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Am I A Real Shaolin Monk?

I get called a Shaolin Monk all the time, even though it's not entirely accurate. In this video I explain what exactly my "official" title is and how the Shaolin... Read More

Real Shaolin Disciple Reacts To Mortal Kombat 11 (RECREATION!)

Today I am recreating ALL Martial Arts and Kung Fu related Intros and Victory poses from Mortal Kombat 11 and the Aftermath DLC.... Read More

Real Shaolin Disciple Reacts to Fake Martial Arts

Fake martial arts are so prevelant online and I love looking at them. So why not share this guilty pleasure of mine with you? ... Read More

How To Join The Shaolin Monks in China

Do you dream of training with the Shaolin Monks in China? A lot of people do and its hard to figure out whats possible and whats not. ... Read More

Real Shaolin Disciple Reacts to BBC Shaolin Master Documentary

Today I take a look at the recently released Mini-Documentary that the BBC filmed at the Shaolin Temple in China. ... Read More

Michael Jai White Has To STOP Talking About Shaolin

Michael Jai White has made two interviews where he spreads a lot of misinformation about the Shaolin temple and Shaolin Culture.... Read More

How The Shaolin Temple Made Me Flexible

In this video I will talk about how I stretched during my time at the Shaolin Temple. ... Read More

Why I Left The Shaolin Temple

Why did I leave the Shaolin Temple? I get this question asked a lot and I have answered it many times, but never like this. ... Read More

My Life At Shaolin Temple

This is a story about a person moving away from home to become a real life monk at the famous Shaolin Temple... Read More