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In training, fighters are taught from very early on that showing off is not only unsportsmanlike, but can also lead to letting your guard down as overconfidence takes over. Even when the match seems like it’s already won, there have been moments that our show-boater has been knocked off his guard, then down onto the canvas.

In today’s video, we will take a look at fighters who let their showboating antics cost them the match, and a little self-respect. Before we get stuck in, why not hit the subscribe button and ring the notification bell? That way you will never miss a future upload.


This MMA fighter seems a little too confident when it came to this fight, letting his opponent punch and kick him like there were feathers thrown at him. Well, Karma soon comes into bite him. When a second later a well-timed chin punch knocks him clean out.

Yoshihisa Yamamoto made a big mistake when he taunted Mirko Cro Cop after breaking away. Despite buying a little time by claiming eye-hurt Cro Cop still went in for the kill and left Yamamoto; wishing he hadn’t poked the bear.


Prince Albert Peguera spent four rounds clowning around in the ring to put on a show for the audience. To begin with, it seemed like Peguera was playing along. That isn’t until he saw an opening that was too inviting to pass down.

David Gardner’s downfall in this fight was taking the time to say; hi Japan! while he was just seconds away from victory. Letting his defenses down allowed Shinya Aoki to get the upper hand and choke him out to take the victory.


This fighter learned a very important lesson. If you’re going to taunt your opponent, make sure you keep your defenses up. The knockout kick was so brutal. In fact, that it almost snapped the guy in half, as he fell down.

After the first round, this tie fighter was feeling pretty confident about his chances at winning, even boasting with a pos. That all changed a couple of minutes later when he found himself smashed back into the corner, fighting to stay conscious. Next time he won’t celebrate too early. That is if he can remember the fight, of course!


Cynthia Calvillo was so convinced that; she had won the fight. She began celebrating as if it was her name that was announced. Awkwardly, she did not win leaving her looking shocked and no doubt embarrassed for assuming; she had been the better fighter.

George Grooves: “I’m going to come out. I’m going to meet you center of the ring first round, and I’m going to win the jab exchanges.”

Prior to their match, George Grooves would frequently make fun of Carl Froch claiming that he couldn’t mentally handle the verbal exchanges and the hype of a fight. He also promised that he would knock out his opponent in just three rounds. Well, it seemed that Froch couldn’t back up as claims when Grooves savagely knocked him out.


This MMA fighter’s victory was short-lived after he decided to celebrate with a backflip off the top of the cage. It’s a good thing, he had his spine to break that fall. Elsie could have been seriously hurt.

This over-confident fighter rushes the ring telling her opponent; You wanted this. Well, as the fight began, it was clear that it was she who did not want this. If the ref didn’t step in, when he did, those kicks and punches would have knocked the purple right out of her hair.


Ricardo Mayorga is one boxer, known for his in-fight showboating and taunts, often giving his opponents free shots. When he did this in his fight against Shane Mosley however, it ended up with Shane Mosley taking him out. Mosley had other reasons for wanting Mayorga knocked out as at the press conference, Mayorga disrespectfully slapped his girlfriend’s, but in front of cameras and the audience.

Matt Wyman lets his guard down against Spencer Fisher by raising his hand as if to say that didn’t do anything! The flying knee that followed was devastating to the already bloodied fighter resulting in a knockout. As he woke up, Wyman seemed like he had no idea what had just happened and where he was.


This boxer aggressively taunts his opponent before the fight even begins, pushing his face into his, in an attempt to intimidate him. Well, they do say that it’s the quiet ones you have to look out for. And that was certainly the case in this fight, keeping Calm and composed. He makes quick work of the cocky fighter; who is left regretting the premature aggression.

And that concludes our video on 15 moments were showing off, didn’t pay off.

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