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Did Bruce Lee really get tested by a Muay Thai Fighter on The Big Boss? / Q&A with Bey Logan

On the set of The Big Boss, did Bruce Lee really get tested by a Muay Thai fighter who was egged on by stuntmen?... Read More

Qi La La Wing Chun vs Heavier Muay Thai Champion

Qi La La, our Taiwanese Wing Chun pressure tester had a weekend of matches against other kickboxers. ... Read More

A Vintage Wing Chun vs Muay Thai Match With Surprising Results

There's a smaller Wing Chun fighter vs. a lankier Muay Thai fighter. Let's see what both sides do right and wrong. ... Read More

Saenchai Gets Too Friendly To MuayThai Girl. Friends Get Mad.

Saenchai is not only one of the most entertaining Muay Thai fighters to ever watch, but he's also one of the most skilled of all time. ... Read More

You Stand No Chance Vs This 5 Foot 5 Man

Saenchai is recognized by many as the king of Muay Thai for many reasons and not just his other-worldly tier of skill and finesse.... Read More

Kung Fu Enters Muay Thai Masters World – Zhang Weili Side Kicks Saenchai

Here we see Muay Thai Legend Saenchai teaching UFC Women's Strawweight Champion Zhang Weili one of his legendary techniques, a legendary setup. ... Read More

Bruce Lee VS Muay Thai Fighter in 1971. The Fight Last 18 Secs!

This is a fight between Bruce Lee and a Muay Thai figther in 1971. The Fight Last 18 Secs! Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.... Read More