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The Tragic Truth About Jackie Chan’s Son

Being a celebrity kid has its downsides: paparazzi who haunt you literally from birth, high expectations and having to befriend people who want to take advantage of you. ... Read More

13 Brutal Sumo Fighters That Will Make You Shiver

Sumo is perhaps one of the most underrated martial arts, while judo or karate look majestic and inspired to the common people. ... Read More

This is How The Harsh And Merciless Trainings Of Shaolin Monks Go

Shaolin monks are trained without mercy, what they have to endure in order to be accepted in the monastery, and why everyone considers them invincible. ... Read More

This Shaolin Monk Can Easily Break Glass With a Needle

The image of a fearless warrior in an orange kimono is firmly entrenched in popular culture. But what do we really know about Shaolin monks? ... Read More

Bruce Lee death recreated in GTA 5

Bruce Lee known by his real name Lee Jun-fan was an actor and a martial artist. Bruce Lee died in Hong Kong at 32 years old. ... Read More

9 Unequal Fights in Sports History

Sport is for those strong not only in body, but also in spirit. Today we will tell you about the most shocking fights of recent years.... Read More

8 Unusual Fake Bodybuilders

Some people spend days and nights in the gym try to achieve this, while others edit their pictures, but the worst are those who venture into experiments. ... Read More

This Man Kept Fighting for 30 Years After the War Was Over

Authors write of time travel and fans dream about it, but what about people who didn’t travel in time but instead were forced to be stuck in it?... Read More

No One Can Beat a Shaolin Master and Here Is Why

The life of Shaolin monks is a hard path to spiritual and physical self-improvement. The monks train seven days a week to perfect their skills. ... Read More

10 Strongest People on the Planet

Today’s video, we will tell about the strongest people on our planet, ripped and ready for action. Sounds exciting? Well, let’s get it on then!... Read More