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Fight Commentary Breakdowns:

Wing Chun Vs Karate

You know, I love these kinds of matches. This might be a point sparring match, guys! That’s why they’re not engaging; Woo. Yeah, I think it’s point sparring. Well, it’s still cool.

Look at the Wing Chun guy, give him a little bow. These are interesting gloves, man. Are these boxing gloves? Are these Karate gloves? Oooh, there you go! Wing Chun guy is going down the center line, man, he’s just going he’s blitzing and blitzing out, no angles.

If you look the Karate guy circling on the outside, Wing Chun guy is basically kind of in the center. Look at those gloves, man. You know, you keep arguing that gloves might get in the way of certain fighters, and then there’s some kicks, Wing Chun guy, come on, low kick, low kick that guy. The Karate guy stance is pretty wide, man, Look, kick him.

Not what I was expecting. I guess we can access point sparring, right? You guys can watch the rest of this.

Fight Commentary Breakdowns:

WuShu vs. Boxing

Here, we have a bare-knuckle match between a Kung Fu guy and a boxing guy. Huh? Interesting! Dude, this just changes it all, man. This changes it all. It’s bare knuckle. Right?

Look at, look at the analysis on this channel; fight reviews. That’s pretty good. Kind of give people a little kind of gauge as to what they’re watching. The Kung Fu guy is doing a good job, kind of like circling, right? The ring is also…, it’s not a ring. It’s like a, what do you call this? It’s kind of like a ring, right?

So, the Kung Fu guy is doing a good job, kind of circling. All right, clenched up. Just be careful. I mean, I think that is the right approach. Try to grapple with the boxer book. Maybe take out the legs or something, right?

Oh, woof. Oh. Boxer has taken him down. Ooh, bare knuckle fights are brutal, man. The Kung Fu guy as the video says has him in this kind of weird headlock, these headlocks not going to do anything. You got to create distance. Yeah. So, this was not a good situation for our Kung Fu guy.

Fight Commentary Breakdowns:

I think it’s going to end like this is it. No, it’s not. I wonder what’s going to happen. Boxer of course has no submissions either, but I guess he doesn’t need to have any submissions. you can just pound like this. Me and this is brutal. Okay! So, it looks like the, um, the judge broke it. Um, reset it.

So, the video in question says he doesn’t agree with that resets. Here they go. Kung Fu guy, much more tired now, look at him! He’s so tired. I mean, he’s doing a good job of not going straight back or forward. Right. He’s really angling, but you got to use angles to go in too. And I guess the guy in the video agrees with me, the guy says you can’t just keep distance. It has to work for you somehow. Got to go in and trying to go in and clinch this, you know, now you’re just running.

I don’t know when this took place, but this looks and feels like a really old match from maybe the seventies, eighties like… Ooh, look he’s just chasing him he’s chasing, oh. now they’re just haymaking in each other. Look at him. This is like a high school playground fight.

So, the boxer wins, huh? Not what I was expecting guys.

Fight Commentary Breakdowns:

Wing Chun vs. Karate

So, here we have a karate white belt versus a Wing Chun. I don’t know what rank he is in Wing Chun. The tall guy, by the way, that tall guy in red was involved in one of these unboxing versus Wing Chun matches too.

The Wing Chun guy, not a fan of his stance. So, he evaded Karate guy’s kick and kicked back Karate guy, front kick him. Karate guy seems, very, very, confident even gave us back.

So, he’s relying on this kind of no clinch rule. So, that’s something, a bad habit, right? Because in a real fight or whatever they might grab at you, they might clinch at you so. They started again, Wing Chun guy switching more to… uh. Apparently, this Wing Chun guy also does some entirely four. So, don’t know what he tried, Oop, Karate guy going in it hard.

Wing Chun guy going for a double leg. You got need by Karate guy, and Karate guy seems to have thought about doing a rear naked choke. And then he ended up just doing some pounding on the ground. So, that was it. It’s very interesting.

The Wing Chun guy kind of standing like this line of people wondering this stance.

Fight Commentary Breakdowns:

Final Thoughts

So, I wanted to give you guys some thoughts on that Wing Chun stance, we see a lot.

Now, in a lot of Wing Chun videos, we see them almost tilt this way. So, we see them tilt this way. Right? So, looks off balance, and it is off balance.

My thought, so most people would probably stand like this, right? Some might stand a little bit this way. Some might stand a little, this this way. The reason I’m tucking my shirt in is think about my spine.

Okay. Now, you’ve got this tailbone here, right? Now, Think about this. What if you set your tailbone forward? Try that! I would try that at home. See what you feel when you tuck your tailbone forward.

So, look, I’m not thrusting my hip forward. I’m just tucking my tailbone forward or sitting my tailbone forward. See that little subtle difference. With this seems to do is it, makes the spine more connected. So, there’s no longer an arc here. It’s kind of more connected. So, stuff coming from the ground, you see, seems to transfer all the way up more.

Fight Commentary Breakdowns:

So, my thought is when people are thrusting their pelvic level too far to the point where they’re off balance, it might be a misinterpretation of spinal alignment.

Again, I don’t have a definite answer as to whether this is the case or even if their spinal alignment theory is the right thing. I wanted to make you guys aware of this.
So, you guys can go and test it and let me know what you think.

All right. This was spike commentary breakdowns. Let’s listen to my celebrity crush.

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