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5 Blocks You Need To Know | Wing Chun Master Wong

Just imagine if you had that Wing Chun Kung Fu skill, what would you do with it? Would that instantly change your life and health for the better? ... Read More

Kung Fu Fools & Martial Art Fails

We're going to explore the exciting world of martial arts with some karate chop razzing. So put on your ninja slippers and Chuck Norris pyjamas, here we go.... Read More

Yi Long’s Iron Head kungfu EXPLAINED & Why modern combat sports athletes should pay attention

Shaolin Iron Head kung fu- is it real? Yes, but it's a lot simpler than you might think, and it's something every good fighter does all the time anyway.... Read More

9 Months of Kung Fu Training in China

The 9 Months of Kung Fu Training I spent in China. ... Read More

Why are Kung Fu masters getting BEATEN UP in China?

You've heard about MMA guys beating up kung fu masters, but why did this whole thing start? ... Read More

UFC Fighters With Kung Fu Background

Let's talk about three MMA Professional fighters with Kung Fu background that you didn't know about. ... Read More

The Dangers Of Posing Using The On-Guard Ready Position | Kung Fu Report with Adam Chan

Just posing is not a good thing. It's good for when you're sparring because you have agreed to fight each other. He's my friend. We're going to play... Read More

Top 10 Best Kung Fu Movies of All Time

This iconic film genre is jam-packed with awesome flicks! For this list, we’re looking at the very best movies in the Kung Fu genre, new and old.... Read More

Kungfu Tests The Legitimacy Of Capoeira

We'll be looking at two fighting styles, Kung Fu and Capoeira thus hopefully taking a bit of understanding from each styles as result. ... Read More

Kung Fu Monk vs Karate Master | KungFu Vs Karate

Kung Fu vs Karate.Which style of fighting is better and who would win a real full battle between monks vs black belt karate masters. ... Read More