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“Hi guys!  Welcome to BruceLeeRealFight Channel.  Today, we are going to talk about the speed drill challenge between Bruce Lee and Karate World Champion Vic Moore.  The video here is posted to this channel on 22nd February 2019.  It is a video of Bruce Lee appeared in 1967 Long Beach International Karate Championship in Long Beach, California.  During that time, a four-time Karate Champion, Vic Moore, appeared at the same place to participate a martial arts speed drill against Jeet Kune Do founder, Bruce Lee.

The point of the speed drill challenge was to stop Bruce Lee’s famous unstoppable punch.  As you can see from this video here, Bruce Lee told Vic Moore that he was going to throw a straight punch to the face and all Vic Moore had to do was try to block it.  So, then Bruce Lee asked Vic Moore, “Are you ready?”  When Vic Moore said, “Yes,” Bruce Lee glided towards him until he was within striking range.”

BruceLeeRealFight (YouTube Channel): 

He then threw a punch directly at Moore’s face and stopped before impact.  In eight attempts, Moore failed to block any of the punches.  If this was a real fight between Bruce Lee and Karate World Champion, who do you think will win the fight?  Well, this video has received nearly 2,000 comments since it was posted to this channel.  If you are just like me wondering what people living in 2019 say about Bruce Lee’s speed, then let’s just go through these comments together.

Alright guys, as you can see this video is published on 22nd of February 2019 and until today, it has 1,998 comments.  So let’s just go through a little bit about all these comments here.  Alright,

“At its nearest, how close was the punch to its target?  Movie craft.  But very fast!”

 “The punch itself was not within striking distance, mere parlour tricks nothing more and certainly the demo has nothing to do with fighting or speed as Bruce Lee lost the cut up the video.”

“That footage was a lie… Bruce Lee was blocked 2x before that…and if you look 3 time strike never reaches its target to hit… I can give you documentary on black martial artist there plenty of witnesses that confirm it also… I like Bruce… but we have to get story straight.”  dayan arias

“Okay, so can you send me all the footage that you mentioned?”

“Firstly, it isn’t a punch (Wing Chun “Bil Jee,” finger strike by the look of it).  Secondly, Lee isn’t trying to hit Moore…  The whole demo is about Moore trying to block Lee’s strikes…Which he doesn’t.  It’s got nothing to do with fighting?  … you ACTUALLY got that bit right.  But it DOES have everything to do with speed…  Moore was too slow… end of story.”

BruceLeeRealFight (YouTube Channel): 

“Lee doesn’t have real speed, the whole thing is a trick and Lee lost the same demo in 64 causing him to cheat just like he did against Moore.  The Wong Jak man fight happened because Lee got so enraged he got beat in 64.  The whole thing is…”  Alright, just give up this comment.  Alright…”

“Cute when jealous piece of…”  Alright, let us see more comments about Bruce Lee’s speed drill challenge with Karate Champion Vic Moore.”

“In the video it said Bruce threw 8 punches.  You only showed two.  Where’s the others?  lol”

“Okay, “Do you have a video of Wong Jackman…?”

 “Bruce Lee is the real life mastered ultra instinct.”  I guess you are referring to the outrageous things from the Dragon Ball.”

“I’m watching the punch in 0.25x speed and it feels like I am watching in 2x.”

 “That guy also fast no-wonder he is champion karate but Bruce Lee is lot faster than him.  No doubt.  He can’t caught any single punch from Bruce Lee.  Nice try.”

 “Even the slow motion is too fast…  Bruce Lee’s the legend.”

 “He is true legend.”

 “I don’t understand I slowed the video to 0.25x and his punch was still too fast.”

 “Bruce has shown the world that how normal human can become superhuman with dedication and hard work.  Legend with infinite rank.”

 “According to one of my uncles who trained Karate when he was young, Moore was a beast.  Seeing this, you can easily tell Lee was on a completely different level.”

 “Master Lee student of the legend Ip Man.”

 “Bruce Lee is very fast.  Man is just confused how to defend.” 

“Karate champion failed to block his punch.  I failed to survive his punch.”  That was a good one.”

“Bruce Lee was a real fighter.  And his history in Hong Kong proves it.”  “You are right.”

“Oh I want to add philosophy major to that comment.  Bruce Lee was incredibly smart and I love every single one of his quotes.  He was and still an inspiration to all.”

 “I do respect his fighting style and skill, but for me Bruce Lee’s Philosophy was more powerful…  (Be water my friend).  Some of the greatest thoughts ever recorded.”

