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Xu Xiaodong Is BACK! Xu Xiaodong Beats Tai Chi Master In 10 Seconds

Xu Xiaodong finally got to have a showdown with Chen Yong, the self-proclaimed sixth-generation Tai Chi Master of the Wu lineage.... Read More

Kung Fu Master Fights Xu Xiaodong For 30 Million – MMA vs Kung Fu

Let's see how this Kung Fu "Master" did in his fight against the outspoken Chinese MMA fighter Xu Xiaodong.... Read More

Xu Xiaodong EXPOSES CHINA | Fake Martial Arts Masters DESTROYED

The TERRIFYING Tale Of Xu Xiaodong China's Most hated MMA Fighter Here's the full story of Xu Xiaodong, from humble mma fighter to being the most hated mma fighter in china,... Read More