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Bruce Lee vs Muhammad Ali

Could Bruce Lee beat Muhammad Ali in a fight? Muhammad Ali is regarded as one of the greatest boxers of all time and fans are naturally intrigued as to how he would do against opponents from previous eras. Bruce Lee is widely regarded as one of the best martial artists of all time and many fans are interested to see how he would fare in a real battle. So, who do you think would win a battle between Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali? To find out who would win, watch the video till the end. Hey, have you subscribed to our channel? If not, hurry up and do so to subscribe to the channel and don’t forget to ring the bell icon. Let’s get started with the little intro. You guys might know who is Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali. Well, if not, at least heard their names. Here we go.

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Lee was a physically active man who will never fight professionally, was a master in martial arts. According to the South China Morning Post, he developed his own martial art technique called Jeet Kune Do or JKD. Because it combines multiple techniques, JKD is classified as a mixed martial art. Some of JKD’s tactics are being employed in the UFC.

According to Sport Bible, Conor McGregor is a great admirer of him and he even suggested that if Lee were living now, he’d perform well in the UFC. This is primarily owing to Lee’s pioneering approaches and strategies in JKD, some of which McGregor has borrowed. For example, Lee talked a lot about being like water during a fight and McGregor does that as well.

In terms of talent and career, Ali, on the other hand, needs no introduction. He retired with a 56 and 5 record, making him probably one of the finest fighters of all time. Many famous fighters like Sonny Liston, George Foreman and Joe Frazier have lost to him. His legacy in Boxing of course, continues to inspire many boxers today.

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In a battle between Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali – Who would win?

That’s interesting and we are excited to see it. Are you guys excited? We’ll never know, just as any imaginary combat and it’s up to you to decide who wins. Although Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali never fought, imagine how ridiculous a bout between the two would be. However, there are certain things to think about. Lee was a little man, standing about 5’7” tall and weighing around 140 lbs. Ali stood over 6’3” tall and weighed well over 200 lbs during his career as a heavyweight. Ali weighed around 230 lbs in his final battles. Ali has the advantage in terms of height, weight and reach over Lee. But Lee has an ace up his sleeve in what some consider to be one of the earliest mixed martial arts battles ever. He had a fight in Japan.

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Due to the odd regulations, Ali battled a Japanese professional wrestler named Antonio Inoki wh just flat on his back and kicked out Ali. Ali couldn’t accomplish much but in the end, the bout was judged to draw. Other odd conflicts have occured in the past. PRIDE, a Japanese mixed martial arts company featured contests involving sumo wrestlers and regular sized men for example. Sometimes the bigger guy triumphed while other times, the smaller man triumphed. Because Ali was a boxer and Lee could kick, it’s likely that Lee might have beaten Ali by kicking his way to victory. Ali may have knocked Lee out with a few blows but it’s equally plausible that he didn’t. However, because Ali was a professional boxer and Lee had less expertise in that sport, Ali is likely to win a bout between the two superstars.

Many analysts believe that if Lee had no gloves or restrictions, he may have done major harm to Ali. Freddy Lee, a mixed martial artist, claims that street fighting and Boxing are fundamentally different and that boxers’ restrictions are really at disadvantage outside the ring. Before the heavyweight could even approach Ali, Bruce Lee could kick him in the knees, shin, crouch or face. Ali had never been taught to kick or grabble.

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Prediction of Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee once predicted what would happen if he faced Muhammad Ali in a fight. Let’s see. Muhammad Ali was already embroiled in a slew of hypothetical combats situations throughout the years. The debate about who would win in a battle between Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson is likely to continue indefinitely. Ali also took part in Rocky Marciano’s legendary mock battle. The list might go on forever. But what if the best faced up against another well known figure, someone who didn’t fight for a livelihood but is nevertheless considered as one of the greatest martial artists of all time?

We’re talking about Bruce Lee, of course. As two of the famous figures of their day, both of them were associated with fighting, one on the ring and the other on the big screen The debate over who would win a fantasy battle between Muhammad Ali and Bruce Lee was prevalent in 60s and early 70s and it continues today. It was also reportedly a talk Lee had had with one of his directors. Regardless of how things went down in Once Upon A Time in…Hollywood, the guy born Lee Jun-fan didn’t think he stood a chance against Cassius Clay.

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Muhammad Ali, according to Bruce Lee, would have killed him in a genuine battle. Really??

Well, many individuals have remarked that Bruce Lee had a great deal of respect for Muhammad Ali throughout the years. Robert Klaus, the director of Lee’s most renowned picture Enter the Dragon, was one of them. Klaus claims that Lee was once watching an Ali documentary at Golden Harvest Studios in Hong Kong and detailed what he imagined would happen if the two ever fought in his 1987 book – The Making of Enter the Dragon. At the time, Ali was the world heavyweight champion and Bruce regarded him as the greatest boxer of all time. Ali was shown in several of his fights in the documentary. Ali’s image from the television was reflected in a large full length mirror set up by Bruce. Bruce was going along with Ali, appearing into the mirror, Ali’s left foot followed Bruce’s left foot and Bruce’s right hand followed Ali’s right hand. In Ali’s shoes, Bruce was battling. Everyone thinks I have to fight Ali someday and I’m watching every move he makes, Bruce remarked. I’m learning how he thinks and moves. Bruce was well aware that he would never be able to defeat Ali in a fight. Take a look at my hand, he instructed. That’s a Chinese hand, says the narrator. He’d assassinate me.

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Bruce Lee, who prided himself on his Kung Fu abilities, stated that there was one opponent he knew he could not beat – Muhammad Ali. Lee’s remarks show how much the Kung Fu legend admired Ali as a fellow warrior. Lee never met him but from watching his battles on TV, he seemed to know how excellent he was. Lee watched Ali’s fights intently concentrating on getting to know how he thinks and moves as he was deeply intrigued in Ali’s style. Muhammad Ali’s footwork was also integrated into Bruce Lee’s fighting technique and he instructed his trainees to do the same.

Despite Lee’s terrible death, fans have speculated about how he might have fared in crossover encounters with other legends. When a fan asked who would win in a battle between Lee and Mike Tyson, it generated quite a stir online. Ali, who memorably fought Antonio Inoki in a 1976 crossover bout, battled Parkinson’s disease for a long time, before passing away in 2016 at the age of 74.

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Ronda Rousey’s Opinion

One of the most prominent fighters once shared her opinion on the Bruce Lee versus Muhammad Ali battle. Former UFC champion, Ronda Rousey, suggested in a 2015 interview with Maxim that Lee would be no match for Ali because Bruce Lee was an actor rather than an athlete, Muhammad Ali would win. Muhammad Ali was also a much larger man than Bruce Lee. Muhammad Ali was a heavyweight, Bruce Lee was a featherweight. Even if there were the same stature, I choose Muhammad Ali above Bruce Lee because he had competition experience that Bruce Lee lacked. Rousey makes an excellent argument.

There was a huge size difference between the two of them. Muhammad Ali was 6’3” and weighed anywhere from 210-240 lbs during his fighting days whereas Bruce Lee was 5’7” and never weighed more than 145 lbs.

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