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Joe Lewis Tries To Teach Bruce Lee Karate…….. Then This Happened

Joe Lewis believes his Karate is more powerful than Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do and tries to teach Bruce Lee a little lession.... Read More

Was Bruce Lee Actually Murdered?

Was Bruce Lee actually assassinated or even poisoned??? We take a deeper look at all the possible and impossible theories out there. ... Read More

Bruce Lee’s Only Remaining World Record Footage (55 Year Old Record STILL STANDING)

I have restored and gathered all the two finger push up footage of Bruce Lee in existance and for the first time I'm sharing it with you guys!... Read More

How To Get A Body Like Bruce Lee (Bruce Lee’s INSANE Workout Routine And Diet Finally Revealed)

Want a body like Bruce Lee? Well, even Arnold Schwarzenegger took lessions from Bruce Lee when in came to working out, supplements, diet and neutrition... Read More

I Trained Like Bruce Lee For 1 Year…… Then This Happened

I worked out like Bruce Lee for 365 days- 7 Days a week. 6 Hours a day! This is what happened! ... Read More

New Video Of Bruce Lee’s Funeral Surfaces (Was It All Faked?)

For the first time ever you can see real video footage of Bruce Lee's open casket in Hong Kong, but something is not quite right with the footage.... Read More

Bruce Lee – The Most BRUTAL Display Of Speed And Power You Will Ever See!

This video is proof that Bruce Lee might have been a real superhuman with superhuman speed and skills! ... Read More

Bruce Lee’s Big Fight With Karate Grandmaster Joe Lewis – What Really Happened?

Bruce Lee's Big Fight With Karate Grandmaster Joe Lewis - What Really Happened? ... Read More

Top 5 Things You NEVER Knew About Bruce Lee

Top five most mindblowing Bruce Lee facts that you never knew about including sweat gland problems to fighting Muhammad Ali.... Read More

Bruce Lee Judging Fights at Jhoon Rhee’s National Karate Championships

Bruce Lee was invited to be a judge at the 1970 National Karate Championship were he was awared a plaque by Jhoon Rhee as a guest of honour.... Read More