martial arts school. Let’s get rolling!

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Number 8: Fake Kung Fu Master vs. Legit MMA Fighter

The story behind this video says that this Kung Fu master got offended by Morrison Butler (MMA) because Butler tried to give his student some advice on fighting. And oh boy, we all know how easily you can trigger the emotions of every fake martial artist. Touching their ego can do more damage than beating them down.

So, the Kung Fu master went to the Butler’s MMA gym to settle the bill by letting the fists go. Or at least, try to do so. Butler, who was twice as small as Kung Fu guy, managed to land some hard kicks before scoring a takedown and closing the show with strikes.

To the Kung Fu master’s credit, he appeared to be clearly out of shape and probably in his 50s. But even in the fifth decade, you must check your ego from time to time, and of course, your fighting skills.

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Number 7: Xu Xiao Dong (MMA) vs Dung Hao (Wing Chun)

This video shows MMA fighter Xu Xiao Dong, famous for beating down fake masters, taking on a Wing Chun master Ding Hao. The thing is, Hao is one of the best Wing Chun masters but he ended up being just another of Dong’s victims. Dong beat him up without even breaking a sweat.

What’s more, the famous “master” Hao didn’t want to play by the rules of a street fight. So the two have fought just in the standup, without ground fighting. Seeing what Dong did to him with strikes, maybe it was a mistake on Hao’s part to exclude ground fighting. Being submitted is often less painful.

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Number 6: No Touch Master vs. Muay Thai Fighter

We truly believe that the minds of those No Touch Masters run at some weird frequencies. I mean, they are the worst type of masters as they believe to have the power to sleep the rival without even touching them. It’s fair to say they are even worse than “point touch” master who, at least, touch their rivals.

So, what happens when the not touch master wakes up from the dream and realize his skills don’t work in real life? Well, the video below shows it all. It’s weird how those fake masters don’t even know how to hold their hands up.

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Number 5: Kickboxer vs. Fake Tai Chi Master

What’s common for all fake martial arts gurus is that they all look lost in a real fight. This couldn’t get further from the truth when it comes to our next video in which a fake master took on a legit kickboxer. And this video also shows you how important it is to keep your hands up.

The fight itself ended up as a five-second knockout. What’s interesting, however, was that Tai Chi guy didn’t even know what to do. I mean, he stood in front of the kickboxer like they were about to dance. Open the video below and just watch his footwork, the guy was totally lost.

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Number 4: Green Cloud Kun Fu vs. Some Legit Dude

It’s all good, we also haven’t heard about “Green Cloud Kung Fu”. The man behind it is Gus Kaparos’, the former “Muay Thai” fighter who has a long history in martial arts. Even though this sounds like a decent martial arts resume, Gus is just another fake master.

In this video, Gus decided to prove that his Kung Fu is useful against MMA fighters. But straight away, MMA guy managed to quickly land some hard punches on Gus’s chin. The “master” looked lost and even turned his back to the opponent at one moment, which you never do if you have any background in martial arts.

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Number 3: A Legit Boxer vs. Fake Wing Chun Master

This is one of the most popular videos that show legit fighters beating fake masters. The video shows another fake master taking on a boxer who’s only allowed to use one arm.

Though this may look odd, it really says a lot about these fake masters. I mean the boxer, who also was a much shorter guy, schooled the fake master with only one arm. This guy clearly doesn’t know anything about fighting.

The boxer used footwork and head movement, skills unknown to the fake master, to protect and land punches with the free arm. He would wait for the master to come in with the weak punches and deliver some great counters in return. I mean it doesn’t get more embarrassing for the Wing Chun guy.

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Number 2: Muay Thai Fighter vs. Fake Tai Chi Master

We are not sure what’s the thing with all those Tai Chi masters taking on Muay Thai fighters and getting smoked in seconds. I guess they avoid the MMA fighters because of ground fighting, thinking they will do better. But maybe they should, at least, try it. Trust us, being submitted hurts much less than being KO’d with the shin to the head.

I mean, just look at this poor guy trying to catch the punches and kicks with his hands instead of blocking them. On top of that, he’s clearly much older guy here and the Thai guy simply destroyed him without putting much effort into it.

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Number 1: Another No Touch Master vs. MMA Fighter

This is my favorite and one of the funniest clips out there. The man behind this video is a Kiai martial arts master with a 200–0 fight record, all won by the special powers he possesses.

So, this guy felt brave enough to offer $4,000 dollars to any fighter who comes and gives him the first loss. I mean, the ego behind this guy…

You see, this Kiai thing refers to the “no-touch KO” and the event took place in front of a big crowd. Which made this event even more embarrassing.

Of course, the MMA fighter quickly ruined him on the feet. But the best moment was seeing a fake master receiving a full-blown strike to the face for the first time. I mean, the guy was in a massive shock realizing his no-touch thing doesn’t work.

That’s all for today folks about the fake masters being destroyed by professional martial arts fighters. Which, out of these, made you laugh the most? Let us know in the comments section.

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