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The One And Only Wife Of Bruce Lee: What Happened To Her?

Here we explore her life, the relationship she had with Bruce Lee's siblings and the rivalry between them.... Read More

The One And Only Wife Of Bruce Lee: Where Is She Now?

Lee Cadwell is the widow of martial arts master and actor Bruce Lee (1940–1973) and the mother of actors Brandon Lee (1965–1993) and Shannon Lee.... Read More

The Sad Life And Last Goodbye Of Brandon Lee

There are a few stories in Hollywood that become infamous due to their tragic and unforgettable nature, such story is the saga of Bruce and Brandon Lee.... Read More

The Secret Lover Of Bruce Lee Is Finally Revealed: Then and Now (1973 vs 2022)

The day that made an entire nation mourn the loss of a legendary icon. That was also the day a relatively unknown actress, Betty Ting Pei rose to stardom.... Read More

A Look Inside Bruce Lee’s House

Kung fu legend Bruce Lee’s former Hong Kong $100 Million Dollars abandoned mansion is now a shadow of what it once was.... Read More

The Many Secret Lovers Of Bruce Lee Revealed

Today, we unfold the many secret lovers of Bruce Lee and open up every skeletons in his closet. Oh Ohh!... Read More

The Many Secret Girlfriends Of Bruce Lee Revealed

For many years, the secret that Bruce Lee has kept from his wife, Linda Lee Cadwell is finally exposed.... Read More

A Look Inside Jet Li’s House

Jet Li bought a mansion situated in a prime location in Pudong back in 2008 but he never moved in. ... Read More

The Sad Life And Last Goodbye Of Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee the founder of Jeet Kune Do, often credited with paving the way for MMA is considered to be the most influential martial artist of the 20th century.... Read More