The transcript below is from the video “Could Dolph Lundgren have been a bodybuilder?” by Nick’s Strength and Power.

Nick’s Strength and Power:

Alright! what’s going on you guys? Nick’s Strength and Power. So, you guys seem to enjoy the video I made on would Sylvester Stallone have made a good bodybuilder and a lot of you guys requested that I do a video also on Dolph Lundgren.

Now, for those of you who don’t know Dolph Lundgren, he was the guy who played the Russian boxer Ivan Drago in Rocky 4 in 1985. So, this was the tall muscular Russian guy that Rocky had to face in Rocky 4.

So, that 1985 rocky 4 movie was the reason that Dolph Lundgren really got successful in Hollywood. People saw how, you know, big and tall he was and how crazy his physique was, and that’s where he landed a lot of future roles from that point forward.

Nick’s Strength and Power:

So, one important role that he had two years after Rocky 4; was he actually played the role of He-Man in 1987. So, I believe in He-Man that’s where he had his biggest physique. So, in rocky 4; he was built to be around 6 foot 5 and 245 to 248 pounds, and in He-Man; he was built to be 6 foot 5 about 250 pounds.

Now, a lot of people seem to dispute whether or not; he’s actually 6 foot 5. Some people say; he was closer to 6 foot 3, and in both of those movies; he was wearing like platform boots to make him 2 inches taller.

Nick’s Strength and Power:

But in He-Man, I believe that was the best physique that he brought in terms of the biggest size and overall mass. Because in Rocky 4 is just he was a big dude, but overall, he’s just kind of lean and shredded.

But in He-Man, he had a lot bigger look to, in my opinion at least, had a lot bigger thicker more of a bodybuilder if you look in that He-Man movie. So, when we’re evaluating whether or not he would be a good bodybuilder; obviously, the biggest factor we need to consider is his overall; height.

So, even if he wasn’t 6 foot 5 or 6 foot 3; is still pretty much taller than any of the bodybuilders that have been successful from the 1980s all the way to present-day. Pretty much any of the bodybuilders over, you know, in the top 10 at the Olympia, or top 10 any major; IFBB show probably none of them were over 6 foot 1.

Nick’s Strength and Power:

So, the height would definitely be a detriment in a bodybuilding show. Because overall it throws off the balance, the proportions and in some cases the symmetry as well.

So, I think his height would definitely be a detriment; is going to contribute to him; having very long arms which is going to lead to him having very weird bicep insertions which probably wouldn’t be favorable in terms of proportions and a bodybuilding show.

So, overall his physique was good. He had a nice big chest. His conditioning obviously was always very good and still to this day. I believe he’s close to 60 years old and he’s still, you know, he’s still pretty shredded. He’s still pretty ripped.

Nick’s Strength and Power:

So, his conditionings always been good. So, I think if he competed in a bodybuilding show, his conditioning wouldn’t be an issue. But overall, I just think the height would just ruin it for him.

So, even though he was a spectacular physical specimen, I think that his height was just too much for him to have been a successful bodybuilder. He was just too big and too lanky.

And for those that will say; he didn’t train like a bodybuilder. He absolutely trained like a bodybuilder when he was preparing for, He-Man.

Nick’s Strength and Power:

So, he may be not for rocky. He probably did some more cardio; type of workouts to prepare for that boxing physique. But definitely for He-Man, you can tell he did a bodybuilding style of routine.

So, we definitely got a glimpse of what he would have looked like; had he trained a bodybuilding style of training, and I think overall, he was much better suited for Hollywood with that tall impressive figure rather than a bodybuilding stage.

So, that’s my opinion; he probably not, he probably would have not been a successful bodybuilder. So, let me know what you guys think in the comment section below. Please, give the video a thumbs up.

Nick Strength and Power signing out.

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