The transcript below is from the video “Arnold Explains How Sylvester Stallone Got So Ripped!” by Athletics 2.0.

Athletics 2.0:

Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about how Sylvester Stallone got in shape for the movie Rambo.

Arnold said one of the reasons why Sly got so ripped was because he was trained by Franco. Franco said “I think Sly has potential but he has to follow a guide and more reps and do more sets, also 2 hours of training everyday.”

Athletics 2.0:

Schwarzenegger is considered among the most important figures in the history of bodybuilding, and his legacy is commemorated in the Arnold Classic annual bodybuilding competition. He has remained a prominent face in bodybuilding long after his retirement, in part because of his ownership of gyms and fitness magazines. He has presided over numerous contests and awards shows.

For many years, he wrote a monthly column for the bodybuilding magazines Muscle & Fitness and Flex. Shortly after being elected governor, he was appointed the executive editor of both magazines, in a largely symbolic capacity. The magazines agreed to donate $250,000 a year to the Governor’s various physical fitness initiatives. When the deal, including the contract that gave Schwarzenegger at least $1 million a year, was made public in 2005, many criticized it as being a conflict of interest since the governor’s office made decisions concerning regulation of dietary supplements in California. Consequently, Schwarzenegger relinquished the executive editor role in 2005. American Media Inc., which owns Muscle & Fitness and Flex, announced in March 2013 that Schwarzenegger had accepted their renewed offer to be executive editor of the magazines.

Athletics 2.0:

One of the first competitions he won was the Junior Mr. Europe contest in 1965. He won Mr. Europe the following year, at age 19. He would go on to compete in many bodybuilding contests, and win most of them. His bodybuilding victories included five Mr. Universe wins, 1 – IFBB, and seven Mr. Olympia wins, a record which would stand until Lee Haney won his eighth consecutive Mr. Olympia title in 1991.

Schwarzenegger continues to work out. When asked about his personal training during the 2011 Arnold Classic he said that he was still working out a half an hour with weights every day.

Athletics 2.0:

The great thing was Sylvester took his training very seriously that’s why he ends up in such a great shape.

Arnold Schwarzenegger:

“To finish his body, Because he trained with Franco, were Franco just said to him, I think that you have good potential, but if we put you on a diet and do more reps and more sets, you could really step it up and do 2 hours of training every day, were you have different actions and all that, so he increased seriously and he was really …”

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