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Goldenbell Training:

During the filming of Enter the Dragon, Bruce Lee was frequently challenged by some of the extras on the set while they were filming the courtyard scenes on Han’s Island. In another video, I talked about some of Bruce Lee’s real fights and challenges while filming Enter the Dragon that were witnessed by his wife, Linda, actors Bob Wall and John Saxon, and people on the production team like Madalena Chan and Fred Weintraub. Well, it turns out that there’s someone else who has a story about how Bruce was challenged to a real fight on the set of Enter the Dragon.

In the interview where Linda talks about the fight that she witnessed, she said that Bruce was all about having the family visit the set. Now if anything happened, Shannon Lee would have probably been about 3 years old, so whatever happened, she probably heard about it in a story when she was old enough to remember it. Well, Shannon’s story is very similar to the stories that other people have told where some of the extras were heckling Bruce Lee and questioning if he’s really a martial artist, or if he’s just pretending to be one for the movies.

Goldenbell Training:

In Shannon’s story, there this was one guy who was the ring leader calling Bruce a paper tiger, and this guy got some of the other extras to join in giving Bruce a hard time. So Bruce had to deal with things before they got out of hand because he couldn’t have half the extras calling him a paper tiger and a fake martial artist when he needed them to listen to him for the big fight scenes that were going to be at the end of the movie.

So in Shannon’s story, Bruce calls the ring leader over and asks him if he really wants to find out if Bruce really knows martial arts, or if he’s just a paper tiger faking it for the cameras. Well, the two of them get into it, and within seconds, Bruce has this guy on the ground. He stands him up, and then Bruce takes the guy to the ground all over again. Shannon said that it was like 2 moves to get this guy to the ground each time and it happened in a matter of seconds. Now, after Bruce stood the guy up again, the guy kinda looks like he just effed around and found out, but the rest of the stunt crew started to respect Bruce after that particular dust-up on the set.

Goldenbell Training:

Now when I first heard Shannon’s story, I had some questions about when, or if, this even happened. There’s quite a few fabricated stories that have been known to come from the Bruce Lee Estate where it’s like Linda, or even Shannon, will say something about Bruce, but when I start to look into the details, sometimes things don’t match up. A few examples are, like, how everyone thinks Bruce started learning Tai Chi from his father, and then he started Wing Chun at 13, and then all the details around the Wong Jack Man fight, and then the result of that fight being the creation of Jeet Kune Do. Some of that stuff, I’ve questioned in other videos and talked about it, and the Wong Jack Man stuff, well, you’ll have to stay tuned for when I dive into the details in an upcoming video. But my point is – I don’t necessarily believe everything that Bruce Lee’s family says.

This particular story, Shannon Lee says happened in 1972 or 1973 when she was 3 years old. And it sounds like the same story that Linda witnessed, but it also sounds similar to one of the stories that Bob Wall told. I mean, there’s a picture of Bob sitting with Bruce and Linda on the tennis courts that were used for those courtyard scenes, so maybe Bob and Linda both witnessed the same fight, and this is the story Shannon is telling.

Goldenbell Training:

Now in Shannon’s interview, she says there were other challenges, and there are other stories about fights and challenges that happened out there on the tennis courts, so I’m inclined to believe that there is some truth to this particular story.

One of the things I see in the comments of these kinds of videos are these same kinds of people who feel the need to constantly criticize Bruce Lee. They like to say “well, this doesn’t prove Bruce Lee is an invincible fighter.” “It sounds like this guy Bruce beat couldn’t even fight!” And I mean, you can tell something about the people who constantly leave those kinds of comments, like, I mean, first of all, if you don’t like Bruce Lee, why do you watch every Bruce Lee video and leave these types of comments like you’re looking for an argument with me and everyone else?

Goldenbell Training:

And as far as looking for an argument – Yo man, what’s up with the strawman? I mean, I’ve never said that Bruce Lee is some invincible fighter. And I have never even said that Bruce Lee is the greatest martial artist of all time, cause I don’t think that. I have a video where I talk real about what I think about Bruce Lee and his accomplishments, so some of y’all need to chill with this stuff. The whole point of sharing stories about Bruce Lee’s real fights and challenges is just to show that hey, maybe this guy really did know some stuff. I mean, like, why is it okay for Chuck Norris and Joe Lewis to go around saying,”oh yeah, Bruce never sparred with anybody. He wasn’t a fighter like us,” but then it’s not okay to point out that Bruce went to Hong Kong and became the biggest star there. He tries to make a big movie where he intends to change the movie industry in Hong Kong and bring some of those guys with him back to Hollywood, and he’s getting challenged to fights by low-level gang members and thugs on the set? There were even people trying to make a name for themselves by issuing challenges to fight Bruce Lee in the newspapers!

Goldenbell Training:

I mean, I never heard of Chuck Norris having to fight anyone on the set of Walker Texas Ranger. Joe Lewis did a remake of Enter the Dragon, and it flopped. The only people who probably know about it are some of you guys over 60 who watch all of my videos, and I appreciate you guys. But did you guys hear anything about extras trying to fight Joe Lewis while he was making that Jaguar Lives movie?

So Bruce had to deal with some crazy stuff that none of those guys had to face, and it’s just part of his story. And all I want to do is share some interesting things about Bruce, even the things that aren’t so cool, like his drug use. And I mean, notice that Beerdy and the Bruce Lee Real Fight Channel still haven’t said anything about the Bob Baker drug letters.

So, Bruce Lee, he had some scraps while making Enter the Dragon. Does it prove that he was an invincible fighter? Uhmm… I mean, well, Bruce never claimed to be invincible, and the truth is, the promotions around Enter the Dragon after Bruce was dead were responsible for that image of Bruce Lee. The truth is that Bruce was this dude who had some wins and he had some losses. This particular situation, he came out on top. An extra talked smack about him, and Bruce apparently took him down twice with only a few movements. The fact that Shannon is the one telling this story means that it has become part of the official story about the Life and Times of Bruce Lee as told by his estate and his family.

Goldenbell Training:

For me, it’s just another interesting story about one of Bruce Lee’s real fights and challenges. Now if you want to hear more stories about Bruce being challenged on the set of Enter the Dragon, you can check out this video about at least 3 other times Bruce was challenged and stay tuned for more in this series because I still have to talk about Bruce and Vic Moore, and that’s before I can start to dive into the Wong Jack Man stuff. The stuff I’m going to say about him and Vic Moore sets up their fight.

While you wait on more of these Bruce Lee Real Fight and Challenge videos, make sure to keep training, remember to breathe, and I’ll see you on the next video!

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