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Real kung fu panda movie fighter Sammo Hung

Sammo Hung would have become a complete bully, if not for the decision to send him to the Beijing Opera School. ... Read More

He fought against Jackie Chan, movie fighter Ron Smurenburg

Ron Smurenburg was born in Holland, started doing Kyokushin karate, he is one of the few Dutch fighters to succeed in Hollywood. ... Read More

He fought against Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung, the Jackie Wu movie fighter

As a teenager, Jackie won several local wushu championships, and when he became too old to continue to compete, he moved to assistant coach of the team. ... Read More

He fought against Yip Man. Actor, stuntman and martial artist Darren Shahlavi

Darren Shahlavi born in England engaged in judo, karate and other martial arts saw the amazing films in which Bruce Lee was filmed with Jackie Chan someday to get into... Read More

He wanted to be tougher than Chuck Norris. Actor, stuntman and karateka (Cyril Raffaelli)

Cyril Rafaeli began his studies with the mastery of nunchaku and the study of such a style of karate as Setokan.... Read More

The life of a lady martial artist (Cynthia Rothrock)

Cynthia Rothrock holds black belt rankings in seven styles of martial arts something she accomplished before becoming a famous action star.... Read More

He was called Black Bruce Lee, movie fighter Jim Kelly

After winning karate championships, Kelly rose to fame in the 1970s appearing in various action films and played opposite Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon.... Read More

A true Japanese master who helped Bruce Lee master nunchaku (Yasuaki Kurata)

Yasuuki Kurata along with Sony Chiba are called the best gift that Japan has given to the martial arts genre.... Read More