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The Way of the Dragon Extra: I Saw Bruce Lee Did A 16-Feet High Flying Kick!

How high can Bruce Lee kicks? Let the extra in 1972 The Way of The Dragon tells you. He said he saw Bruce Lee jump 16 feet and did a... Read More

Actor Challenged Bruce Lee on the SET of Enter The Dragon… NEW STORY!

Another Bruce Lee real fight story told by a production manager of 1973 Enter The Dragon.... Read More

Stunt Double Fights Bruce Lee Behind The Scene… Here’s What Happened!

This is actually a rehearsal of a stunt double and Bruce Lee behind the scenes of 1973 Enter The Dragon. ... Read More

Chuck Norris Never Admits Bruce Lee Was His Teacher. Until This LETTER Was Found!

Check out this apologetic letter written by Chuck Norris sent to Bruce Lee in 1973. ... Read More

Bruce Lee Real Fight with Enter The Dragon Stuntman

Here's the truth between the fight Bruce Lee had with a stuntman from Enter The Dragon in 1973. ... Read More

Bruce Lee is Way Too FAST for Karate World Champion!

As a World Karate Champion, Vic Moore didn’t think that Bruce Lee was fast enough, he then go on stage to challenge Bruce Lee.... Read More

Fist of Fury Stuntman Challenged Bruce Lee’s Side Kick… WRONG Decision!

He played the Japanese guy who was beaten up by Bruce Lee at the Dojo fight scene and forced to eat the "Sick Man of Asia" paper which Bruce Lee... Read More

Hong Kong Host Suspected Bruce Lee’s ONE INCH PUNCH is FAKE… Then This Happened

A popular Hong Kong TV host Ivan Hor Sau Sun witnessed Bruce Lee's one inch punch many times on screen and behind the scene. Watch and see what he said!... Read More

Bruce Lee Kicks a 700 Lbs Boxing Bag. And His Student Saw It Slapping Against the Ceiling!

People don't believe Bruce Lee practised with a 700 Lbs boxing bag, and here's a video to prove it! ... Read More

Muay Thai Fighter Challenged Bruce Lee on the SET of The Big Boss. This Is What Happened…

Li Kun travelled to Thailand with Bruce Lee to film The Big Boss and he witnessed a fight between a Muay Thai practitioner and Bruce Lee. ... Read More