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Now, Bruce, just look right into the camera lens right here and tell us your name, your age and where you were born.

Bruce Lee (Martial Artist, Actor, Director, Martial Arts Instructor & Philosopher):

My last name is Lee, Bruce Lee. I was born in San Francisco, 1940. I’m 24 right now.

Strong Five:

The Bruce Lee phenomenon is still being studied by historians and fans of martial arts. During his relatively short life, the great master showed many times a level that many considered cinematography until they were convinced of it with their own eyes. Lightning fast reactions, short crushing blows and even more, Lee knew how to surprise which is why he can rightfully be called a superman.

Welcome to the Strong Five channel and today, I’m going to show you 10 proofs that Bruce Lee was superhuman.

Strong Five:


It is often said that Bruce Lee’s movements were so fast that the operators had to use the camera with an increased number of frames per second. There is some truth to this but for some reason people miss the fun part. When this problem first arose, Lee was filming “The Green Hornet” and noticed that all the scenes in which he fought, looked like he was just standing still and all of his enemies were falling from an unknown force. The producer of the series considered that the minor character with magical abilities was not very interesting, so he asked Lee to move slower which did not help much. Bruce was so fast that he still looked like a blur. As a result, it turned out that the problem was related to the frame rate and the usual camera, which shot 24 frames per second, could not keep up with Lee. So, all further companies had to shoot in 32 frames.

Strong Five:

Rice and Sticks

Remember the scene from the movie “The Karate Kid” in which Pat Morita catches a fly with chopsticks? It might look impressive but Bruce Lee could do even better. They say that at some point, he went so far into the development of his reaction that he came up with a special exercise for himself. Bruce tossed rice into the air and tried to catch the falling grain. Apparently, the logic here is that if someone can hone the ability to catch a small grain of rice falling to the ground then according to the laws of oriental martial arts, it will be easier in the next fight. Although joking aside, this skill is amazing enough as not everyone is able to develop a reaction to such a level. Even though for many, such an experience will seem useless, Bruce performed it day after day and at some point reached perfection, having learned not to drop rice on the floor at all. Do you think Bruce was actually just a disguised robot or an alien from another planet? At least, that seems to be the case especially, after the next point; the coin trick.

Strong Five:

The Coin Trick

Well, if the rice story isn’t enough for you, how do you find the following information? They say that Bruce Lee’s speed was so legendary that many cheetahs hang his photo on their lair and Usain Bolt has to watch Bruce Lee’s films in slow motion. Again, joking aside, for the sake of demonstrating his dexterity, Bruce sometimes showed a trick with a coin on his hand. Usually, it happened like this: Lee gave a coin to a person’s hand after which he walked away at a distance of 50 cm. Then he told the person to close his palm as soon as he sees Bruce Lee’s stir. When a person noticed the rapid movement of Bruce Lee, he closed his palms and felt a round object in it. It seemed to the person that he had beaten Bruce but the grin quickly disappeared when the person noticed that Lee was smiling and holding that very coin in his hand. After a moment, it became obvious that Bruce managed to change the coin for another in just a second.

It is not surprising that Lee passed away young. It is obvious that time passed much faster for him than others.

Strong Five:

Boxing Bags

At one time, Bruce Lee tried many sports equipment created especially for him by his close friend James Lee. Some of them were made at the request of Bruce himself, while others were made when necessary. Lee’s punching bag just belonged to the second category. Just imagine on average ordinary punching bags weigh around 30 kg and the weight of some copies can reach 70 kg but even this will not be enough because Bruce’s punching bag weighed 140 kg. That is two times more. Oh, yes, it was also filled with metal, not sand or rags. This is not because Bruce was a bouncer and was eager to show his strength, everything is much more prosaic. He could not use a lighter punching bag because he could simply break it. According to some stories, Lee could hit the punching bag so hard that it fell from the ceiling.

