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Rush Hour 4: Coming Soon as Tucker & Chan?

Are Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker finally set to reunite on the big screen for the long-discussed “Rush Hour 4”? ... Read More

How the Hell is Jackie Chan Still Alive?

Jackie Chan’s endured a tremendous amount of punishment over his fifty-year career, but somehow the Hong Kong legend is still alive and kicking.... Read More

Jackie Chan talks about his most harrowing film stunts and working with Bruce Lee

The action superstar shares his inspiration for writing his new book, "Never Grow Up." ... Read More

Bruce Lee vs. Wong Jack Man with Jackie Chan & Linda Lee Cadwell

In Oakland's Chinatown in 1964, Bruce Lee had a controversial challenge fight with Wong Jack Man, so Bruce would stop teaching non-Chinese people. ... Read More

Donnie Yen Asked If He Could Beat Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee in a Fight?!

How does Donnie Yen answer this question graciously?Jackie Chan in his prime. Bruce Lee in his prime. Donnie Yen straight out of Ip Man's success. Who wins?... Read More