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Now we are talking about Bolo Yeung. Yang Sze, better known as Bolo Yeung, is a Hong Kong former competitive bodybuilder, martial artist and a martial arts film actor. If you love this video, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and press the bell button for more updates.

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Bolo Yeung’s Biography

Full Name: Yang Sze
Celebrated Name: Bolo Yeung
Occupation: Bodybuilder
Ethnicity: Chinese
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Date of Birth Date: July 3, 1946 (Age 75 Years)
Place of birth: Guangzhou, China
Nationality: Chinese
Religion: Buddhism
Net Worth: $2 million

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Bolo Yeung’s Physical Stats

Body Type: Athlete
Height: 5 ft 6 inches
Weight: Kilograms – 70 kg In Pounds – 154.3 lbs
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black

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Bolo Yeung’s Unknown Facts

He is a former Mr. Hong Kong Bodybuilding Champion – he won the title in 1967, and held it for ten years. He is also a former Mainland China powerlifting Champion.

Has two sons, Danny & David Yeung, and a daughter Debbra.

Is a weightlifter – he goes to the gym La Fitness and trains alongside his son David, who is a bodybuilding champion in his own.

His Hollywood breakthrough came when he landed the role of Chong Li in Bloodsport (1988).

He is the Chairman of the Hong Kong Gym Business Association, and the Team Manager of the Taipei international Bodybuilders Squad.

He was born to a local business man and his wife in Guangzhou Suburbia which is a suburb of Canton in Mainland China.

Was good friends with Bruce Lee and they would sometimes get together to train or discuss Kung Fu.

He was wrongly described in the films blurb for Enter the Dragon as being the south east Asian Shotokan Karate Champion – he never even practised that martial art.

The Fists, the Kicks and the Evil (1979) was his favourite film from that era.

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Bolo Yeung’s Quotes

I had the opportunity to come to America back in 1973. The plans were all made and everything. Then Bruce died, and everything fell through. So I’m getting here 17 years late. Maybe I’m a little old now, but that’s no problem.

There are plenty of times people will come up to me for an autograph and tell me they enjoyed my work on Enter the Dragon. But people just know me from the movie, they don’t really know who I am. I know what is good for me as an actor. Because of the way I look, that is what I am going to be a success in.

I know my place in movies: no matter how good an actor is, if he doesn’t know his place in the movies he will never be successful.

I realize I’m still very popular with audiences and that makes me very happy. I think that all started with Bruce Lee and Enter the Dragon (1973)

All the fans and audiences from 20 years ago still remember Bruce Lee as the biggest star. They still have not found anyone to take his place.

Also, it helped to work with Jean-Claude Van Damme on his movies. Like Bruce Lee, Jean-Claude offered a special package, a unique look that attracted and kept audiences coming back.

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Bolo Yeung’s Quotes

During the filming of Enter the Dragon (1973), Bruce and I worked very closely on technique training. We experimented trying to decide what worked and what wouldn’t. You see, Bruce was always learning, always experimenting, always changing.

Among those people who have religion, there are small proportions of people who do good things but conditionally. They are opportunists.

The reason why they do good things is the fear of the hell and the desire for the heaven. The kind of person may not necessarily still do good things if there is no heaven or hell.

This kind of person made the meaning of people into data. A lot of things are screwy now. Confucianism nearly disappeared. Taosim became the tool to tell geometric omen.

Even the Buddhism temple has become a profiting organisation. There are even more. But I don’t think I would like to talk about it anymore. Why do we always defend? Tai Chi never actively attacks.

The art of war says “Retreating when the enemy advances”. It’s work, whether I’m the hero or the villain. I’m not a kid anymore, where nervousness keeps me from sleeping. I have always been happy being the bad guy.

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Bolo Yeung’s House Details

Bolo Yeung lives in a luxurious house which is located in Guangzhou, China.

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