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Hey everybody, it’s Beerdy here. What’s going on, guys? Okay, so Bolo Yeung said a long time ago that he doesn’t like to talk to the media, he doesn’t like to give interviews, he doesn’t like to talk about Enter the Dragon and he doesn’t like to talk about Bruce Lee.

Beerdy – Bruce Lee Central:

And he kept his word for all of these years and he’s now 76 years old and he is retired. But this wouldn’t be Bruce Lee Central if I didn’t have something magic in my pocket. So I have in my archive the only interview ever given by Bolo Yeung, where he talks about Bruce Lee and that’s what you’re about to listen to now.

Beerdy – Bruce Lee Central:

So it’s been translated from Chinese. So it’s in Chinese. I’ve translated it over to English and that’s what you’re about to listen to now. So here we go guys – the only interview in existence. And all the interview we will ever ever get of Bolo Yeung talking about Bruce Lee. And he reveals the truth about how Bruce Lee was on the set of Enter the Dragon and what Bruce Lee was all about, okay. So, here we go guys.

Bolo Yeung:

Bruce Lee was often challenged on the set of Enter the Dragon. Bruce didn’t want to fight but he felt he was forced to. One time an extra wanted to test Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do. I saw Bruce Lee’s speed with my own eye. His speed was incredible. He kicked the extra in the head and the fight was over. Bruce was too fast.

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