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Cobra Kai took the world by storm when it debuted 4 years ago. The Karate Kid’s spin-off series has it all; romance, feuds, and a lot of drama. And after five years of shooting together, while the stars of the show have developed great chemistry, some have grown closer than just friends. So who is this new couple on our screens? Let’s find out.

First up, Peyton List and Jacob Bertrand confirm that they are officially dating. Fans have a habit of shipping different actors and TV shows together and it can be pretty fun to guess whether co-stars who have some extra good chemistry on screen are actually into each other. When an on-screen couple actually turns out to be dating in real life though, that brings a whole new level of fire and excitement to the fandom. And that’s exactly what we have here today.

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In a TMZ published article, Cobra Kai stars Peyton List and Jacob Bertrand confirmed to the whole world that they’re dating each other. Yep, you heard that right. This is not a drill. These two are officially together and fans are over the moon at this news. And to be fair, who wouldn’t be? They look so cute together. The couple is recently spotted by the paparazzi at LA International Airport together. When asked whether they’d been dating each other, Bertrand was quick to admit albeit in a quiet nonchalant manner. Similarly, Peyton List was also in a very jokey mood when asked and laughed while admitting that yes, they are indeed dating. So it seems like the couple is pretty excited and shy at the same time about disclosing their newfound love in public, which is just super adorable and wholesome.

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Who do they play in Cobra Kai?

If you’re not quite sure about their characters in the series, let us jog your memory a little bit. In the show, Peyton List plays the role of Tory Nichols who’s a Cobra Kai student with a troubled personal life, which leads to her pursuing Karate as an outlet for anger. She’s one of the main characters in the show and is involved in a massive feud against LaRusso’s daughter Sam, which stems from a love triangle. On the opposite side, her boyfriend Jacob Bertrand plays Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz who’s also a stable character in Cobra Kai. In the show, Hawk starts off as a Cobra Kai student and is a bit of a bully which doesn’t sit well with the others. However, he does get a pretty satisfying redemption arc after he switches over to Miyagi Doe. So both List and Bertrand are super integral to the plot of the show moving forward and it would be interesting to see whether they show any signs of their real-life romance and chemistry in the seasons to come.

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Next, Cobra Kai isn’t the pair’s first outing together on screen …

With that said, even though we have only just found out about the pair’s relationship, it seems like they’ve been together for a while. And surprise, surprise, Cobra Kai is not even where they first met. In fact, List and Bertrand have been friends since they were in their teens. The two started together in the Disney original movie The Swap many years ago and the spark didn’t take long to ignite as the pair started hanging out a lot both on and off the set. However, if you thought that this is the extent of their past relationship, then you’d be wrong as their bond goes even deeper than that. Peyton List has a twin brother, Spencer. And guess what, he’s best friends with Jacob Bertrand. How cool is that? The Cobra Kai star did admit though that when he had had to tell his best friend that he liked his sister, it was kind of awkward. But of course, all’s well that ends well.

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What did the couple say about their future as co-stars?

Obviously, whenever two co-stars start dating each other, it comes with some extra baggage as well, especially when it comes to remaining professional on set. We’ve seen new couples in the past struggling to keep their hands off each other while shooting. On the flip side, things can also go ugly real quick if the relationship doesn’t go smoothly. So, when asked about the potential caveats or benefits of working together while dating, both of them had some really interesting and funny answers. Jacob admitted that he hasn’t really dated anyone that hadn’t worked with before, so this was a brand new territory for him. However, it didn’t seem to faze him as he took it more as a challenge and called it a trial by fire, saying that he was ready to dive in and find out. And when asked about who’d be the first to leave if their relationship turned sour, he was pretty adamant that he’d stay because he’d been on the show longer and had a cool haircut. When the same question was thrown at Peyton List though, she shrugged it off by saying that she’ll worry about the consequences later. For now, she’s just living in the moment and enjoying her new romance.

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And Peyton List has dated a co-star before this as well …

We know that this is a new experience for Jacob Bertrand, List, on the other hand, is not new to this type of relationship. If you’ve been a fan of hers before, you’d know that she dated her Anthem of a Teenage Prophet co-star, Cameron Monaghan, for two years before the pair sadly broke up in 2019. And in that movie, unlike her current role in Cobra Kai, the ex-couple had romantic scenes as well.

Just in case you’re curious, Monaghan has starred in many movies and shows including the DC Comics TV series Gotham and Shameless. However, you may recognize him from his more recent role as a protagonist of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Cal Kestis.

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So, Peyton has dated an actor before and if you were wondering whether dating another actor is an actual preference for her, she’s answered that in the past as well. In an interview, a few years ago, while she was dating Monaghan, she confessed that it would be very hard for her to date someone who’s not an actor. Why? Well, because since they’d be in the same business together, her partner would be able to understand her workflow better and would understand that work comes before anything else. Judging from this, it’s pretty obvious that the Cobra Kai star is really serious and committed when it comes to her work.

So dating a co-star wouldn’t really get in the way of her craft. It would be interesting to see how Bertrand adjusts to that new work-life balance though as this is new to him. All we can do though is say our biggest congrats and wish the best of luck to the new couple. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in season 5 of Cobra Kai.

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Are there any other romances brewing on the set of Cobra Kai?

Now that we finally have confirmation that Hawk and Nichols from Cobra Kai are dating in real life, let’s divert our focus to the rest of the cast. We know that shooting the show together for many years has brought them together and they’re very close friends with each other by now. However, is there another co-star couple among the cast of the show? Well, you’re in for a treat because the answer is, yes.

In an interview with MEA Worldwide a couple of years ago, Hannah Kepple, who plays the role of Moon in Cobra Kai confirmed that she was dating a co-star Xolo Maridueña, who is Miguel Diaz in the show. Fans of the show know that both of these characters have had a pretty big part in the plot, especially during the earlier seasons. Unlike the new pairing of Bertrand and List, however, this couple did not know each other before the show. According to Kepple, they were good friends during season one and they were a little flirty here and there. It all clicked after they wrapped up the first season with the couple making their dating status official to the public. And when asked whether she had any reservations about dating a co-star, she said that she enjoyed looking at her partner from afar as their characters in the show did not really have connected storylines. So it seems that separating work from dating life has been pretty straightforward for Kepple and Xolo.

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Are Hannah Kepple and Xolo Maridueña still together?

Having said that, it’s been a few years since that initial interview and while the couple has shared cute photos and videos of themselves on social media in the past, it seems like things have been a bit rocky lately. While there hasn’t been a confirmation from either Xolo or Kepple, fans have noticed that the two have deleted all traces of each other from their social media accounts. Alternatively, it could just be a rough patch in their relationship and hopefully, they can get back to displaying their cute shenanigans together. Or, if they simply wish to keep their personal lives private, that’s all good as well. We just want them to be happy.

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