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Don’t Mess with Shaolin Monk | How to become a Shaolin Monk

Today, all Kung Fu taught within the walls of The Shaolin Temple is based on the principle of Quan (martial) this is in harmony with Chan or Buddhism. ... Read More

I Trained with a Shaolin Warrior Monk for a Week

I decided to spend a week with real-life 34th generation Shaolin monk learning the ways of the Shaolin warrior. ... Read More

Kung Fu Nuns

This nunnery has an empowering claim to fame—it’s the only one in Nepal where the nuns practice martial arts. ... Read More


Whether you're a hardcore kung fu nut or just a casual viewer, chances are you've heard of the Shaolin Temple.... Read More

Real Shaolin Disciple Reacts to BBC Shaolin Master Documentary

Today I take a look at the recently released Mini-Documentary that the BBC filmed at the Shaolin Temple in China. ... Read More

The Secret Life from Inside The Shaolin Temple with Warrior MonK Shi Yan Jun

Shaolin Temple & Martial Art at Wushu Martial Art Accademy - Filmed inside the ancient Shaolin Temple in the Henan province of China.... Read More

Why I Left The Shaolin Temple

Why did I leave the Shaolin Temple? I get this question asked a lot and I have answered it many times, but never like this. ... Read More

My Life At Shaolin Temple

This is a story about a person moving away from home to become a real life monk at the famous Shaolin Temple... Read More