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Dan Inosanto: Bruce Lee And I Created Kickboxing

Some rare footage of Grandmaster Dan Inosanto talking about how he and Bruce Lee created what is today known as kickboxing. ... Read More

Wan Kam Leung Recalls Bruce Lee Fighting Wong Shun Leung

GrandMaster Wan Kam Leung shares his story when Wong Shun Leung faught Bruce Lee on the set of 'Enter The Dragon'. You might be surprised who won?... Read More

Dan Inosanto: Meeting and Training With Bruce Lee

Dan Inosanto discusses the early days with Bruce Lee, what training was like and how the school was established, and how he heard of his unfortunate death.... Read More

Rare Interview with Wing Chun GrandMaster Ip Chun Talking About His Father Ip Man

Ip Chun is a Chinese martial artist specialising in Wing Chun. Ip’s father Ip Man was the Wing Chun teacher of Bruce Lee. He is the elder of two... Read More