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Bruce Lee died on July 20, 1973. He had premonitions of his death several months before he died. The premonition he had not just once but a few times. In May 1973 when the filming for Enter the Dragon was over, Bruce Lee went into Golden Harvest Studio in Hong Kong to dub the film’s dialogue. On May 10, 1973, Bruce Lee left the studio suddenly and a few minutes later he was found by a crew member. Bruce Lee had collapsed at the studio. He was sent to Hong Kong Baptist Hospital.


Following his collapse, Bruce Lee went to Los Angeles to visit the best doctor. He then met up with one of the co-stars in Enter the Dragon, John Saxon, and this is what Bruce told John:

“I didn’t know he was in town. I said what are you doing here and so and he says well, I gotta go see the doctor and something like that. And then he said something, you know, very grave like maybe there won’t be a Bruce Lee. And I thought what are you talking about. I mean those are grave words, maybe there won’t be a Bruce Lee. It’s a kind of crazy premonition in a way.”


As mentioned earlier, Bruce Lee had premonitions of his death months before he died, not just once but twice. Other than John Saxon Bruce Lee also shared his premonition with Shih Kien, who played the primary villain Han in the 1973 Enter the Dragon. This is what Bruce Lee told Shih Kien during the filming on the set.

Kien Shih:

“On one particular day, it was after the Chinese New Year, I was getting my makeup, Bruce Lee walked behind me and sit here. Out of sudden, he says uncle Kien, I won’t have such a long life as you. I feel weird and then I said, Bruce, now you are making a living with movies, you ought to train less and spend more time to get good sleep. There’s never enough sleep in this profession. Am I right? Bruce then said to me I treat acting as my part-time job only. I have no command. Perhaps he suspected his health already.”

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