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How Jackie Chan Takes a Hit | Video Essay

It's time to pay my respect to the living legend himself: Jackie Chan. Today, I'll attempt to break down the technique behind the seemingly simple act of getting hurt. ... Read More

Small Tidbits about Bruce Lee | Video Essay

We are going to share a few small tidbits about Bruce Lee, information that I can't quite fit into the two-part retrospective.... Read More

Why are Chinese Swords not as Famous | Video Essay

You probably know what katana is, but do you know the word for sword in Chinese? ... Read More

Ip Man 4: How to Write Racism | Video Essay

Ip Man 4 is a strange case where, its greatest sin is that it comes after Ip Man 2. In every way, it is a technically superior film to the... Read More

Ip Man: How to Write Superman | Video Essay

Yes, you read the title right. With Ip Man 4 coming out soon, the time is right for a Ip Man retrospective.... Read More

Jackie Chan’s Kung Fu is “Fake” and That’s Okay | Video Essay

Can Jackie Chan fight? Many people call Kung Fu "fake", for the simple reason that its practitioner isn't the best in an MMA ring. ... Read More