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Doctor Reacts to Conor McGregor NASTY Broken Leg at UFC 264 – What Happened??

Conor McGregor suffered a terrible looking leg injury at UFC 264 vs Dustin Porier resulting in what looked like a fracture leg/ankle.... Read More

Bruce Lee’s technique that BEAT Conor McGregor

People were saying Conor was like the embodiment of Bruce Lee's teachings and Jeet Kune Do inside the Octagon. ... Read More

Conor McGregor’s 9 BEST TACTICS

Here are 9 signature tactics used by Conor McGregor! ... Read More

Bruce Lee vs UFC | How Would He Do?

How would Bruce Lee do in UFC" is a question that is always asked when talking about MMA.... Read More

Conor McGregor’s New Way To Spar

Conor McGregor started questioning his hard sparring and has now sought softer approaches which actually worked in favor for his bought vs. Donald Cerrone. ... Read More

Conor McGregor KO’s Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone in 40 Seconds at UFC 246 | Guess Who’s Next?

Conor McGregor is first UFC fighter to hold knockout finishes in the featherweight, lightweight, and welterweight divisions.... Read More

Conor McGregor works striking ahead of Donald Cerrone fight with Irish DJ on the decks

Conor McGregor works the pads and has some fun inside his UFC 246 camp with Irish DJ Conor Bissett flown in to work the music. ... Read More

How MMA Fighters Lose 30 Pounds in 5 Days | How to Cut Weight FAST

MMA Fighters will do pretty much anything to gain a competitive advantage and they put their bodies through some brutal methods to do so. ... Read More