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When Wing Chun Isn’t Enough, He uses His MMA Instead

How Could Muay Thai as a style lose to Wing Chun? Even Bruce Lee felt Wing Chun was incomplete; yet here, the Wing Chun fighter had his hand raised.... Read More

Tai Chi Master Who Ran Away From Xu Xiaodong Fights MMA Hobbyist

This happened May 17, 2020, and it involved self-proclaimed Tai Chi Master Ma Bao Guo 马保国 and an MMA hobbyist.... Read More

Bruce Lee’s 5 BEST TACTICS used in MMA Sparring

In this video I will be showing you 5 of my favourite Jeet Kune Do tactics used by Bruce Lee.... Read More

Why MMA SUCKS For Self-Defense

MMA fighter Ramsey Dewey and Jesse "The Karate Nerd" Enkamp discuss why Mixed Martial Arts sucks for self-defense. ... Read More

Top 10 Fighters Who Dropped Their Hands & Gave Their Opponent a Free Hit

On today’s video we will be looking at fighters who were willing to give their opponent a free shot and it turned out well, at least for a while. ... Read More

Kung Fu Monk vs UFC Fighters | Kung Fu vs MMA

Let's talk about why we don't see Kung Fu practitioners in the octagon (UFC) They're many reasons and we are going to talk about a few.... Read More

WingChun Man (172Lbs) Tests Little MMA Fighter (146Lbs)

A Disciple of Ip Man decided to try his hand VS a Mixed Martial Arts Fighter. Wing Chun Master Ding Hao puts himself up to the test. ... Read More

Could DK Yoo And Bruce Lee Hang With MMA Monsters Of Today?

Many have sought Bruce Lee's technique's and wisdom, but one man has been teaching his very principles out in the open: DK Yoo.... Read More

A Monster in MMA | Knockouts by Butterbean

Eric 'Butterbean' Esch definitely knows how to use his weight in the ring. In this episode I will show you some battles he fought.... Read More

Anderson Silva uses Wing Chun & Jeet Kune Do in UFC Fight

Dan Inosanto trained Silva in JKD, which he says is '50% Wing Chun'. See Silva putting his JKD training into use when he fights Michael Bisping in London.... Read More