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Kung Fu Nuns

This nunnery has an empowering claim to fame—it’s the only one in Nepal where the nuns practice martial arts. ... Read More

How This Ancient Martial Art Helps Japanese Police Fight Crime

Dating back roughly 2,000 years ago, kendo is taught to members of the Japanese police force as a means of building character and empathy.... Read More

Meet Japan’s Toughest Monks

Yamabushi, Japanese mountain ascetic hermits. According to a traditional Japanese mysticism, Yamabushi are believed to be endowed with supernatural powers.... Read More

The Warrior Monk Who Brought Kung Fu to America

Shifu Shi Yan Ming was the first to bring Shaolin kung fu to the United States. He trained as a Shaolin Temple Warrior Monk in China.... Read More

Dancing with Kicks: Mastering the Korean Martial Art of Taekkyeon

Taekkyeon is a fluid, full-body Korean martial art focused on kicks, leg sweeps and acrobatic lower body movements.... Read More

The Kimono World’s Dirty Little Secret

On a small island, off the coast of Okinawa in Japan, the world’s most precious kimonos are crafted using a very unusual element: mud.... Read More

Ringside With UFC’s One and Only Cutwoman

Swayze Valentine has worked with MMA fighters as UFC’s first and only cutwoman, wrapping fighters’ hands and tending to their wounds between rounds.... Read More