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To deserve such a legendary name such as The Black Bruce Lee, one has to be a legend. And this man, fight fans, is as legendary as it comes. Fans of Bruce Lee believe that a fight to success does not depend on the style. Instead, it depends purely on the fighter. If there was one fighter that proved this theory correct, it’s Manson Gibson. He is the ultimate proof that the right practitioner can make anything work, even the wackiest and weirdest techniques. By all standards a freak athlete, he is a true monster who could pull off anything in the ring.

No one dares to fight like him today because they would just get destroyed and called the clown. But The Black Bruce Lee was no clown. He fought with the best of his era and even destroyed Muay Thai champions.

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That is exactly what this Legend did and by doing so, he destroyed the monsters of his time, all while staying true to his style.

Most people don’t know him today and they have never seen a Taekwondo and Kung Fu Master so great. His name is Manson Gibson and he’s got some of the best nicknames in Combat Sports history.

No one has made these techniques work as a professional fighter, even beating Muay Thai Legends with these crazy combinations. His ridiculous spinning attacks destroyed monsters around the world. These weren’t just any fighters, they were the greatest legends of his time. Usually, Taekwondo and Kung Fu fighters get destroyed but The Black Bruce Lee was so spectacular that he broke all the textbook rules off today’s striking and still dominated anyways.

Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

As a fighter, he was extremely deceptive, often faking a glove touch and then ending the fight with a spin kick. He’ll even troll them by offering more glove touches after the fight. He could literally do the Karate Kid against the legend and then spin kick him in the head right after.

At an 80% knockout ratio with 88 career knockouts, he is one of the greatest knockout artists of all time, earning him another legendary nickname The Master Blaster. Yes, his name literally means that when he hits someone, he blasts them away. Even more impressively, he is a master of baiting. He will masterfully bait his opponents in and then masteredly blast them away with a knockout blow. He can throw bombs from the most unusual angles and each shot could produce a knockout. Even more impressively, Manson Gibson was even dubbed the Muay Thai Slayer for beating several top Muay Thai fighters.

Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

When other legendary fighters were asked about Gibson, they considered him the most difficult person to fight. Why? Because no one knew what he was going to do. He was the most awkward fighter ever, with the most unusual combinations. He’ll even pick someone up and throw them WWE style. But on top of that, he was possibly the most explosive fighter of his generation. Even when he threw the weirdest strikes, he would still hit anyone based on timing and athleticism. He is so explosive that when he misses a punch, he can send himself flying. But most of the time if he misses a spinning strike, he’ll just keep spinning until one lands, which is obviously ridiculous considering he knocks out legends by doing so. It’s tragic that most people don’t know him today. But make no mistake about it, he is one of the greatest kickboxers of all time. Don’t let this wacky style and antics fool you into thinking he’s a clown. This legend is no clown.

You see, to earn the name black Bruce Lee, his speed, timing, and accuracy has to be all off the charts. Gibson’s style is literally made up of sidekicks, spinning kicks, and spinning backfists. Without Gibson existing, most people would think this style is impossible. In fact, he can even start the fight with three of the hardest moves to land.

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Gibson was so ridiculous that he won Muay Thai World Championships without ever practicing Muay Thai. This provides us a blueprint of what is possible when the right traits are present in the fighter. Just as Bruce Lee had a savage sidekick, The Black Bruce Lee had one of the best sidekicks in Combat Sports history. But above sidekicks, just one of his spinning back kicks could send legends flying back. He has ertainly had the best record as of anyone who used sidekicks and spinning kicks so much. In his career, he had a total of 113 wins with 88 Knockouts and only 15 losses. Even more impressively, most of the losses happen at the very end of his career when he was 40 years old. What is crazy as that he represents the style of Taekwondo and Praying Mantis Kung Fu.

Usually Taekwondo and Kung Fu fighters are delusional and cocky but Gibson was neither, he was simply great. While other fighters got destroyed by Changpuek, yes the most prolific Muay Thai fighter to challenge the world’s best middleweights two heavyweights, Gibson beat Changpuek twice.

