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Hey everybody, it’s Beerdy here. What’s going on guys? Okay, so we all know the story of the crazy stunt man that challenged Bruce Lee on the set of ‘Enter the Dragon’, but we never knew who this guy actually was until now. His name is Chiang Wu and he was part of the stunt team on ‘Enter the Dragon’. He was sitting on the wall with all the other stunt guys and watching Bruce Lee doing choreography with Bolo Yeung and John Saxon when this actually happened.

Beerdy – Bruce Lee Central:

So, out of nowhere, this guy Chiang Wu starts shouting obscenities at Bruce Lee. And at first, Bruce Lee just ignored him, you know. But after a while, it started getting on Bruce Lee’s nerve and that’s when Bruce Lee just flipped out and just… he got so pissed and angry and he called him down. He said get down here and he just basically destroyed him in a couple of seconds. Because this guy actually thought he could beat Bruce Lee, that’s what he was shouting. He was shouting you’re not as good as you think you are, I can beat you, etc etc. So, Bruce Lee just had to prove a point, you know, and this guy actually ended up going to the hospital. He was fine but he had a broken jaw.

Beerdy – Bruce Lee Central:

So, Bruce Lee basically just broke his jaw in a couple of seconds and the other actors actually saw this happen. And they were saying like his teeth fell out and stuff like that, you know. And, but the fight only lasted for like a couple of seconds and actually I managed to find two images of the actual fight. This is never seen before. This is new and exclusive. These pictures are completely new now and you can actually see the fight. So, you can actually see only still images unfortunately, not video. But we actually have images of the actual fight and of Chiang Wu. So, here we go guys. Enjoy!

Fred Robert Weintraub (American film and television producer and writer):

Everybody was always trying to challenge Bruce, it was part of the macho kind of thing that went on.

John Saxon (Roper – Martial Artist and Gambling Addict):

It was a stupid kid. Who was saying something to him in Cantonese. And I think he said. Well why? The kid was sitting on…like Simple Simon, I swear. He was sitting
on a wall, you know? And he said, ‘Why don’t you come down?’ You know? And the kid did …

Bob Wall (O’Hara -Han’s Bodyguard):

All of a sudden you could, I could just see it in his eyes. I saw his eyes change. And he immediately went into too bad guy. And he kicked the shit out of this guy.

And when that was done and he backed off. He smiled. He helped the guy up. And said, ‘Back up on the wall!’.

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