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Mortal Kombat Cast: Then and Now (1995 vs 2021)

You`ll know their original names and age. I will show you how they looked then, in 1995, and what`s with them now, in 2021.... Read More

Biggest Unanswered Questions In Mortal Kombat

For a game series known for brutal fighting and gory fatalities, "Mortal Kombat" has a surprisingly deep lore.... Read More

Jean-Claude Van Damme as Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat: Bloodsport Edition

Martial artists are summoned to a mysterious island to compete in a tournament whose outcome will decide the fate of the world.... Read More

Real Shaolin Disciple Reacts To Mortal Kombat 11 (RECREATION!)

Today I am recreating ALL Martial Arts and Kung Fu related Intros and Victory poses from Mortal Kombat 11 and the Aftermath DLC.... Read More

Expert Martial Artists RECREATE moves from Mortal Kombat | Experts Try

Noah and Gemma return to recreate the crazy moves from Mortal Kombat! ... Read More

Why This Mortal Kombat Star Disappeared From Hollywood

Bridgette Wilson-Sampras was once a regular fixture on our screens, but why did she step back from Hollywood despite being a major sensation.... Read More