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Bruce Lee Real Fight Rare Footage in Hong Kong

Today we are going to talk about the real fight Bruce Lee had when he was 16 years old on a rooftop in Hong Kong.... Read More

Chinese TV Host Challenging Bruce Lee on LIVE TV Show… BIG Mistake!

On the first week of July in 1973, which was two weeks before Bruce Lee’s death, Ivan Ho conducted a LIVE TV interview with Bruce Lee.... Read More

How Strong was Bruce Lee? The Kid in ‘Enter the Dragon’ Tells You! (Rare Interview)

Stephen Tung Wai who played the young student in 'Enter the Dragon' with Bruce Lee, tells the audience how strong he was in real life.... Read More

Busted! Steven Seagal Lied About Fighting Bruce Lee!

Here’s footage of Steven Seagal claiming he knew Bruce Lee. Do you think Seagal is telling the truth? Or is he attaching himself to Bruce Lee's fame?... Read More

Bruce Lee Broke Bob Wall’s Ribs Behind The Scenes on Enter The Dragon (Full Contact Fight)

While filming the fighting scene in Enter The Dragon, Bruce Lee wanted to have a full contact fight with Bob Wall in order to make the scene look REAL. ... Read More

Extras Challenged Bruce Lee to a Real Fight on the set of Enter the Dragon

One of the most popular stories of Bruce Lee being challenged to a real fight was on the set of Enter The Dragon in 1973. ... Read More

Bruce Lee Real Fight with Western Boxing Champion Lau Dai Chuen

In 1971, there was a real fight between Bruce Lee and Lau Dai Chuen, a Hong Kong Western Boxing Lightweight Champion. ... Read More

How Fast Is Bruce Lee Kicks?

Check out the interview of Wan Kam Leung, a man who trained with famed martial artist Bruce Lee upon Lee's return to Hong Kong from United States. ... Read More

Jet Li Talks About Bruce Lee. Honest Comment!

Every word given by Jet Li about Bruce Lee is in Chinese. We translated what Jet Li said in Chinese into English. ... Read More