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KungFu Monk vs Taekwondo Master | Don’t Mess With Kung Fu Monk

People always ask who would win if a kungfu guy fought a taekwondo master. WE are going to talking about it in this video. ... Read More

Kung Fu Enters Muay Thai Masters World – Zhang Weili Side Kicks Saenchai

Here we see Muay Thai Legend Saenchai teaching UFC Women's Strawweight Champion Zhang Weili one of his legendary techniques, a legendary setup. ... Read More

Kung Fu Monk vs UFC Fighters | Kung Fu vs MMA

Let's talk about why we don't see Kung Fu practitioners in the octagon (UFC) They're many reasons and we are going to talk about a few.... Read More

KungFu Monk vs Kickboxers | Don’t Mess With KungFu Monk

We are going to be talking about kung fu in general and why kung fu fighters don't do well in contests. ... Read More

White Guy Shocks Kung Fu Master with Perfect Chinese

Today I had the opportunity to meet a real life 34th generation Shaolin monk in NYC’s Chinatown to practice kung fu and Chinese with.... Read More

The Warrior Monk Who Brought Kung Fu to America

Shifu Shi Yan Ming was the first to bring Shaolin kung fu to the United States. He trained as a Shaolin Temple Warrior Monk in China.... Read More

5-year-old Kung Fu boy learns martial arts at China’s Shaolin Temple

Kung Fu master in the making: A 5-year-old boy has been learning martial arts at China's Shaolin Temple for two years.... Read More

Why So Many Black People Love Kung Fu

Kung fu references crop up a lot in black culture from Jim Kelly in Enter the Dragon and Wesley Snipes' Blade films to hip-hop artists like Wu-Tang Clan. ... Read More

One-on-One with Jackie Chan: The Evolution of a Kung Fu Icon

During his 50 years of making action films, Jackie Chan rose from being an ordinary stuntman to a global megastar. ... Read More

China’s 1ST Kung Fu Master At Top Of North America (Zhang Weili’s 42 Sec Ko)

Zhang Weili is a Chinese mixed martial artist and current UFC Women's Strawweight Champion. She is the first ever Chinese and Asian champion in UFC history.... Read More