When Muay Thai defeated the best kickboxers in America, most people changed their style. But not Manson Gibson. Now let’s explore his greatest knockouts. This is a tribute to the legendary Black Bruce Lee, the Master Blaster, the Muay Thai Slayer.

Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Manson Gibson vs Takeshi Caesar

Takeshi is a Japanese Combat Sports legend. Not only was he the founder of the style of Shootboxing, he was also a four-time world champion. Two years prior to fighting Manson Gibson, he had just knocked out a [inaudible] dominant Champion named Payap Premchai. However, none of this stopped Gibson from destroying him. Gibson came out looking like he wanted a glove touch but instead, started throwing spinning attacks. The shots landed flush and Takeshi was shocked. Each spinning back kick blasted Takeshi away. Within a minute, Takeshi was blasted into the ground three times. Gibson was commentating his own fight and even did The Karate Kid. Whenever Takeshi wanted to close the distance, he was controlled by Gibson’s sidekick. When he gave Gibson space, the spinning backfists and spinning kicks would land again. Near the end of the first round, Gibson landed 10 hits in a row with no reply until Takeshi finally off balance the spinning kick. But when the Master Blaster put up, he threw a spinning backfist that rocked Takeshi. To finish the fight, Gibson brutally landed anything and everything he wanted until Takeshi gave up. This was his first fight in Japan and he would become a superstar thereafter.

Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Manson Gibson vs Chanman Suk

At the start of the fight, a Muay Thai fighter was laughing at Gibson’s movements and even mocking him. This was, however, a tragic mistake. Gibson first circled around the ring and the tide barely moved and just smiled. There wasn’t much action and a lot of staring and dancing. After a while, the ref finally stepped in to warn him to fight. Chanman landed a thunderous low kick and apologized. When they reset, Gibson faked a spinning kick and then missed the spinning kick but landed a nice headbutt right after. Right after the headbutt, Gibson continues with a takedown, which was legal back in the days. And for some reason, the Thai is really happy about it. It then becomes a battle of Sidekicks vs low kicks, with the Thai even landing a thunderous nut shot. However, Gibson is made out of iron and doesn’t even flinch. He then continues kicking the Thai. We learn more about why Gibson has iron nuts in later parts of this video. Gibson then picks up Chanman Suk again and drops him.

Gibson’s repeated sidekicks on one leg is very impressive. Even the Thai acknowledges that it’s sick. When the round ended, the two fighters continued scrapping for some reason. Gibson then decided to pick up the Thai and carry him across the ring. Three people needed to get involved to break them up. But maybe they just secretly wanted to hug each other. When they released the hug, they gave each other air props.

In the beginning of round two, Gibson blasted his opponent with a spinning back kick. The Thai wanted a clinch and knee Gibson. But it wasn’t effective due to Gibson’s incredible ability to drive forward. This would eventually lead to a double leg takedown. The Thai did land a beautiful low kick to disrupt Gibson’s sidekick threat. But Gibson would reply with beautiful repeated spin attacks. When the Thai tried to elbow, Gibson simply took him down with a single leg trip. Chanman tried to show that he didn’t care. Here the dangers of throwing a spinning kick is shown, with Chanman landing the kick to the upper chest and then a rib kick, followed by a nut knee.

Again, Iron Gibson did not flinch to the growing strike. Now the Thai grew confident and started dropping his hands, another tragic mistake. That’s the exact moment Gibson fired a perfect spinning kick to the head. The spin kick landed just as the Thai went for a low kick. Gibson kicked so hard that he blasted his opponent flying off the floor. While Chanman raised his hands at the last moment, it was not in the right spot to defend the neck and lower jaw. To celebrate, he did a backflip. In the post-fight interview, he claimed that there was no fighter better than him in the world after knocking out five opponents in Japan.

During this time, Americans thought Muay Thai was the best style after so many of their Kickboxing champions had been defeated. While Gibson believed Muay Thai fighters were the best fighters in the world, he believed he could beat them. Hence, the name the Muay Thai Slayer.

Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Manson Gibson vs Changpuek Kiatsongrit 1

Everyone knows Changpuek Kiatsongrit as the Muay Thai fight to who changed history. Changpuek did this by defeating some of the greatest kickboxers around the world despite a big size difference. Make no mistake about it, he is as historically legendary as it comes. But Manson Gibson doesn’t care. Against Changpuek, Gibson came out like a big man. He was backflipping before the fights and then he acted as a legendary opponent on by dancing around.

During the fight he throws many spinning kicks against low kicks, picks Changpuek randomly, and will throw random combinations until he lands something. Against the Muay Thai Legend, Gibson did a ton of awkward techniques and even landed an epic knockdown. In round one, however, neither fighters did much and just comically dust around. This was until Gibson missed the jumping spin back kick and Changpuek’s low kick sent Gibson tornadoing into the ground. As soon as Gibson got up, he threw a spinning back fist which landed but Changpuek Kiatsongrit threw another low kick that sent Gibson into the ground. Gibson looked like he was gonna lose the round but rally back with ridiculous repeat sidekicks. When Changpuek wanted to clinch for knees, Gibson simply picked him up. Round one was basically the battle of roundhouses versus sidekicks, a very close round with Gibson scoring more often. In round two, Gibson literally [inaudible] random techniques until it lands. It was another round of epic sidekicks with attempted spinning attacks. Punches and roundhouses are thrown less than his sidekicks and spin attacks. This round definitely showcases how repeated sidekicks from both stances and both legs can be used to disrupt the Muay Thai style.

In the beginning of round three, he faked a glove touch again, which Changpuek rejected, but it doesn’t matter. As Gibson spun around with a reverse hook kick, Changpuek drops his hands and gets attacked twice. This rocks the Muay Thai Legend and Gibson continues throwing recklessly until Changpuek crumbles. The ref even had to calm him down and Changpuek had no idea what just happened to him. Gibson continued to do crazy techniques spinning hook kick into a suplex and keeping side control. He then finishes the round with ballet dancing two spin attacks. In the end of the round, Changpuek was able to finally score some nut knees and a takedown with side control of his own.

Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Manson Gibson vs Changpuek Kiatsongrit 2

In their second fight, three years later, they came out to the stare down embracing each other like brothers. Cecil Peoples asked Changpuek if he had any questions before the fight and Changpuek nodded yes. When the fight started, Gibson again circled around the ring. This pissed off Cecil Peoples who thinks low kicks don’t win fights. He purposely circled behind Cecil Peoples many times and the crowd laughed and cheered. This directly shielded Gibson from getting struck and put Cecil in danger of low kicks he doesn’t fear. After the first round, Gibson took off his kickboxing pants and showcased his Muay Thai shorts with the word blaster on it. He ignored Cecil Peoples as he was trying to warn him about the circling and then he winked to the camera.

In this fight, we learned why he has iron nuts. Overall, Changpuek did much better in this round than their first fight. In round two though, with the Blaster Muay Thai shorts, Gibson comes out with spinning techniques and lands them immediately. Changpuek brushes them off and then proceeds to corner Gibson and then roundhouses him to the nuts with a huge cup sound. But this did nothing and only made Gibson start throwing back, with Gibson guessing the better of the exchange. When they reset, Gibson lands a perfect spinning kick. Changpuek tried to block the kick with his knee and elbow but it slips through perfectly to smash the liver. This is his 100th win and it was indeed a legendary one.

Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Manson Gibson vs Daniel Dlask

At the start of the fight, Gibson for a spinning back kick which blasted the opponent away. Not much happened in the first two rounds. Both fighters danced around from the outside. Overall, a very ugly fight with not much landing from either fighters. However, at one point when Dlask was just spinning back kick, he shook at Gibson and said, you got nothing.

In the third round, Gibson landed three sidekicks in a row and then tries to time a charge with a spinning backfist but misses. In round 4, however, Manson put his hands out to touch gloves again and then went for a spinning back kick right away to land a perfect knockout. He got booed by the crown for doing this and Dlask’s Coach shouted at Gibson for the cheap shot. Gibson tried to touch gloves when Dlask was back on the stall and he basically told him to F off.

Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Manson Gibson vs Babe Gallegos

In the start of this fight, Gibson hit Babe so hard that he flew out of the ring. When he was falling out, Gibson tried to punt him out of the ring even more with a sidekick but unfortunately, missed. Gibson celebrated his opponent’s tragedy and the ref put a count on him. Gibson again attempted the fake glove touch to go into a spin kick but misjudged his distance here. Overall, it was an ugly fight, with Gibson eventually landing a haymaker that downed his opponent.

Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Manson Gibson vs Hideo Suzuki

Against Suzuki, he landed an early spin kick knockdown. After landing it, he tried to spam it but kept missing. Then he decided to throw sidekicks and go for slamming takedowns. In the middle of the round, Gibson literally hopped on one leg for 10 seconds before they started brawling. He then started doing the ballerina and Suzuki had enough and started spamming elbows in the clinch. At the end of the round, Gibson picked his opponent up again. In the second round, Gibson hurt Suzuki early with a sidekick. But Suzuki put on a poker face and Gibson didn’t notice. So they basically just started staring at each other for a minute. But eventually, Gibson started throwing sidekicks again. After he landed on the chest, Suzuki charged in and instantly got hit with a perfect sidekick to the solar plexus. This was a beautiful knockout and Gibson celebrated with a jump into the air.

Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Manson Gibson vs Coban

Coban is one of the greatest Muay Thai Legends of all time and over his historic matches with Ramon Dekkers. He walked on Gibson and was giving him trouble and even attempted a spinning kick of his own. Gibson, however, did land a triple sidekick and then right after, a spinning back kick and spin fist. Eventually, Gibson started his usual tornado combo with a missed spinning hook kick, followed by a throwaway left hook, and then into another spin back kick as Coban tried to counter with a haymaker. This perfectly timed and play shot ended the fight.

Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Manson Gibson vs Johny Davis

To end this fight, Gibson [inaudible] for the spinning back kick and spun right into a left hook. I’m going to call this technique the spinning left hook. Gibson was losing this fight until throwing this technique.

Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Manson Gibson vs Naoyuki Taira

Naoyuki Taira is basically two styles combined. From the outside, he fought like Bruce Lee with sidekicks but inside the clinch, he uses the Muay Thai clinch combined with Judo. In round one, Gibson chases his opponent around the ring and he ran away from the explosiveness. At one point, he got kicked in the butt and showed to his opponent that it hurts. Crazy stuff started happening in the middle of the round. They were transitioning from spinning attacks to the clinch to takedowns and then spinning attacks again. His opponent also showed how to counter the constant sidekick threat with a nasty sidekick of his own to Gibson’s standing knee. In a lot of ways, this fight was the battle of sidekicks, with Taira looking even more like Bruce Lee in the way he bounces and sets up the sidekick. But eventually, Gibson found his rhythm and landed a beautiful spinning fist. At the end of the first round though, Taira landed a beautiful jumpy knee against Gibson’s attempt to take down.

In the beginning of the second round, Taira showed how to defend a single leg takedown while spammy jumping these. But eventually, Gibson was able to elevate the leg and bump Taira’s nuts to send him flying. He even showed how to time a perfect left hook against a spinning back fist here and then proceeded to punch his opponent in the back of the head twice, which may have been legal at that time.

In the end of the third round, Gibson lands a beautiful spin fist followed by haymakers. And then Taira replies with an attempted rolling thunder. Then it became a grappling fight with Taira desperately trying to take Gibson down and even face planting. Eventually, Gibson got tired of the grappling and kneed his opponent to the nuts but ref broke this up and they clinched up again and Gibson set up a beautiful disengagement with a thunderous left hook off the break.

Knowing this works, he began the next round using similar techniques, which prompted his opponent to attempt the rolling thunder again. When they clinched up again, Gibson again used the left hook off the clinch disengagement to rock his opponent. Then Gibson lands another spinning back fist that rocks Taira, prompting yet another rolling thunder. Moments later, he lands yet another spinning fist rocking the opponent but Taira shoots a takedown and they both lay on the floor exhausted from the dogfight. Taira rallies back with an awesome punching combination flow and a takedown.