Strong Five:

Slapping Strike

If someone says that he has superpowers then the best way to check is to take an ordinary person for comparisons and show how he is superior to him. But if Bruce states this, then perhaps it is worth showing how much he is superior to the martial arts master. As you know from the last paragraph, Bruce needed special equipment to cope with his strength but sometimes he sparred with people. Apparently, these were lovers of thrills. In one of such sparring, Bruce dislocated his partner’s shoulder. When he was blamed for this, Bruce was confused since according to him, it was not even a blow but a slap. Just think about these words again.

Bruce was so much stronger than ordinary people that he could dislocate their shoulder with something that he considered a light slap. So, we ask ourselves, what could have happened when he hit with all of his might? I believe he would have had no equal in machines with a punching bag. Although it is not a fact that the punching bag would have withstood a blow.

Strong Five:

Inch Strike

This is one of Lee’s most famous skills. Not surprisingly, he had such strong hands that he could knock down a grown man from a height of about 2.5 cm. Inch strike gained popularity in the 70s and has since been shrouded in a veil of some kind of mystery. People studied Bruce Lee’s photographs using mathematical equations and geometric calculations in the hopes of discovering his secrets. This skill is so impressive that scientists interviewed many masters of martial arts to find out how this is possible. To reveal this secret, only the knowledge was required that to hit with such tremendous force from such small distances, it was necessary to use not the hand but the whole body. Untouchable.

Perhaps in the 70s, people were more confident in their abilities as they constantly challenged Bruce Lee, a man who had devoted his life to learning to fight with others to street fights. As a rule fights ended the same way. Bruce simply refused since a fight with passersby did not make any sense. But sometimes those who wish were too annoying and Bruce had to show most of his skills. They say that Lee fought on the street only three times in his life and none of his opponents could strike him a single blow. He was too fast.

When he was asked to fight on the set of the movie “Enter the Dragon”, Bruce dodged all the blows of the enemy, pushed him against the wall and then taught a short lesson on martial arts.

Strong Five:

Dragon Flag

It’s no secret that Bruce was a fan of sports and exercise. According to his widow, Linda Lee, she doesn’t remember the day Bruce would have missed a workout. The wife says that even while watching tv, Bruce did not forget about sports and did the splits in front of the screen. Of all the parts of his body, Lee made the main emphasis on working out the abdominal muscles since they are actually used in any movement, even more so in martial arts.

In an attempt to train his abdominal muscles as much as possible, Lee invented an exercise that was later called in his honor – the dragon flag. If you haven’t already guessed, this sport element is not easy to do. Lee was not some slacker. Moreover, you must have seen this exercise as even Sylvester Stallone in Rocky IV performed the dragon flag on the scree in front of the audience. But Lee knew how to perform the exercise so that his whole body was suspended in an almost horizontal position and only his shoulders rested on the bench.

Strong Five:

Super Blow

Despite the time that Bruce devoted to training and developing his skills, he rarely shows his real strength, mainly due to the fact that as the practice has shown, he could cripple people just by standing next to them. But he always had one trick up his sleeve which he adored very much. He often took a special training shield with him to the shooting on which he practiced blows. And his favorite prank was to ask a person to hold this very shield and allow him to hit it in order to test the stamina of a person. Sure thing. The strength he put into the blow varied but some of his blows lifted people into the air.

Strong Five:

Push-Up on One Finger

Answer honestly, how many times could you do push-ups right now? Bruce Lee in his youth loved to show off during his workouts. One of his favorite tricks was push-ups on one finger. The exercise is performed exactly as it sounds and Lee did it just for fun. Loosely speaking, to prove that he was just able to do it. But that’s not all, Bruce’s incredible strength was not limited only to his fingers, he could also pull up on one hand and according to some sources, he could do it more than 50 times in a row and not even get tired. Of course, these exercises are not Bruce Lee’s trademark but the fact that he performed them simply because he could, is amazing.

Strong Five:

One More Bonus Point

He beat Chuck Norris. Who else can boast of defeating such a popular hero of dozens of films as Chuck Norris? Write in the comments in which exercise you could bypass Bruce Lee and also, please don’t forget to click on the thumbs up as well as subscribe to the channel and have a great week. Thanks for watching. Take care.

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