BruceLeeRealFight (YouTube Channel): 

“I just blinked and I didn’t even see the punch.” 

“All time greatest inspiration for world.” 

“Bruce Lee is my homie and Mike Tyson too.” 

“Try watching this while on 2x speed.” 

“Alright, let us see…”

“Kind of looks like his punch stopped short like other dude would have to lean out to grab his hand… just saying.” 

“Nothing impossible with training.  Bruce Lee was training 24/7 even when he was watching TV or eating.  He was a real Superman.  With amazing power and speed.” 

“A golden time.  Bruce was a king of heart.  And we always remember his smile and passion.” 

“Bruce Lee still 40 yrs later makes people look slow as hell.”  Yes, even with the slow motion we have today.”

“Bruce’s reflex is ridiculous.  His speed control is superb.  He is and always will be the innovator.”

“It would have been an honor to have study martial arts from him.” 

“Not even Thano’s Time Stone can stop Bruce Lee.” 

“With his hands he can probably kill any person.  Give him nunchaku and he will start hunting bears.” 

“Legend Bruce Lee…” 

“Wouldn’t be surprised if he had a six and seventh sense.  The guy was out of this world with his martial arts skills and wisdom.” 

“Bruce Lee is the real greatest of all time.” 

“Bruce Lee was the best and that’s all there is to it.  There will never be another like him…RIP.” 

“Alright, “Mr. Moore was pretty fast his self, so what does that say about Mr. Lee’s speed?” 

“Even time got defeated at his speed!” 

“Lightening fast.”

BruceLeeRealFight (YouTube Channel):

“Bruce is speedy Gonzales.” 

“Wonderful and great man.” 

“Alright… Alright, Dominic Carville say, “If you actually look at Bruce’s (punch) was nowhere near the target!”

“Well, this is very subjective because when you are trying to throw a punch towards someone else’s face.  If you get too close, you may hit him you know.  So I leave you comments to someone else to reply.”

“Bruce is iconic and god of karates.” 

“Seriously, even the camera had no clue with the speed.” 

“Alright,”  “Although, he was gifted in speed, I think many people can become the same with good training but not everyone.  I’d really love to see him fight for real.  I wish he didn’t pass before his time and his son, but time will come again.  Nice video.”

 “Alright, let’s just see…”

“The average reaction time for humans is 0.25 seconds to a visual stimulus.  Bruce’s hand was even faster…”

“I commend the photographer coz he is faster than the karate master’s block.”  “Alright…”

“Bruce Lee had UNBELIEVABLE speed.  As we see here, a world champion could NOT stop or block Lee’s amazing attacks after 8 attempts, not even able to parry the great Bruce punch!” 

“Impressive.  Bruce’s speed is beyond anything we have seen.” 

“Like the master said, he could beat anyone in the world!!!  I believe Bruce Lee.” 

“You should show the replay another time…” 

“When even slow motion can’t trace your moves; I am limited by technology of my time.” 

“Bruce Lee had one incredible execution speed!” 

Well, Shini Gami says, “We call him legend because no one can do what he can do and also we call people legend because they are already dead.  If Bruce Lee is still alive, I think we will just call him Super Human with lots of title.  Lee got a lot of world record that no one until now that can break the record.  They say Legends Never Die but the Truth is we call them Legends because they died.” 

“Well, it’s Bruce Lee.  Not some random guy.”

BruceLeeRealFight (YouTube Channel):

“Look… people… someone merely flipping their hand out towards you, calling it a punch, would NOT, in a real fight warrant a ‘block.'” 

“Alright, “Vic Moore should have blocked even before Bruce Lee was going to throw a punch!” 


“Faster than flash… Wow…  You are just a champion Vic, but he’s a legend.  You can’t stop the Legend.” 

“That was fast… Wow!!  There is Michael Jordan and there is Bruce Lee and Bob Marley.” 

“Alright, “I have slowed the clip completely down and he actually doesn’t even throw a punch.  He snaps his hand out halfway and brings it in quickly.  I’m real time.  It looks convincing.  But it’s actually an illusion.” 

“Alright, “Even if he won 10x karate world championship, he is nothing in front of him but a NORMAL.”

“Alright guys, these are some of the comments from people around the world talking about the speed drill challenge between Bruce Lee and Vic Moore.  What do you say then?  Who do you think will win the fight if this was a real fight?  Please leave your comment below.  Last but not least, please subscribe to this channel if you love our videos.”

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