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How did Stallone build his Best Body Ever!? / Rocky 4 Diet, Training and Physique!

I’ll be discussing Sylvester Stallone’s amazing physique he built in Rocky 4 addressing his diet as well as the training he utilized.... Read More

The SECRET To Building SUPER HUMAN Strength Like Bruce Lee

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How Strong Was Bruce Lee?

Fast, and agile, and the most universally revered martial arts star in history, delivers kicks and blows so impossibly swift, some considered unblockable. ... Read More

Train with Van Damme | Lesson 8 [1/2]

Years ago, I was injured...So, I rehabilitated myself to have flexibility, dexterity and to go back into shape! I would like to share that with you.... Read More

Bruce Lee’s Core Stability Was Key to His Athleticism

More Bruce Lee training! This post explores what I think was key to Bruce Lee's amazing athleticism: his core stability.... Read More

The Truth About The Bruce Lee Diet

Bruce Lee's lightning-fast moves, like the one-inch punch, are the stuff of legend, and despite his comparatively thin frame, he was as strong as they come.... Read More

How To Get A Body Like Bruce Lee

Great research into how Bruce Lee trained, ate and lived. Looking into these ideas we get a better understanding of how he created his physical results. ... Read More