But Gibson had enough. To end this fight, Gibson turned to spinning back kick just as they were resetting from a takedown. This perfectly caught the opponent as he was unprepared with his stance and his hands were blocking his head instead of his body.

Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Manson Gibson versus Ernesto Hoost

This is one of my favorite fights. Why? Because Gibson is fighting the greatest heavyweight kickboxer of all time. Even though he is so much smaller than his legendary opponent here, he does not change his style whatsoever and continues to spinning attack like a madman. In the first round, Gibson started the fight with spinning attacks again but Hoost had a nice low kit counter for it, which swept Gibson to the ground and for some reason, he held on to it. Gibson then landed a nice spinning back kick right after. He was able to keep Hoost away with the sidekick until Hoost punted him in the nuts. Although this made Gibson spin around, he was immune to it as always. Hoost forced intelligently and pursued Gibson with low kicks and the clinch. Gibson was also able to fight back well with spinning fists and sidekicks.

When Gibson tried to pick Hoost up, he was too heavy. Even though Gibson eventually landed a takedown, his usual anti-clinch tactics weren’t working so well against Hoost. So we had to work harder to keep it on the outside with sidekicks. Round one was very close but many viewers gave it to Gibson. In round two, Gibson landed a beautiful nut shot sidekick and the corner started screaming. It’s a game became a battle of sidekicks versus low kicks and clinch knees vs takedowns.

If Hoost charged in, he’d be met with a spinning back fist. Towards the middle of the round, Hoost was dominating were low kicks, clinch knees, and power punches. Then when Gibson tried to spin kick, Hoost punted Gibson in the nuts again. This time, Gibson signaled that he felt a bit of it but still got out quickly like a champ. After the nutshot, Gibson tried to evade a roundhouse with a jumping left hook, which I’ve never seen before. Overall, round two was clearly won by Hoost.

In round three, Hoost continued to dominate. He was controlling with power punches and low kicks as well as with the clinch and knees. But Gibson waited until Hoost charged in and threw a beautiful spinning back fist that knocked him down.

Hoost then charged him again and got hit with another spin fist that had sent him into the floor again. This time, however, he got up right away and kept fighting. Gibson’s trainer was super excited in the corner screaming and clapping. Hoost then pretty much punted Gibson right in the nuts again, following it up with a combo spree. The end of the third round was a dogfight where both fighters having beautiful moments. Gibson timed excellent spending attacks and Hoost was able to get his game going as well. At the end of the round, Gibson was happy and tapped Hoost on the head.

After these three epic rounds, the judges declared the fighter draw. This meant that they would fight an extension round and Gibson glared to Hoost to let him know his game then offering props.

Gibson came out dominating this round, landing beautiful spinning fists and sidekicks that sent Hoost to the floor. Gibson’s trainer was going crazy in the corner again. But a Hoost rallied back with his signature low kicks. Hoost took the rest of the round and it is clear he won the extension round.

However, many fight fans think the fight was won by Gibson prior to the extension round due to him winning the first and the third round. Regardless, this was a legendary fight, showcasing that a fighter who does crazy spinning attacks and sidekicks can fight the greatest heavyweight kickboxer with the best striking fundamentals. This is despite the significant size difference they had, which is even more impressive.

Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Above everything, Gibson is a good person. Here’s some messages from Manson Gibson on how to live a better life:

Try to stay humble. Sometimes losing is a good thing. Losing can make you a winner. And you can succumb to that. Don’t be boastful in the crack. We shared a life together so I’m happy. 12 World titles, two-time Hall of Fame, one on the three-way divisions. I imagine nobody. You know, I enhance people mind. I think I’m kind of like a black role model. Count your blessings and say your prayers. Tomorrow ain’t promised for us, so live every day like the last.

This was Monson Gibson’s legendary no counts destroying monsters of his time. What do you think of this Kickboxing Legend? Please let us know in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel. Join the channel membership to receive exclusive content to help us keep the channel alive. If you love this Manson Gibson video, make sure to subscribe.

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